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yupp..... it's one of those mornings. she's fine , just a little nervous and worried . thanks for asking my love :* your the sweetest <3 yeah I just too some dayquil for this cold.
Well I'm glad to hear she's good then :) and no prob {: & yeah DayQuil helps I took that for 3 or 4 days and it really helped me
bad , I woke up sick and my mom had an accident so now I'm trying to help her with her repairs. :/
:$ sounds like you're having a rough morning... Sorry to hear that, take some medicine for the cold or whatever you're getting... Is your mom okay?
Lol it's ok & I always answer to you , your messages are the most important (;
Lol I see that, how's your day so far ?
Lol Ima just get in bed and text u cutie ima end my night with you
Grrr sorry I just noticed you actually answered me.. >.<
I was watching the patriots game but they are losing : ( so I'm going back home lol iv tired I had a long day
Awwww sucks to hear that, yeah you should go home and rest
Lol oops I'm sorry I couldn't see all they way down their haha I cnt tell. and ...... ok (:
It's okay lol what are you up to?
Your dating someone? lol and yeah he cute.
Lmao no she's dating my brother and it's a girl not a boyy
Haha lucky you. and who's that little guy?
You can say that lol and it's my sister in law's new puppy! She's soooo cuteee and tinyyyyt
Lol so u home now (: ? it's raining hard where I'm at stay dry
I am home now :) it's not even raining by my house lol
Lol so u home now (: ?
it's raining hard where I'm at stay dry
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panties or thongs?  AlArellanoLz
I'm sorry I didn't know. I just started to miss u haha & how did work go?
It's okay lol, it was pretty slow that's why I was able to reply haha
lmao! nah quilters never prosper. Haha plus I said I like the attention u Give me <3
Lmaoooo you're something else
Lol it's raining don't leave me solito :(
Sorry, just Got out of work
awe well I won't torture u anymore after Friday Lol
And I was here hoping for a "okay, alright.. I give up, I'll tell you my name now" lmaoo
Lol yes tomorrow & I wonder why your so curious .
Lol I like to know things... Being unsure of something kills me
Lol you really are curious haha xD
I am lol
Lol I said no more clues
Lol tomorrow ha!
Awee : ) either way I'll tell u by The end of the week I think you can be patient lol
But now it's just impossible lol you're either a Cristian or a Jonathan lol
yup yup my name is very common lol
Gezzz I'm lost :/
Lol well that's all your getting for today! :p no matter how cute u are.
Grrrr!!! Now I'm more curious than everr
Lol sorry my phone is stupid. ppl who know me use 4 letters to say my name. (I'll give u one more hint) my name ends with that N. & A is somewhere near the middle.
Okay now I'm lost as I was at first haha is your name common?
I like his music sometimes .... haha but if it plays I be singing along. and who's your favorite ??? ok another clue I work in coconut grove : D
Ahh okay okay, my fav is Justin B :) haha gezz there's so many people tha work at coconut groveee
Lol that wasn't good enough? Haha ok ok let me think of another and there's 8 letters in my name. but ppl who know me only use 3.
Lol there is one name that has a & n 8 letters and could be used with 3 lmao
I'm not going to lie I thought real hard for a clue haha so here u go ........... the letter N lol (letter in my name) and sing along to all of romeo's songs (fun fact about me) haha see you got two
Booooo!!! How many letters does you name have? Lol and geee, you like Romeo? Ewwwwww
Haha I was wondering when you were going to ask! you have been a bit busy . fine I'll give u a new hint
I haven't forgotten lol like you said I've been a lil busy... Go aheadd