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ill just kik you
Okay, great.
yeah its work but lke small stuff lke foot work and how you step and how youd swing the racket and stuff but maybe its cause who taught me was very technical and picky
Yea, maybe. How do like tnte points work in tennis?
tennis is rlly fun but its alot of work
Really? I know the fun part, and i cam get through the hard work.
How do you start your day?
Wake-up, wake-up. [Jhene Aiko reference] i start off with breakfeast and then a workout.
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If you could play any sport what would it be and why?
Tennis because tennis looks so flipping amazing.
How do you get past your insecurities?
I have an enchanted world in my mind where everyone is who they truly want to be and were we all have no insecurities. I don't really pay attention to the "real world"
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If you don't believe in age why is there a limit on who you would date in reference to how old they are?
Because if i would have said "does it matter?" People would have said "that was rude." Or "actually it does because blah blah blah." And i really just don't feel like hearing that. Like whats the need to? You know?
Hey dude I'm trans as well I just told my mom she didnt take it well do you have advise
If you have kik, kik me.
If you don't, do you live with just your mom? (Does your dad live there?)
When your birthday
28 of the June.
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Are you the only gblqt person in your family besides your mom friend
I have a crush on you, but kinda scared To revel myself.what should i do?
It might hurt more to keep it in.
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You are very cute.....it just took me a while to say that lol
Thankyou, :)
do you even like mckenzie
I kind of do.
omw..I have a tiny crush on you I love you.
Aw, thankyou. Love you more.
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is McKenzie mixed?
I beleive so.
I think im sick :( i ate half of a cake
Aw, your probablu going to throw up.:(
Your lil brother is so cute
Haha thanks.
You're so freaking cute!! <3 Even though I'm 4 years older than you, I'd really date you. I mean, after all, age is just a number; right?
Thankyou so much darling, but my mom wouldn't except because she doesn't believe in what i do about age.
Hi, I have no goddamn who you are, but hi anyway :)
High, i have no idea who you are, but high. :)
Does your mom slip up and not call u he sometimes?
Yea, but she hasn't for a whole month and a couple of days, so that's really good.
What's the point of wanting to be a guy when you don't want a dick
I do want a male genital, but there is a chance that when you get the surgery for it, you may loose all feeling in it.
Have u ever listened to one of your dad's song
Intentionally - no
On radio - parts of it
trapped in the closet pt 55: jay trapped in a girl body
This made my night hahahahahah. Thankyou.
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Would u like to be my boyfriend  Zanike Will
I don't know you.
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