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Single?? Your so sexy
Actually, i'm neither of those.
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This comes late but anyway happy trans day of visibility :) god bless you
Thankyou very much, same goes to you. :)
how are you?
I'm doing pretty good, thankyou. Hopefully you are as well. Stay happy!
What do you think of the Kardashians?
They're doing them, which is all that matters.
You are a handsome guy:-)
Are you athletic?
If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
Light brown.
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Did you hear Kendrick Lamars new album  Tay Taylor
What kind of music do you listen to
Music that's not on the radio. I despise radio music.
When is your birthday  Justin Isaiah Woodard
The 28th of June.
Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
Depends on what the situation is.
What is your father like?
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U R soooooooooooo hot! I´m from Germany and I´m in loooooooooove with you!
how old are you man?
14. I'll be 15 in June.
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how are you :)
I'm doing good, thankyou.
Is your brother gay/bi?
Do people ever make you mad if they judge you for what you are and what you plan to do you know., change
I'm not changing, i'm becoming. And no.
Do you have a sister
No. That's not her.
Do you have a sister
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Hmmm... What to ask. Nothing much, but just wanted to say, YOU ROCK
Thankyou very much.
Who's you're favorite music artist & song?
I don't have a favorite.
What's or hair called?
You are cute as HELL I am so glad you exist. That's all. You have all my gay
"You have all my gay"- Can I just say, I was upset last night and then I read this and it made my day 5x better.
Well what do you listen to in terms of music then?
I'm not going to list them because they are all underground artists. The reason why is because then more people are going to find out about them, overplay it, it'll be on the radio constantly, and then i'll stop listening to it because everyone is going to be overplaying it.
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You can get a knee job of you're unhappy with your height
Are you serious??
I have to peeee... But I've seemed to misplace my penis
You might want to find it.
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