Good Vibes ❤️ @MadisonStarTrill
Good Vibes ❤️ @MadisonStarTrill
Just tryna live my life.
I mean you call me star but debating on if you wanna ask me a question
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Yall date
😷 nah , he just somebody I can act up with 😂😂
Who's anton?
My nigga my nigga
Who's the lucky guy?
👀 I don't talk to nobody
Madiiiiiii I miss yo gay ass I ain't have nobody to fuss with  Amit brand
Lmaooooooooo I miss you to dummy
Where you been?
To myself
Are you a senior?
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In which city you would like to live?
Meek still ain't drop no diss 😴😴  Papi Shon
*sings* iiiiiiiiii.......don't give a damn
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Any celebrities you know personally
missy elliot , trey songz , Justin bieber , khalil , chantel jefferies and lil fizz
Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
Awww I seen you cried when your brother came to your party
Is that you daughter fr
😂 yes
She look just like you osrs
😂 heck yea
Who you talk to
My daughter 😂🙌💕
Who you talk to
Lmaoooo whatever  Papi Shon
Meek Mill gotta go back to philly and sit there and think for 10 days.
Yoooo Drake done did it again 😂😂 meek who?  Papi Shon
Meek isn't ever gonna get the credit he deserves because he is a street rapper, they try to undermine his success.
Yea you need to get yo life fr  Papi Shon
Lol I know
Like on some real bs I gotta get myself together I really ain't been myself lately like I gotta be better person because the person I am now is wild af and that ain't me 😒
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Yeaaaaa he inboxed me and said "Yup I know I'm lame so youn have to talk to me no more shorty"
Lmaooo oh my god
He seen them comments  Maya Simone
Lol fr?
Lmaooo im finna get in Trouble by Marquise  Maya Simone
Lmaoo why?
Maya and Taina not cool ?
Not really
Can you believe this is a tranny 😍💕
On some real shit I don't even know why shon cool with somebody that hurt his cousin tf but Ima let it go  christian combs
Let it go