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thoughts on munya m
Why not write the full last name?? Munya mbira?
like all my answers ill like 100 of yours and give you 2 gifts  Kim
Haha no.
TBH?  Moline
D1cks suckd ths year?
Only your dads so far xxx
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Thank you
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wot im confused, wot u mean i know about this person? nigga wtf haahah
Nvm I can't deal with you right now
aw arent you sweet, she loves you too bby xo
Yeh she also knows about this person so I'm being nice
Hey there bucko, I hope that you're having a good night sweet cheeks honey baby child. Honey bunny wunny, baby waby. Honey baby child have a good night buddy. Darling baby are you having a good night honey baby child?  Gregory Alan Bailey
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she got more than u tho
I'm kidding I love her the most beautiful weirdest and sort of nice girl I know
then y u always wif her? u love her, dont lie
Feel sorry for her she doesn't really have many friends tbh :/
nards is great aye
Nah she's a feggit
Name top 5 hottest Zimbabwean boys
Don Benjamin
And moline
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Do you already have app for iPhone?
Nah soz
why dont the year 10 guys ask the year 10 girls to the formal
you should probs ask one of the girls from the top shelf
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y so beautiful?
born dis way soz xx
you're such a bimbo.
thank you xx
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fav song atm?
oceans :)
though you didn't like anyone?
i honestly don't
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woot do you hate about de person you like
plz stop i already answered below xxx
woot do you hate about de person you like
Go away you spazz haha
woot do you hate about de person you like
hi moline -_-
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you beauti
look at yourself!
hu do u likee
nobody :)
cfvgbh nm