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last song you heard?
Tennessee waltz by Sam Cooke.
what's percent is your phone on?
Why does that matter.
my brothers girlfriend is over and I have to take a #2 but I'm afraid too. because what if she has to go to the restroom and then she knows that I pooped in there. I don't know what to do
Pooping is human nature. There's nothing wrong with it. And if she says something, so what? You're just doing you. That's all that matters.
do you like omelettes?
How did you approach your mom with you wanting to be transgender? I want to come out to my mom, but I don't know how to tell her.  Rinayah D
I texted her when i was on the bus on my way from school asking if i could talk to her. And she said yes. And when i got home, i told her.
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I respect you so much. You take all this b.s. that people say and turn it back on them. I don't know you personally, but you seem to not let it affect you. I would love to get to know you, and become friends because honestly I think you're amazing. and you seem like a chill person to be around
Thankyou, thankyouu.
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was he wearing the suit and everything?
Good morning Jay, how's your morning going so far? :-)
I literally just seen Santa in his car, and it was a green truck. I'm not even joking.
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I admire you in so many ways homie. I was looking online and reading your articles about you coming out to the world via social media and I am must say you are extremely mature for your age. Stay blessed. jah
Thankyou very much.
Hey Jay, Can we be friends? #complicatedlife
Of course Anon, that i don't know. If that was rude, i'm actually so sorry.
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Why did you delete that shirtless picture from IG?
Because i always just delete some pictures on my instagram every once and a while. Why?
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Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet?
You're always having a rough day.. what can be so hard in your day?? U don't pay bills. U don't have a job. Stop being dramatic
You're really funny! Okay, so, you should go back a day and you should stop yourself from thinking... Wait. Is it.. You? Or U? And stop yourself from calling your friend. "H-hey maaaaan! Guess what i just thought about! You, Hold on, could also be.... U!" And your friend was to afraid to say "Billy, You, and U are to totally different things." So instad, he decided, for i don't know why, to say, "oh man, U're so right man! Woahhh!"
As if you guys were smoking weed on the balcony. You know, i try not to be rude. Sorry if this comes off as rude. I just needed you to get in your lane. You swerved a bit and wasn't paying attention. That's all.
Hi Jay, I'm Kaylee and new to ask.FM.Is it crazy that your the first person I added. xD
Not really.
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How old are you
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are you ready for Christmas?
I guess.
How are you doing today Jay?
I'm having kind of a rough day.
Have you heard Spooky Black's new song? It's called Worn.
It's really good.
What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?
I think we could agree on humanity.
Are you single
do you have a tumblr
Not yet.
can u make an imvu
I don't play on those kinds of sites.
if had to listen to one song rest of life what would it be?
Okay. Wow. I don't know.