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how old is Jojo?grown?
She's booty years old.
how old is Jojo?grown?
Why just not say you're gay attracted to females a dike a tomboy a carpet muncher all this transgender bull is crazy because all you is is those things I listed stop embarrassing your family like this this shit is sad crazy insane disrespectful to god amongst others and a way to get attention
"All you is" "why just not" "embarrasing your family like this this s*** is sad crazy insane"
If anything, that's being disrespectful to god. Let me help you.
"All you are"
"Why not just"
"Stop embarrassing your family like this. (Notice how there is a period to seperate these two sentences.) This is so sad, crazy, and insane."
I'll give you props for making me laugh though.
Since you hate you daddy so much post his personal phone number and address lmbo that'll show you really hate him and strongly dislike him
Hahahahahha. Nice effort.
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Do you ever tell your girlfriend you love her?
Of course.
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Do you like Georgia better than chi town?
what kind of old movies do you watch
Like the static camera looking movies. Such as 16 Candles, Flash Dance, Foot Loose, and Annie. Sometimes even black and white movies.
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when will you make a YouTube channel?
I have to get everything in order first. It's hard to start a youtube channel.
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I think you and willow would make a very good couple for some reason :/
do you ever want to be in movies?
Jay are you loyal to your girlfriend?
Do you get along with your siblings all the time?
No. Most of the time though.
do u have a snapchat
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Jay honestly you are the cutest and the best thing ever Love yah  Kyah
You've probably answered this but exactly why can't you start Testosterone(sorry you don't have to answer)
It's the Law basically. I have to be 16 or older.
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Hey jay you and your brother rob are awesome!!
heyy bro  Call_Me_Nae
Hey man! How have you been dude! We need to get eachothers numbers or something.
where do you shop? I like your style.
I no tell.
Follow me back let's do S4S please
Okay anonymous.
How old are you
I'm out as ftm to my family but I still present as female. How can I talk to my mom and ask her if I can transition?
Tell them that you want to be reffered to as male first off. And are they supportive? You gotta see if they are before you make any changes.
You have such a way with words. :3 I love how you can take all the inhumane, offensive comments. It takes alot of guts to do that..You know how to stand up for yourself(something I can't do), but I look up to you. You're such a role model, Jay. :3 Somehow, You make my day. <3 c:  Kayla Arianna Wynn
Thankyou very much. This really means alot.
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I don't like being around my family sometimes .I have nothing to show for myself they always forget my name and call me one of my siblings even my cousins do it . and I just let them do it because I don't care anymore . I wish they would know I'm always there .my sister doesn't even care about them
Have you ever sat down with them and talked about how you feel?
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Jay I liked the video with you and Jojo and your mom so funny and made my day.:)
I'm glad.
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PAV and/or ootd pretty please
My room. All i need now is a laptop for netflix so i can eat cereal and fall asleep to real old movies.
tell everyone to get educated and watch their pronouns......i always told my daughter growing up if she was going to be different (she went thru stages of goth, punk, harijuku, now male, legally on his license and finally happy, i have a son, who i love and support 100......stop hating people
I wouldn't call it different. I'd call it humane. I don't like the word different. Just letting you know. :) That's a very nice thing of you to do though, thankyou.
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