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Nope, I've never seen you in person, but these conversations has me more and more curious though. :)
Lmaoo trust me, I'm curious too, very very curious now
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Yeeaaaaah, actually when you say it out loud it sounds kinda creepy! LOL!!!
lol that's the way it is though, so you've never seen me in person right?
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You miss quoted me chica!!! LOL!! I didn't say "little girl" I said "little sister" because she is the little sister to my friend, and her name is Alejandra "Ali" Canales, and I'm not old... I'm refined! LOL!!!
Ohh well you understood lol and oh god really? Wow... So you're a stranger to me but you kind of know who I am...?
No I'm out of this world, trust me. * wink-wink ;) So my close friend's little sister is friends with you and this is how I know you, or not know. LOL!!!
You make it sound like if you're soooooo old hahaha can I know the "little girl's" name?
That's right, I haven't even told where I am at? ... I'm in Mars, no Japan... Yeah, definitely Japan!!! LOL!!!
Lmao you wishh!! You're in this world not outside.... Right? I know I asked before but, how is it that you know me? How on earth did you find me?
Anyways, living with someone comes easy when you spend a good number of years or time strengthening and developing/leading the relationship towards marriage. I only mentioned because I'm not traditional in relationships. I think it's good to experience sex, living someone, ect before marriage.
Like I said, we all have different ways to look at things, but oh well idk haha things change so you never really know
Too many novelas! Funny! LOL!!! Well, you don't get to learn "completely" by living with them but at least one gets to experience their habits and such. I don't you're not too young for it, but obviously you're not in that mindset. You got school and work, and personal growth.
Lol you only come on here at this time? Are you like in the other side of the world or something? And yeah, yeah I get your point..
I think the experience of living together is extremely important in the development of a serious relationship. I'm not into casual sex, not comfortable with it all. I'm not gonna lie, I wish I was. LOL! But it's just how I am. Anyways I have values 2, though mine tend to be slightly more liberal.
It does sound like an important part for a serious relationship, because you get to know the other person completely and all that but I'm too young for that, and unless I feel like a womb
Yeah, I understand. I did you grew up in church? I was raised in a church. I have very similar and at one point early in life I had exactly the same views to have, but my views were slightly modified. I no longer want to wait until marriage to have sex is one.
No, well yeah I was raised with around Catholics and all that but I'm not really too much of a religious person, I think I saw too many novelas and movies lmao
Yes, it's your mystery man ;) So what are your values, what do you look for in a guy?
Haha "my mystery man"? Hmmm... Well someone who will understand that I'm old fashioned, that I first want get married to move on the next level, I have the "perfect" (well not perfect, but something kind of close) to oh go out as bf & gf get to know each other, later on times if things are good you know marriage comes but now most guys all they want is sex and boom they're done
How long does love live?
As long as you want it to last
What was the last 'nice' thing you did for yourself?
I took myself shopping...
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No, es que como es increĆ­ble que no tengas nadie. Que eres tan linda que me somprende. LOL!!! Yeah, beauty isn't everything. I'm not tryin to rush anything, but then again I haven't been in a serious relationship in years& I feel like building a lasting relationship that will go the distance.
Awwww haha ya me hiciste sonrojar lol nah I'm just focusing on other things, besides, it's hard to find someone with the same values as me. Wait a second... I'm kind of confused here... Am I talking to the same person I was talking long time ago? That likes photography and writing books?
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What's the best concert you've ever been to?
I would have to say Justin Bieber<3
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I've been with extraordinary gorgeous women. Anyways, I really just need unconditional love. It's all we should all want and need from our loved ones. And yeah, boy toy! lol!!! Tu sabes novio o novios LOL!!! Tienes? Don't lie! LOL!!!
If you have been with gorgeous ladies and at this moment you're single might be because maybe beauty isn't all. Ohhhhh!! Lmao no, novio nope, novios tampoco, why would you think I'd lie about it?
I'm not worry about it. All really want and need is someone that could love me as much I am my heart can love back, and I have a huge heart. And yeah, physical beauty is important, but I'm really trying really REALLY HARD to not focus so much on that. Problem is that I've been spoiled.
I get you, but you shouldn't pressure it either, it will come whenever it's time :)
Talking about girlfriends, do you have a boy toy? LOL
A boy toy?
I can't find a cute Chinese girl to save my life! Story of my life :'( LOL!
You will don't worry :)
Oh really?! I absolutely LOVE massages!!! My mom always teases me to find a Japanese or Chinese girlfriend so I can get all great massages I want. LOL!!!
Yeah, but you have to pay extra haha! Well you should get a Chinese gf then haha maybe and you end up marrying her because of her good hands lol
Do you get any male clients? Ive always wonder if men go there. Personally, I wouldn't mind going there at least once to experience the pedicure/ manicure thing.
Do they? Of course they do, lots! If we, ladies love it, trust me you'd love it as well; it's very relaxing and they give you massages. I mean c'mon who doesn't like massages?
Where do you work, or what do you do?
I'm a receptionist at a nail salon
Ahhhh, I've been missed. Yeah, it's been a stressful a month. Luckily, it seems to be getting better. I'm thinking of taking a week off just to get my mind away from. I'll probably visit my little sister in North Carolina. So how have you been?
You sound surprised to be missed... And you should, it will do you good :) a break is not bad every once in a while, I've been busy as well, I try to keep it that way, school and work take most of my time away... Can't really complain
Hey Madelin, after a month, I've returned!!! (Work took a huge toll on me). So to answer your question after a month, I want to take landscape photography, but weddings and festivies, things of that nature is where the money is. So what's up with all these inappropriate questions, LAWD! LOL!
Yeee!! Haha I missed knowing about you, I'm glad you have been busy, that's always good (in my opinion)... I see you caught up huh? Lol I know... Just ignore those
I'm just proud of my body... And usually being a dick means when the guy is a jerk, mean, and an asshole.
And I am glad you're proud of what you have, but why did you have to include your parts size? It was not necessary at all
Shhhh Daniel lol