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Ahmed El-Sherif @MaDyZz
caution: "account's owner", he's dangerous, dont piss him off. for your safety ((:
RSS answers
Which is your all-time favorite book/movie/song? Why?
-im not a reader.
-the dark knight 2oo8.
-hmmm song? hah, grap a pen and paper,
I've more than 2oo fav song :'D
If you had a chance to change something about yourself/your life, what would that be?
actually I should change many things.
What is one question you always ask yourself?
Are you happy after what we've done?
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Which country do you want to visit?
you mean countrieS :3
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how old are you ??
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What worries you the most?
the possibility of losing someone I love, especially one of my family.
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Hey :) could you follow us and like our answers its ‎@advictures :) if thats okay with you :) thank you ❤️ followed <3
with pleasure(:
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سامحنا ع الازعاج عشان لايك
la wala yehhemukum. :v
2 people like this لايك جعلك للجنة
like lel jana?
get the fuck out away from here.
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What makes someone powerful?
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Which fairytale you’d like to live in?
i don't wanna live in that SHIT.
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hhhhhhh tyb kafia kdb l7d keda .goodnight .nice talking with you
thankyou. it was nice to meet you(:
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hhhhhhhh tb3n alex nancy w sharm ahlam
hahahahaha.. w maloo :'D
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3ady y3ni de elmiza elwa7ida elly f sharm .tigy eh sharm ganb alex.
L far2 been alex w sharm.
zai belzabt l far2 bein nancy w ahlam :D
3ady y3ni de elmiza elwa7ida elly f sharm .tigy eh sharm ganb alex.
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a7na f n3ma.
n3ma bay oo<3
sharm L nour mesh bey2ta3 ba2a. :v
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you're right again .and the electricity is a bad thing anyway alot of accidents happen because of it.
bs? :D
dah beyhssal bawali. :v
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you're right.
it doesn't matter. I think u've to face the music.
if u can leave it, just do. and if you can't, deal with all what we're facing here every single damn day.
just like this moment now, u shld enjoy the electricity :'D as it's a unique thing here in egy u know :'D
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i've already heard them but thanks anyway.and why so sad? we're living in egypt.
haha, living? LOL. "we're DYING in egypt" ='))
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tell me the saddest song to hear.please
the saddest! y so depressed?
anyway I dont know "the saddest song",
Im not a big fan of sad songs, but this one is from my top favs.
you can listen to this music too, im so obsessed with it.
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What has made you what you are today?
people's actions.
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What are your goals/ambitions for the future?
being one of the world top DJs.
and a unique architect.
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Have you ever done anything with another girl while in a relationship with someone else?
done anything like what?! :D
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Whats your ideal girl?
she doesn't exist.
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What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
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How can you be motivated?
By my fav music.
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