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How you know his page isn't private then lol
Because i saw it on my popular page thing.. -_- my goodness.
Did I make you mad ? If so I'm sorry :)  JaiyeJeremiahStyles
y was yo phone off for a week
Because i'm on it alot.
Do you look at your dad's instagram
I love kells
bro your father is sexy as fuck!
Oh oops. Sorry for saying "she" I keep forgetting :(
It's all good.
I honestly adore you tbh.
Well thankyou very much.
Why would they tell you that your father is their MCM & make other comments saying he's "sexy" & stuff? That's sick you guys! She don't wanna hear/read that. I know I wouldn't.
He* and i don't know. His istagram isn't private so i donmt know why they don't just go on there and tell him that hahah.
Ur unsername say everything❤️ love
Thankyou so much.
Hey man I just wanted to tell you that you're awesome
No I meant to say GIRL!! Lol
Your funny hahahah.
When you get everything you want done like hormones,surgery,etc do you think you'll feel happier?
I'm sure of that. :(
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why lol??!!!?
Because i don't know why you told me that.
I think you should listen to ur dad song called "shut up" and tell all the "special ppl" on ur pg that ask "special questions" to just SHUT UP!
No thankyou.
do you have muscle
You act just like a little GIRL
Lol. boy*
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Your dad is my MCM well he's my everyday crush
I looove r kelly!!! thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much...
me love your daddy!
Aww Y U Deleted Some Of Ur Pics From Instagram?
I don't like keeping too many, i'm so sorry.
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Do you wear a watch?
Nah. I want to.
Do you think you're hurting your dad by being a transguy? If he asked you to rethink your decision would you? And I know you love everyone but do you have the same love for your mom and dad? It just seem as if you love your mom more.
I do love my mom more than my dad. And no, i wouldn't rethink it.
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Who are the 3 people
I'm not telling you.
why do you want to be a girl, you are tooo cuteee to be a girl tbh
Boy*. -_- i'm a transGUY
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