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The world is a mess, waiting to be cleaned up.
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how often do you laugh?
I don't think i have actually laughed for the past day or 2.
what can spoil your day?
goodnight boo
Um, goodnight, sweet dreams.
Do you like horror movies and what's your favorite?  Barbara Adams
Sure, and Lucy.
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what app do you use the most?
Probably my messages.
wat color are your eyes
Like redish-brown. Mostly brown though.
have you ever killed a bug?
Yea, no lie.
what the last song that you heard?
Dj Khaled is my father. (That's a song, i'm not trying to joke around.)
do you like pizza?
Yea i like pizza.
I have this problem where whenever I heard music that I like I can't help to move. :(
That means your dancing. So keep doing it like nobodys watching! :) enjoy your day!
:) :/ :D
you are a cutie pie
how do you feeling right now? (Be honest)
ok sorry 4 asking but i did like the pic i seen
Whatever, thanks.
why not
Because i said "No."
yes how bout lower than that
post a pic with no shirt on
I looked at this question and though- "well, i should just post it and go on with life."
post a pic with no shirt on
Would u talk to a 14 year old girl?
is your phone signal on fleek?
No. :(
what I if told you. that you read the top line wrong.
What do you mean?
Are you into creating music? Is in anyone in your family?
Yea. I love it.
favorite fruit?
what percent is your phone on?
I just found out today that my teacher is a real thug he acts at school like he all proper but actually he's over here jamming out in his car to some nasty rap music. haha that made my day today