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Pollito Torres @MadelinTorres
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Lol nahh idk about this one
Well idk then
El amor de tu vida
Hahahaha uyyyy cualquiera te creerá
Guess who's back?
One of the many? Lol
I know people lie but have you seen it? It looks huge
Nope, I mean if I did it was a second or 2 but you know angles and shit make everything look different
But damn he's 8 or more inches long and 6.25 inch girth lawdd I'm in lovee
Lol people lié you know?
Yea he's just a guy lol but he didn't want show me so I had to keep being annoying and say so it is small lol
Lmaooo do I have you on IG?
followed,follow back ? =)  yurii
He said "figures, I kinda did something I shouldn't have so I don't blame her for saying that" then I asked it was true.
Ha he's not such a bad person at the end
Not necessarily :/ and we're talking on ig but he kinda doesn't wanna talk. I kinda told him that you said he had a little dic because he didn't wanna show :-X
You told him I said that!??? Gezzzz! Lol what did he say?
Noo lol what you found me is trouble haha. Now I know why curiosity killed the cat
Ohhh shiiiiiiittt lol don't tell me you have a boyfriend and you're privately snapchatting the kid :OO!!
Omg I asked him how big he was :-X
I'm glad I found you a distraction lmaooo
Lolol here I am expecting something small and out comes donkey kong lol
Ohhhhhh god lol you're too much hahaha
Girl I told you about them Dominican guys lol ay yi yi
You made my day whoever you are lol
A. He's really cute lol and B. He has a really big one :-X
Lmaoooo I hope you do enjoy it then haha
You lied when youl said he was average lol
Lmaooooo I am not an expert on sizes love
Oh my god o_O
What happened? O.o
give me some likes and get back same if you agree?  Jamal iffi
give me some likes and get back same if u agree?  Jamal iffi
I'll judge myself lolol
Lol go ahead
Lol I understand, you can delete it I already got it
Lol I think is snapchat is the same btw
What's his snapchat :-X and do you know his ig?
I don't wanna put the kid on spot lol
Omgg girl, Dominican guys are fine! And they have big ones lol. Does he have snapchat or ig?
Lmaoooooooooo !! He has snapchat but I blocked him lol
Was he below average, average, or above average average. Same girl
Ehh idk but I would say average lol
A girl and most hispanic guys I've been with were big. Where was he from?
Ohhhh lol he is Dominican