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What has your grandpa said about you being transgender? Does he approve and support you?
Yea. 100%
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God did not make you transgender, he made you a female and a female is whay you are. You can never undo God's work. So oops... you're making the mistake jot him
Clearly he made me transgender. Oops. You don't just wake up one day like "oh let me put myself in pain and misery." Like it's natural. Well, okay.
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Can't Believe You Watched My Story On Snapchat . Lol, I Was So Shocked.  Taee
Do you and Rob Jr share clothes sometimes
No. I don't wear his style of clothing.
Why do I like your dad so much ia the question you asked. Why don't you like your dad is the question I ask
Why do you like my dad? Is the question i asked. Why don't i like my dad? Is the question you asked. Woah. Mind blowing.
do you like the song bed peace- jhene aiko
Not really.
Lol what does spooky black is better mean?
What do you think? Just take a guess for me.
do you like going to public school?
The people irritated me so much that it wasn't even funny. Like okay. NoZ
hey,hey,hey,hey,hey,hey, I gotta tell you something. I love you! (just thought that you should know that)
:o I'm very surprised that you got that right. because that's what I was going for.
Okay. Awesome.
Not a question but .. I just wanted to tell you that you're so adorableee and I support you :)
Stop! (finish the sentence)
Don't talk to me. (I think?)
So why aren't your parents together? You still didnt answer the question
Spooky Black is better in my opinion.
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Why do you want to be a boy? Do you know by changing your gender is like telling God he made a mistake. God is a perfect God he doesn't make mistakes ijs
Actually it's not. He made me transgender for some reason, and i know that's not a mistake. Sooo. Oops.
Hello Jaya you should cut this foolishness out.
Jay* oops.
Low mid or high top shoes which do you prefer?
High tops. I prefer boots in general though.
You're cute as a boy but ugly as a girl. I think you're doing the right thing
Hahahaha you're the best.
are you turnt up
Why u lying. U havent moved. Youre still right there in frankfort.
May i fix this for you? Thankyou.
Why are you lying? You haven't moved. You're still right there in Frankfort.******
Wow. This is great. Okay, well i said technically. Oops.
Just wanted to let you know that you are so bae. It might creep you out it little but its true  iamthefuckinsun
I...( finish the sentence)
am weirdout.
Have you moved yet?
are you r kelly's son?
are you ticklish?