Probably doin' laundry
A woman's beauty is enigmatic.
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I love you 😍 watching your snap stories gives me life
Thankyou b haha.
have a great day also happy b-day
You NEVER use to curse... Well Atleast Not On Social Media. What Happened ?
Where did I swear?
where can i hear your mixtape
It takes a long time to make your first one. Yall gotta wait. 😌
who would you say you look like more dad or mom
Neither b.
do you called some of your best friends bae
Lmao no.
have you ever visit myrtle beach sc bc i live their
50 states of gay 🙌
Definatly. 🌈
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i would love to be your girl best friend but i live in myrtle beach sc
This is nice b.
So are murders beautiful?
War, hate, lies. A murderer's description would acquire these words along with their definitions.
I don't believe in the word ugly because everyone is beautiful in their own way (hbu) :)
I don't either. Everyone is beautiful, venust. There is nothing u*** in this Earth besides war, hate, and lies. All of you are beautiful people. u*** isn't a word in my dictionary and never will be. Peace yall. Stay positive. Enjoy the rest of your day today!
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If you could talk with only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Can't say.
are you close with your brother and sister,also what year were you born in?
Yeah. 2000.
Wuld you date willow smiff ?
Smith.* Smith.*
Your my inspiration
I love you so much!! 😍😘😝💕💘🙊
Enjoy your day tomorrow. Positive vibrations only, yall feel me? +
What would you think if i started talking to you randomly??
I ain't got a clue who this is, so I don't know lmao.
Your my mcm 😍
Thankyou b.
Did you delete ur insta? Why?
how ya been
Not that great. I'm actually feelin' positive though.
Do you have snapchat ?
Is there a reason why you can't make youtube videos?
Too un-organized.
would u ever make youtube videos?
I wish.
Do you have a good relationship with your dad?
Sort of.
You and your dad was cute in the I wish video.
I wasn't in that video. Fogi etti.