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if you were the 1st lady you would know it means classy yet nasty  welven dagreat
Cyn does not mean that and I am 1st lady I'm the 1st girl in the group
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because you not the1st lady
tell us what cyn stand for if you really the 1st lady
I know what it mean I'm just not telling yall
If you could give a lapdance to somebody off one song what would it be?
Songs on 12 play , Chris brown ft trey songz 😍💦👅
August alsina or Channing Tatum
August Alsina 😍😍
Pap with jb
is winter still justins girl?
why cant you tell us what cyn stand for though. just asking
I just won't 😂😂
thoughs on corahn
I adore corahn even tho hes a handful at times 😍❤️ That's my shorty 👏✊
Legacy is my cousin 😂😂😂  Corahn Lockridge
😂😂 I think everybody know that
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thoughts on quan
That's my shoota 💯✊ he ain't been home in a minute
you see my new interview  welven dagreat
Legacy or corahn
I use to love some legacy till I saw corahn so corahn
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Tell Shardre I love her 😔 I'm really sorry 💔  SharDrè Your Favorite ❤️
Okay and what happen?
what's worng with asking you what it stand for
Because I will never tell you 😂😂
you never told us what cyn stand for
Ask ‎@christiancombs , ‎@rashoncyn & ‎@raquanjones
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don't you think you a little to young to be getting at bryshere or whatever
It's a freaking joke
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U dead don't speak anymore 😂  Papi Shampoo
??? 😂😂
Ok 😕😒  Corahn Lockridge
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oh ok classt young nuggas
It's does not mean classy young niggas you way off
how does your pussy smell besides fish
how does your pussy smell besides fish
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Hey  B10thousand
which one of your brother's would you say is the funniest? 😂😂
😂😂 that's hard