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You are not a boy, you are a girl. God desires you be set free and delivered. You were born a girl for a reason. God loves you and you are beautiful in his eyes. God loves you sister. I you're reacting off of is your flesh. You desire sex not love. God wants you to be delivered. Come to him...


answer questions please.

Imma de-activate cause I'm now realizing how much of my time yall have wasted :) , I appreciate the ones who were worth my time though Shout out to yall 😌

Who do you think should be the next president?

No one.

Hi, I like the fact that you don't care what other people think. Me I'm afraid to come out and say to my parents I like girls I'm currently in a relationship and I just got a hair cut. I don't know what to do.

latrise Thomas

Thank you. :) Also, bby, just do you. Take a deep breath, and tell them. Don't be scared/nervous. No matter what, your happiness is the most important.

Will you date a guy if you change mode again what if he is Fun and handsome and stuff

No, I'm only into females.

Tbh , you are really cute . & im gald yu are being who yu want to be . & me & yu used to talk all the time on kik , but i lost communication .

I'm curious as to who this is?? Also, thank you. :)

Would you save your dad or a dying chinchilla


When and what was the last present you received from Mr Kelly a.k.a your daddy? lol is it cool having him for a dad? And is it cool having a well-known mom too? Who gives the best gifts Ms Drea or Mr Robert

I don't see what you would get out of this.

Are you going to change your middle name (being that it's feminine) once you go through your procedure? Or are you just going to be Jaah Kelly (no middle name)? If you change it what would it be?

Imma change my middle name to lean.

Hi Jaah what's your favorite color


Since your lesbian *I'm guessing you'll identify as lesbian until you're old enough to become transgender* do you still want people to address you as bro/boy or is it ok to say girl? I don't want to be rude nor disrespectful and address inappropriately

Yeah, and either one is fine.

If u don't mind me asking but I'm wondering..Who's jojo?

She goes by either Arii or Buku. Hope some of yall can respect that. And she's my sister.

Why you're happy that your brother doesn't have a ask page? Your not happy about your ask page?

Because some of yall are rediculous and have no humanity whatsoever. 😀

You and your brother can go for twins you guys look so much alike, do you get that a lot?

Ugh, nah. We look nothin' alike. People do say we are like twins though, same with my sister. People always tell me I look like them.

Did you accept JoJo coming out saying she's into girls now or did you always have a hunch that she was attracted to females

She told me a whileeeeee ago that she was attracted to girls, and it's just an "okay, nice, now we can be gay as hell together and make even more people mad. " so I really don't care. She can be attracted to dogs and I still won't care. I love my family too much to judge them on anything, sorry. 💀

Did you see your dad put a transgender in his video "Backyard Party"? I think that's big of him being that you want to transgender when you become older. That's pretty dope, huh b?

That's cool.

Is it true that your mom and dad are getting back together? I read it didn't know if it was true or not. Would you like to see your family back together as a whole


Hey Jaah, does lil Robert have a ask page?

No. And I'n glad he doesn't.

Would you erase your most precious memories to become smarter?

What kind of question is this? No.

Is everything still going good with you and your dad bro? I just started back talking to my dad after he walked out on us like a year ago

Yeah. And good for you b.

So uhm you are still transgender and you are going to transition but you life in the society as a lesbian or something like that? Excuse my English


Saw the question about your name, so it's Jaah like Jay-ah? And Jaah (not Jaya) is actually on your birth certificate?

Yeah. And jaah is pronounced just (jah).

Do you like being a lesbian? Or are you still considering your change when you're older?

I enjoy being lesbian, but in the future, i know i'm going to transition.

Is your brother gay?


Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?

Naked. I like the cold better.



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A woman's beauty is enigmatic.

Probably doin' laundry