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A woman's beauty is enigmatic.
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Have you ever had sex with a girl?
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u don't look anything like a girl, u look so much like a boy
I know lmao.
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Are those dreads or braids
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I love how positive you are. I would love to get to know you :)
Thankyou b. :))
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What kinda phone do you and your sister have
Iphone. Which sucks. Too attached to it.
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Well I know we just met G but you cool asf. If you need someone to talk to or something i got your back fr.
You've been on anonymous this whole time lmao.
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Im bisexual n shid but I need to know how u able to keep calm with all the shit that people have to say. How are you able to keep going with everybody always having something to say?
Negativity ain't in my vocabulary man. It's just, the bad things people express, go straight through one ear and out the other. I only keep myself around positive energy/spirits.
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I know you dont know me cuz I jus started following you but you cool asl and im a big fan tbh.
Thanks, what do you need advice on?
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You should hmu real quick G. Fr cuz I need some advice bruh.
Who is this?
You cute asl. You should hmu sometime tho.
Thankyou b.
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With the situation being better with your daddy, do you hang out with him now and do guy stuff?
how tall are you ?
5"5 1/2. 😒
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you'd put your age out there ?
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Good luck with your girlfriend:)!
Would you ever date a guy
I noticed in a recent interview your dad did an interviewer mentioned that he has one daughter and how fathers are protective of their daughters and your dad's response was that he's protective of all his kids equally. So great that he respects you as his son now.
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Hey Jay, just wanted to say how happy I am to see that your relationship with your dad has gotten better. Stay blessed. You're loved.
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Saw the question about your dad, does he accept your decision now? I know Ms Drea supports
Yeah. He's chill about it.
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Good to know your relationship is better with your dad :-) life is to short, i hope you guys stay on a positive streak
Thankyou b.
so are you doing the surgery to become a guy?
When i'm much older? Of course. Most likely.
you're great!
Thankyou bby.
Do you and Robert share clothes? Or are you guys styles totally different from each other?
We switch it up sometimes.
Is your relationship better now with your dad? I hope so
Who's the tallest out of you and your siblings