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do u still talk to mckenzie
instagram picture on fleek! ❤
Hehe thankyou. :)
3rd question down
Oh, Anon just means anonymous. I put anon because i don't know who this is. Sorry if that cam off rude, people use anon when like people are anonymous. I didn't know it was for a rude use though. Really sorry about that.
Okay so the question I asked you you answered it rude but I'm not going to be rude to you I'm just asking why do you answer my question like that
Which question was it?
did your only human? so everyone messing with Jay can back off.
can I have a hug?
*Hugs Anon*
are you an early riser or a late sleeper?
There are so many comedians on my ask page.
wy youu make funny off me gramar, my mumy saids i hav wery god gramar, my dad is wery suported off me aunlik your dadd hahah u suk bal hahah you make funny me i fuk you i fuk in the as haha fuk you lul
*crying Laughing Emojii*
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i love you
I love you too.
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You don't even know about your body (ovaries)? You really are a mental case.
I'm being sarcastic. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! You and that other anon should have a comedy show or something.
will you froze your eggs before surgery so you can have children ?
I can do that? :o
its so obvious you ask yourself questions and answer them.which makes you even more mental.. you poor pathetic thing
You should be a comedian.
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Do u have a snapchat...if so what is it ?
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do you have a passcode on your phone?
do you like Chinese food?
i really don't understand why your dad's groupies are so concerned with bashing your mother. shes in your life 24/7. so shes doing something right. they should question why hes neglecting his parental duties.
How do you understand this so well. Thankyou.
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you helrt my ferings, i do sper god, fok you litle fagoott
Lord please help this child with their grammer.
you helrt my ferings, i do sper god, fok you litle fagoott
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why is your instagram private????????????????????????????
I don't know. I just made it private i guess haha.
You don't have a snapchat?
I do. It's:
If you lived near me I would take you to homecoming
Well darling, that's very sweet. Thankyou.
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So I'm the only one w/o a date to homecoming out of my friends I'm way to shy to tell my crush (who is in my 6th hour and sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME) I like him and I'm just scared that he won't like me ... Any advise .. Please ?
I think you should just go for it. :) don't worry about the outcome. If he says no, then he says no. Alright? But like it's not like if he says no the world will end or something right? And also, there might be someone in your class who wants to ask you but feels the exact same way. So if the guy you like says no, then the guy who feels the same as you might as you, and then you'll have someone to go to homecoming with! Yay!
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your mom must be terrible why else would you life/day be so awful
What does my mom have to do with my day being so awful? Hahahahhahahahahahahhah!
It was alright, thanks.
9/11 ✌❤
9/11 ❤✌
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Can I kik you lol you seem funny
Haha sure, my kik is Jay_jay_kelly