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Jay I just wanna say I truly love u and care for you not like most of these people who only talk to you because your dad is r.Kelly. I just want you to always keep a smile on your face and forget everyone else who don't care about you because they gone need you before u need them
When you are in trouble, whom do you call for help?
Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?
Life is to short to learn German :D but i can teach you
Whaaaat? And haha no thankyou, i can teach myself. :)
Hi my name is savanna and I battled with who I was at a young age and I learned to be me love me , iam so happy to be free ? Don't that feels good lol :) you deserve it
Yea, and thankyou.
Leaving Robert is the worse thing Andrea could have done. Is she gay/bi she act like she like women and sometimes she looks like a drag queen
Why do you like my dad so much?
How often does your siblings have to defend you when others talk bad about you
Like, never.
do you like going to football games like at school?
Kind of. People that irritated me and are fake are usually there, but okay.
what are you gonna be Halloween?
I don't know.
Do you like going shopping with your sister
why do you hate life?
Hm. It's just a very hard game to play.
what is a good friend to you?
A good friend is someone who yoi not only call your bestfriend, soulmate, or buddy. You refer to them as your sister/brother. Your go to, your longlost brother or sister, your cousin. But i refer to them as my family. They are the ones that are there for you when absolutly no one else is or cares enough to be there. They know how to solve problems and make you a better person than you already are. They are the ones who encourage you to do things that you are too lazy to do. They make sure you are happy while you make sure they are happy. They are the ones that cheer you up when no one else can. They are the people who are most related to you more than any other. They are the ones that Love you for you, and not what you have. They love everything about you and look past all of your flaws. You were meant for eachother (in a friendly way). You were meant to meet eachother. They are always there for you. They check on you randomly because they care. Not because they want to. They actualy care and want to make sure you are great. They are the ones you would take a bullet for you when you're not even related. They would save you first when picking between you and a stranger that needs it. They would help you with everything you need help with. They would make sure they never let you down because they don't want to see you dissapointed in them. They just never want to loose you because, really, you're the person that they have been looking for and could never find again. Theres only one of them, so don't loose them. And we would do the exact same things to, and for them because they are family.
Your mom still on that show?
I don't know yet.
hey, are you okay?
I'm great.
I want to date You
I don't know who this is.
Hey Jay I love you. Just wanted to say that If that's ok haha
It's okay with me. Thankyou.
Ohh okay, I knew you had to have a good reason. Your to handsome to be single cutie.
Thankyouu lol.
Are you single? If so, are you single by choice??
Yea, and kind of. Well, no. I'm single, and i'm just not the kind that is desperate for a relationship.
I see your dad coming to Tupelo,MS next week
This is irrelevant.
Jay will you date ‎@Kingamiyahscott ??
I don't know her, so no. But she's very beautiful.
me either, im a sophmore, trans, talking to girls is unimaginable for me, and my parents dont accept me. I hate life right now.
That's not a bad thing though. I'm a freshmen. And i think they should accept you. :/ but yea, i hate life right now as well.
hows your day been?
Alright, thankyou.
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Do you play an instrument? Which?
have you ever ate a girl out before ?
I.....I.....I.....I.....I.....I....I.....I....I....I....I....I... love you.
I love you too.