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But I asked you first. So answer abd then I'll answer
You do it daily?
I'm asking you
Emmm well what is often? How often do you do it?
Well idk that should be your answer not mine... Daily perhaps?
If I was frustrated id play with myself
Do you do that often?
Well no not necessarily. I'm just wondering about you
Mmmm... Interesting... I think you're frustrated..
Why do you turn the question on me
Because I would like to know
What's confusing about it. Do you touch yourself in a sexual way is pretty self explanatory
Why do you ask so many sexual questions? Are you sexually frustrated or something?
They just are
No play with yourself as in fingering yourself or using objects to get sexual pleasure
Your questions are weird and confusing you know?
How often do you play with yourself
Ehhhhhhh I play with my hair every day so yeah
What do you enjoy "practicing"
You're welcome  DaJuan
Such as?
Enough practice
How experienced are you?
Enough for you not to know about
You're gorgeous  DaJuan
Thank you :)
Well yay. Emmm but what about you?
Me? What about me?
Well what if I happen to be both
That would be more than perfect then
Well what would be ideal for YOU
Well would you rather have an inexperienced fast learner or experienced
Why not a little bit of both?
Why is that a problem?
Because teaching a person something isn't easy.. Unless you're a fast learner
Is the problem being experienced or inexperienced
The problem is being inexperienced...
Is there a problem with being experienced or inexperienced?
Yesss a big problem
I googled it
So you're inexperienced?
You have very sensitive nerves that when stimulated, cause pleasure so yes.
Are you a girl to know those nerves?
Well it's a good time!
No it's not