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Madison Vercetti @MadisonStarTrill
Madison Vercetti @MadisonStarTrill
Mermaid At Heart .
RSS answers
what's your moms name
Misa Hylton Brim
What's the story behind your fame?Are your parents famous or what? :)
My mother is a fashion designer my dad is trey songz manager
ur his princess & he's ur prince
Lol I guess .
u's & carhan
Its Corahn and lol naaa.
You and Justin go together if y'all don't why you call him baby
Lol I always call him that
You and Justin close huh .
Lol yea that's my baby lmaaoo.
#bestfriendgoals #100 ily  justin moore
Awww I love you too.
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have u and Justin fucked
What do you think about star and corahn
Dont ask me nothing about them because I don't care what they do
SON!  Ernesto.
Wassup ?
Why did you delete all your pics on Instagram ?
I always do that when I reach a certain amount
Tht is nt u in them pics thts a girl i know on ig and 2 diffrent ppl u look nuthing like anybody in then pics fakeeee!!!
Coool search me at ‎@madisonstar_ on Instagram and make sure you follow me #muchlove
-. congrats you & Justin are to cutee
Thats my Bestfriend but okay
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you & justin #GOALS
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eat my ass
what kind of phone yous got?
IPhone baby
u & jaymore ❤
Lmaoooo nah that's my bestfriend .
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NOT A OPTION!!!?!?!??!?!!+ J&M OR M&N
Lol who would you pick
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-. if you was in a room with Ernesto Or JayMo for 1hour what would you do?
Chill or whatever else we do is our business but I be with jaymo all day sometimes and nothing happens
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J&M or M&N???
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yall should date fuck nezto
First of all its nesto and no
999 likes  Ernesto.
Lol I know right !
You and star need to go back to y'all old baes and leave each other bars alone because you still love corahn and she still love nesto and both of y'all is hurting because y'all talking each other dudes
IDC no more
wake up !  Ernesto.
Lol chill
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do u have a crush
do u have a crush
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