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Pollito Torres @MadelinTorres
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whyyy lol!
I want to knowwwww
cause ...... lol
Tell meeee
Haha not telling (:
Why nottt??
Lmao well thank you see u sweet (: like candy
Lol who are youu?
roses are red and violets are not blue ..... I think something something about you : )
Hahahah it was actually good! Unexpected good haha
say what! I'm bout to lay down some serious poetry lol
Lmaoooo bring it onnnn!
you like anyone?
Not at the moment
Lol nah ima hold up a liquor store or bank. haha ima be like my demands are simple bring me the cute cop! and I want her to cuff me ;)
Lmaoooooo you keep on wishing for that to happen no worries
No I never said that lol But you will be the finest I have ever seen
You're gonna be stalking me? Lmao
Lol oops! I'm out haha nice thoe cute af for a cop thoe
Does that mean cops are ugly? :O
you should be your gorgeous
Nahh I'll be a cop ~<*.*>~
What makes you really nervous?
People that stares
are u a model ;)
how's it going (:
It's all good :) how you doing?
nice haha no wonder u love Fridays! and its alright I just really want go home I just got better and I'm out here in the rain sigh lol. are u going to fall asleep early on me today haha?
You still sick? The DayQuil isn't working? Awww :/ and yeah, I think I will... I have to wake up early tomorrow :)
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how's your day going? did u have school?
It's good so far :) and nope Fridays j don't have school.. How's yours?
Lol they really are on point I was surprised when u guessed my name haha. and yeah I know I'd tell u eventually idk was kinda nervous. wondering what u would say :p
Hahaha you indeed don't know my skills yet..
see I felt more special wen u didn't know who I was lol
Haha you knew I was gonna find out either way :P
after all your a grate future cop lol & that feet shit is weird at O.O
My solving skills are too much hahaa
Awe now what lmao I don't need to give u my ig if u know
Nope, no need for that.., you knew.. With your name would of been enough for me to know who you were haha
if i paid you or bought you shoes or sent you gifts, would u let me be your friendzoned footslave friend, and send me pics of the bottom of your feet n be mean to me? def serious about this weird trade lol im not ashamed
Whuattttt...? Ehh no thank you, I rather buy myself my stuff. Thanks -.-
Lol u sure?
Yup I know 100% haha
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Yes cristian dummy! lol Jonathan dosent sound like a religion . and I love to make you think ;) haha
No need to tell me more.. I know who you are haha
Lol the name like the religion . and hmmmm dosent sound good haha ur thinking?
Cristian???? Lmaooo you're playing hard to discover lmao yes I'm thinking ! Lol of course.. Thinking who you might be