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I would love to hang out with you. I live in atlanta
I'm going to downtown today guys.
You're very handsome Jay
If I were to dm you would you reply
Are you romantic? Why or why not?
I beleive an adult told me that I was before. Which I find interesting.
What mall store defines your personality?
Thrift shop.
What kind of binder do you use? You're amazing btw..😊
The one with clips on the side. I don't recommend it though. It breaks easily and gets loose overtime. So I suggest the ones that you pull over your head. Also, thankyou.
Are you watching the Bruce Jenner interview ?
My aunt just told me about it! I'm going to in a bit. Thankyou.
You are very aspiring don't let people get to you
Thankyou, and I don't. They want to, but they can't. It's like they're trying to fly a plane without wings.
You don't like your dad music? It fed you clothed you keep a roof over your head etc... that's crazy but ok....
Just because it did a bit of that, doesn't mean I have to like his music hahahahhahahahahah! You're making no sense, so may you please, in the nicest way possible, get off of my page. Or I could just block you. Your choice.
ugh... why is your page private?
What's wrong with that? Just request a follow..?
it sorta pisses me off when i see people ask for a shirtless picture of you.
You're not alone. It annoys me too. Especially when they are demanding with it. 😒
when you get older, do you plan on having surgery?
Yes. Yeah.
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Hey..are you on instagram?  Majidah
I'm feeling pretty happy today :) thanks for asking
I'm glad, it's no problem.
Do you like drake ? I saw your snapchats and i heard you and your sister listening to drake.
Yeah, I guess so.
How are you? :)
I'm pretty good, thankyou. What about you?
Favorite song of your Dad's?
How many times have I said that I don't like his music? I'm sure i've said this plenty of times now.
Maybe you can take ootd pictures as selfies :D it's up to you thank you
No problem.
To Anon,
Happy birthday though. 👇
Can you post a few Ootd please it's my bday :/
I don't have any outfit pictures. I don't really take any because i'm too tall for my mirror.
How's your day been...? If you don't mind...
It's been good, thankyou. Hopefully yours has as well.
If you don't mind me asking.. Would you get top and bottom surgery?
I'm transgender, so.
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Post a shirtless picture, please?
I already did.
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Do u smoke?
Do you FaceTime with people??