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I think people are supposedly killing there self for attention (Poor Babes )  Jaiye Styles
If they are, that's not funny.
Have you heard if this stupid thing called Keek?
I heard of keek. Never used it but i don't think it should be called stupid. That's probably offensive to the persob who created it. :/
You are just such an inspiring person like, you have so much guts to come out at this age,& to those who think less of you are stupid,so Is your dad,your only human right?:)  Heyy Maid.
Thankyou so much.
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I'm gonna kill myself bye  OLLY NEEDS A LOLLY
Don't kill yourself man. I havn't answered because i'm like really depressed right now. It's not even funny.
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Sorry for not posting it when you wanted me too, the question like dissapeard. :/
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Hello jay i dont have kik and instagram now so pls can we chat here pls send any of u pic or vidoes pls jay
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it do seem like you believe in age , because you have a age group that you date! like you 14 the lowest you would date is 13 and the highest is maybe 16 :/
That's because if i say id on't beleive in age for that answer, people would start getting all sarcastic and critisize me. -_-
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School starts in 2 weeks well find out
Good. And keep me posted, let me know when you make friends, and then tell me if you have a close friend. :) i'll help you through this, don't worry.
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What are somethings you try to do to make yourself feel more masculine. I know I like to wear boxers and shave (those were my first steps)
No, don't shave unless you are on testosterone because you will just get scratches and marks and your face will be all itchy. So don't shave. (Unless your on hormones and have started getting facial hair.) and i mean i dress like a guy, hair cut, boxers. That's about it. I have to wait to start hormones and get surgery. :/
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All of my aunts and uncles are close to my parents meaning they'd tell the first time I tell them :( :(
Ugh. :( if you can, ask one of them not to tell your parents. :/ and if not, do you have any friends that you know will accept you?
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I did ask them you know what they both said in cold blood??? They said I'm glad we don't have any fagets and fruit nuts in our family cause they would burn in hell
My god, i hate when parents act that way towards their own kids. -_- :(
Do you know any other family memebers (aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother.) who you know would accept you?
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And therefore thats why I feel like killing my self :(
Hey hey, that's no reason to kill yourself man. I know, that's really, really hard okay? :( i know, but if you think killing yourself will end it all, it really won't. It will make things worse bacause think about your friends, family, me? Like we would all care about you and be sad if you ever commited. So please, don't. Talk to them. Have a serious, like very serious, conversation with them and tell them that it hurts your feelings when they don't say thankyou and that you feel unaapreciatted. :/ ask them their views on gay, lesbian, bi, trans people and see what they say about that. I don't think you should tell your dad first, your mom would probably be the best to tell soon because i don't want you to just live your life in a box where people are asking you if you have a girlfriend constantly when really you probably want them asking if you have a boyfriend. You know? Talk to your mom about it. I HOPE she accepts you because you deserve love, peace, and happiness. We all do. Do NOT commit. Live your life the way YOU want to. Don't worry about what litteraly ANYONE has to say. They are all just "words." That we're meant to hurt us. But in reality, they don't mean a thing. So bud, just... Live. :)
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I just don't feel like I'm appreciated at home :(
Do you have a kik? If so, we can talk on there. :/ if not, then why do you feel that way? :(
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You are post to act stuck up and snotty by you don't and that's good
Thankyou. :) i don't think i am supposed to act a certain way though.
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I'm so depressed :( i really do feel like killing my self :(
Hey, don't kill yourself. :/ talk to me, what's wrong? :(
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Do you still talk to Lily?
Yessss. :)
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are u gay?
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Would u ever give him ur num
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Fro man
We kik.
Does you have his #. Or does he have ur num
your eyelashes are beautiful
Thankyou so much. :)
you on your roof???
Love your maroon beanie dude
Thankyou so much. If you wanted i know where i got it from, it was at zumiez.