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You have WhatsApp?
Can everyone move on from this now.
You have WhatsApp?
Do you like galaxy phones ?
Hey dude it's Justy is your cell working ?! I texted you about some tunes hope all is well dude  Wetheacademy
Hey man, i just restarted my phone recently, so i'm adding back all the contacts I had today. Sorry if i haven't answered. I'm doing good though, hopefully you are too. I'm about to text you right now.
If you had nothing but five things with you and you would be on a stranded island what would you bring with you
Incense, lighter, something to make water clean, a clock, and wooden planks. Lots and lots of wooden planks.
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Do you have a snapchat?
Can we see a pic with your hair please?? I lovee itt soo much.!
Current hair. (I need a haircut of course)
Can we see a pic with your hair please?? I lovee itt soo much.!
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Can u show a pic of just your hair? Please
I need hair cut. $$$
Can u show a pic of just your hair? Please
It's a good thing. Are you trying to grow it out long?
No, not really. I'm going to dread it again.
Your hair grew fast
It always does. Maybe good, maybe bad.
Do you have a snapchat
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Can u kik me ?  JadaSfl
My kik isn't working correctly.
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how it is now ( answer to hair question
Ask for a fade, but like seperate the fade at the top. ( don't ask for a waterfall fade. ) ask for a parting between the darker shade and the lighter shade right about an inch above where your ear is. (That's where the line should stay.) have the line start from the front and go all the way back forming an upside down triangle when both sides meet. (The split line) and it should just end up curving down into some point. (The uside down triangle) I don't know how to explain it exactly. Let me know if you understood.
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I'm sick but I have been good  JadaSfl
That's good.
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can you tell me how you get your hair cut like that. I'm ftm and I have hair like yours. my mom says I can get it cut and I want it to look like yours lol
Which one? With the dreads? Or how it is now? (I'm getting my dreads again though)
How did you feel when you woke up?
Guys, I don't miss people. Is that a problem? It's weird. I don't know.
Weird is good.
Happy Sunday Jay I miss you how are you doing  JadaSfl
Thankyouu. I'm good, how are you?
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Do you have an Instagram?
What kind of flowers should you give to a girl?
Fresh self-picked ones.
Ok let me see if I get this right. The middle child doesn't get the same attention as the oldest and youngest child. So the middle child feels left out.
Basically haha. More like, things just go more chill/slow for middle children I guess. I don't frickin' know.
Post a picture of your hair cut
What are with these "booty signs" and "boob signs" with guys names on them. Like are you serious? *shakes head hoping to be taken to another world*
I'm ftm (15 yrs old) and my mom supports me and everything but she still calls me a girl and I don't feel comfortable being called a girl . What should I do?
Tell her that you would rather be reffered to as boy, him, his, he, man, dude, son. You know? Explain to her that she's gotta make sure she's using the right pronouns.
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Hey cutie, how's your day? ❤️  Ezra
My day has been good beautiful, thankyou. My phone still won't let me text correctly, this is so annoying. What about your day though??
What's being a middle child have to do with it?
If you're not a middle child, you won't really understand lol.
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Do you think I should transform myself into a dude with the power of make up and clothing or deal with it? If you were me what would u do? Please reply.
If i were you, i would give a dogs piss what they think. I'd go to that skate park as who i am, bust moves they've never even seen, and just do me. Why should their "powerful words" make you second guess? Ignore them. Just keep skating. It doesn't matter what they are saying honestly. They don't need to be in your business anyway, right? Their words can't be a leash or esle they'll never let go.
are you on hormone blockers? those could be a good option for you if you're pre-t
Nope. I'm trying to, but i'm a middle child.