What's your favorite tv show?

life with boys, hostages, CSI miami, Law and order...and all kinds of other stuff :) xx

You're pretty cool

awh thanks :)

What is your favorite love story movie?


Hope That Your Feeling Much Better Selma. If This Week I Get Fanmail Replies From Davis Cleveland Madison Pettis Adam Irigoyen R. Brandon Johnson Ainsley Bailey And Caroline Sunshine I Will Be Happy. I Know Madison Cares About Her Fans. Hey She Is The Best Role Model Ever. Tiffany.

I hope you get from every single one a fanmail reply! I'm feeling much better. I don't feel sick at all anymore so I'm glad. Yes, madison is the best rolemodel ever!

Hi Selma. I Got Fanmail Replies In The Mail From Francesca Capaldi. Olivia Holt. Music Band R5 Kenton Duty Kat McNamara And Kayla Maisonet. I Still Have Not Got My Fanmail Reply From Madison Pettis In The Mail. Hope That She Replies Back To Me Before The End Of 2013. Tiffany.

Omg! Congrats gal! That's awesome! I'm sorry I haven't updated a lott cause I was sick. I had pfeiffer so I was really tired when I came home from school ya know. But so awesome you got replies. I gonna sent madison this week a letter. and also Ariana Grande :) my fav gals xooo

Can we fuck ?


hey :) it's @BiebsSwiftAdore , one of your followers on twitter :)

hey, how are you Xx

My Birthday Which Was Last Tuesday. I Got A Brand New CD Player That Also Has A MP3 Player. Geek Charming Two Disc DVD With Ten Episodes From Shake It Up. And I Also Got The I <3 Dance Music Soundtrack. Do You Watch Dancing With The Stars? Zendaya Is Doing Great On The Show. Tiffany.

Happy belated Birthday! I wish u the best! You got great presents! I like that show too ♥ Mwah xx

Selma. Could You Tweet Danielle Geddes Here http://www.mobile.twitter.com/@danigeddes And Ask Her What Happen To My Handwritten Note That I'M Suppose To Get From Madison Pettis In The Mail. Tiffany.

I will, I'll send her an dm

Hi Selma. Yeah You Got Your Bag And Signed Love Pastry Poster Both In The Mail. Keep On Dreaming Big. Tiffany.

Yes, I'm so happy :)

remember of me? xoxo :)

Tina thorne ♕

No, not really...who r u? xx

Happyyyyyyyyy, birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I want more wiches for u. <33333333 :)

Tina thorne ♕

thanx! Xo

Happy Fifthteen Birthday Selma. Hope That You Got The Presents That You Asked For. Tiffany.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you remembered my B-day! xx

I Seen The Kids Choice Awards On 03/23/2013. And I'M Shocked That Madison Pettis Show Life With Boys Was Not Nominated For Favorite TV Show. Hmm. Victorious Won In That Catagory. Happy For The Whole Cast. I Watched The Live Interviews On E News. Khloe Kardashian Did Not Interview Madison Pettis.

Yes, I watched it too! I loved it ♥ I think it wasn't nominated because it's a new show...And i also love victorious...ariana is flawless ♥

Selma. Is Madison Pettis Part African And Mexican American And Part Irish? Some People Is Worried About What Madison Race Is. Hope That Your Having A Good St Patricks Day, I'M Having A Good Day. Thanks For Letting Me Know That Madison Does Not Have A ask.fm Page. Hope @_MadisonPettis Stop Posing.

she's part afro-american, irish, french and italan :)

Aiyyo, can you make me a body fan sign? Please Mis Beautiful <3


what do you mean lol? Xx :)

Selma. @_MadisonPettis Has A ask.fm Page. She Says That She Is Madison Pettis. So I Asked Her Did She Get My Fan Mail Letters In June And August 2012. She Said That She Reads Her Own Fan Mail Letters And That She Came Across My Letters.& That I Will Get A Reply From Her As Soon As Possible. Tiffany

Someone asked madison on twitter if she had ask.fm and she said she didn't. Don't believe everything you read online. Madison said it herself :)

Selma. How Many Years Ago Was The Search For Santa Paws Movie Filmed? I Know The Answer. I'M Going To See If You Know The Answer Too. Tiffany.

It's filmed in 2010 so...3 years ago :)

Selma You Know @madisonpfashion Have She Wrote And Mailed Fan Mail Letters To Madison Pettis And Got A Handwritten Note And Signed Autograph Picture From Her In The Mail? I Read Her Tweet This Morning. I'M Happy That Madison Pettis Reads Reply Back To Tweets And Follows Fans On Tweeter. Tiffany.

I don't think she received a signed autograph picture, cause she never tweeted about it...

That Would Be Great If You Ordered The Spring Issue Of Dream Magazine. Maybe The People At Dream Magazine Will Reply To Your Tweet After They Read It. Hmm. Hope That Madison Reads And Reply Back To Your Tweet About Me This Afternoon Or On 03/14/2013. I'M Buying Dream Magazine From The Store.

I hope they'll reply...I'l send madison another tweet about you. Why don't you send me the text I should tweet :) xx

Selma. You Tweeted Madison Pettis About Me Being Her Fan And If She Got My Fan Mail Letters On 03/01/2013. And It Is Now 03/13/2013. Finger Crossed Maybe She Will Read Your Tweet About Me When She Is Finish With School And Reply Back About My Fanmail Letters. She Have Read Other Tweets From You.

I hope she'll read it too :). I hope she'll send you something back. Cause every madshiner deverses that. Did you know the spring isue is releasing very soon?? That's amazing though ♥

Selma. Do You Know When Your Going To Get Your Signed Madison Pettis Love Pastry Poster In The Mail? Great That Your A Fan Of Vanessa Hudgens Me Too. You Seen Her Say Ok Music Video? I Have All Three Of The High School Musical Movies All On DVD. Is Madison Pettis Friends With Bailee Madison? Tiffany

I'm receiving my signed poster this weekend so I got to wait a few more days. I love Vanessa Hudgenss, yes I've seen it :). Haha I got those dvd's too! I was really obessed with Zac Efronfor 3 years but now I'm obsessed with my future hubby Zayn Malik lol ♥ I don't know if Madison and bailee are still friends :)

@loveyouMadisonP Has A Wonderful Page. Did You Know That Madison Pettis First Met Raven Symone When She Guest Starred In Raven In The House On Cory In The House. You A Fan Of R5 Kyle Massey Selena Gomez And Kenton Duty Too? Did Madison Pettis Get Her Ears Pierced In Real Life Too? Tiffany.

I'm a fan of Madison Pettis, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Alli Simpson and Ariana Grande. But my favs are vanessa and madison. they're my fav actresses and fashion icons :). Yes, Madison did pierced her ears in real life :)

Have You Seen The Movie Lemonade Mouth? Blake Michael Is My Favorite Actor. And I Just Finish Writing Him A Fan Mail Letter And On 03/11/2013. I'M Going To Give The Letter To My Mail Carrier To Be Mailed. Hopefully On Monday March 18.2013. I Will Get A Fan Mail Reply From Him. Tiffany.

I don't know him :)

Selma. I Just Emailed The People At Love Pastry. And Asked Them To Tweet And Tell Madison Pettis That I'M Her Fan In Los Angeles. California. Did You Know For Madison Pettis Thirteen Birthday Party Sweet E's Bake Shop Made Her A Huge Birthday Cake With The Number 13 And Cupcakes On Top? Tiffany.

yes I know :)


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