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Madison Brim @MadisonStarTrill
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Whyyou tryna talk to nesto and star with him and you went with. Corahn now she tryna talk to him tf
Whyyou tryna talk to nesto and star with him and you went with. Corahn now she tryna talk to him tf
Bruhhhh what happen to our Baeee  NY's Princess ✨
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Is your Facebook madison Hylton ?
Why doesn't christian and china mcclain date anymore?? they were the cutest little couple .
Mane you bad asf i wish you was bae ill treat you better then how them niggas did you but you dot like girls
star fw every boi oh my geesh
Lol nooooo
you & coco shudda never broke up  Corahn Lockridge
I guess him and star talking so its whatever now.
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But if star is your true sister why do she call yo ex boyfriends bae or stuff
Shes just growing up finding her way through life .
Do you talk to Ernesto powe
No we just cool
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Ate you and corahn gonna get back together.
*are* and no I could never go back with him , him and my sister talk or whatever
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Otay  NY's Princess ✨
Inbox me back.
Sissy that is His Thot Ass Screenshot me what he's saying ..  NY's Princess ✨
The convo was gone it was just emoji eyes left when he inbox me again ima show it
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I know all 3 of them niggas fse  ☁ Black Thor ☁
Lmaoo oh word.
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I love your boobsss
I guess lol.
Sissy He's so fucking cute Baeee ❤️❤️❤️  NY's Princess ✨
Yessss Lord.
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Do you know jakefromstatefarm03
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Who do you think is the hottest boys out right now?
Justin Moore (Jayy Mo) , Nolen Pryor and Kid Lucas. They slaying!
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You talk to Jeremiah brown?
Something like that .
How do you feel about star and corahn flirting
I mean at the end of the day star still my sister and me and corahn still cool Lmaoo its nothing major #weallgood ✊
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❤❤ ∆ sent to everyone I follow  MostHated
When at you gunna lemme fuck (sent to errbody I follow)  on my grind just like slow sex
Your gorgeousss ❤️✊
Lol thanks
❤️(sent to everyone I follow )  Papi B