Probably doin' laundry
A woman's beauty is enigmatic honestly.
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What made you wanna watch it?
My cousin, Courtland.
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Is that your first time watching trapped in the closet?
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We you love me 😍😍, & would you ever have a meet & greet in the A
I actually would do a meet and greet. Not enough people would show up though. I get lik 3 people to go. 💀💀
can you post an old picture of your hair?
I ain't got one. I restarted my phone.
You watched trapped in the closet!! So funny!
B. I was crying. 💀💀
How old is your sister?
How old is your brother?
Hey jay 🌹oh my gosh you are so cute! I know u hear that a lot though 😊‎  Ceaira Fifer
What's your motto?
When one does bad to you, does not mean you must do bad to them.
Is Hollywood Exes cancelled?
I don't know.
What you think about your dads beard?
Fogi etti. Ah owe eh fogi ettë. I ont' leh me mefoe sto qtë abt et.
Yea what?
When does Hollywood Exes come back on?
I'm not sure.
is athena marie williams.a cute name
Beautiful name.
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U a girl right
Em noot eh fee fogi etti.
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Your an inspiration!
Thankyou. :)
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Why did your brother delete all his pics from ig
His choice, not mine.
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what did you think of the Bruce interview
Haven't seen it.
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What do you think about Bruce Jenner?
She's doing her which is one of the best things you could possibly do in life.
Did you hear about the rioting in Baltimore??
Would you ever date someone from another country
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I don't have an ask , but I'm another trans guy I just followed you @9.26.1997
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What's Anonymous
When you're unknown/hidden in message, text.
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Well what about eat the 🐱 like groceries
💐💀 b.
Eat the booty like groceries
I would never eat booty. That is so triffling. But if YOU want to eat booty, you doin' you. So i'll support your choice. I just would never do that. I'd do other things though. 💀
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