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// well, i'm done //
Ask me a question
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Have you ever seen the show (Martin)
What you doing today
Hanging out with some people.
Short girls vs tall
Why does it matter.
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Every day there are more and more i add to the list of people that can just kiss my ass..loldo u feel that way some times
What's your Instagram name
Could you say hi Laura thank you
Ooo my voice. Sorry. :/
Being different an having a good personality of your own will take u far ...but having a beautiful heart and soul will concur anything.WOULDN'T YOU AGREE?I THINK U HAVE A BEAUTIFUL HEART JAY
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How tall are you
5"4 about. But whatever.
You guys are not in public school. Stop lying to these people.
So basically you think you're famous now
I'm really not.
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Hey jay I'm a 14 year old ftm and i just wanted to say I know how tough it can be and u rock
What part of atl do you live ( not trynna be a creep n shit i live in atl too im just asking )
I'm not putting that info on here. Oops.
You still gone be homeschooling or go too a School
I'm going to a school.
What do you do on your free time?
Play my ukulele.
Do you have other trans friends?  Keyanna McDonald
Whats your type❤️
I don't really have one, but i'm really into classy and chill.
I'm also FTM. I came out at 12, started T at 15 and had top surgery at 16. Now I'm 17. Since you can't start T, look into getting hormone blockers in the meantime. Transitioning won't solve all of your issues. You have to ignore the BS and do what you love. I wish you the best.
How did you get to do all of that so quickly and early?? Teach me your ways boy.
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Hello!♡♡ I just wanted to thank you for simply being yourself. It's hard standing up for what you believe in now at days because of judgmental people but anyway you really are inspirational especially to LGBT community. I appreciate you taking the time and answering us our questions. Bye(:
Thankyou, thankyouuu.
you're amazing. - ‎@frvnk.e (instagram). have a wonderful day.
What's your favorite holiday
There is this boy on my bus and he bullies me every day what should I do
You should:
A. stand up for yourself
B. tell the bus driver
C. Tell the principle
D. Do all of the above
is your sister single
I think.
Did u watch the Aaliyah movie? Your dad dated Aaliyah.
This is extraneous.
Do your little brother have a Instagram & if he do what's his name
Yeah, i don't remember it though.
your like a rare pearl in the sea....people only judge what they see and misunderstand the rarity❤
This made me smile.
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