Maddi ❤️ @MadisonStarTrill
Maddi ❤️ @MadisonStarTrill
Mermaid ❤️
I mean you call me star but debating on if you wanna ask me a question
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Are you and Mya still cool?
Happy bday
I'm late but thanks
Happy birthday
I'm late but thanks
So you talk to Cordell? Like talk talk 😍
Lmao Nah he got a girl. We just done got real cool
you and Cordell Cute 😍😍😍
Text bestie .. This is serious😐😂  Bianca
diddy not your stepdad. I see where you get that idea from though. "Tyra banks voice"  red ivy carter
Lmao okay?
Madi💕 you talk to Cordell👀😂  Bianca
Well 😋👀🙊
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Happy early birthday ❤️
Thank you
Do you want talk to Zay
Uh it don't matter
You and Cordell talk?
Y'all would be cute , wait does he still play football?  The Empire Tiana
Lol , no he's into movies and stuff now
Wait you and Cordell talking 👀  christian combs
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What's the craziest thing you've done for someone you love?
Gave to much of myself to them
What's ur kik
I don't give it out
Damn 😂 I gotta hit him up on this one  Amit brand
LMFAOOO 😂😂 , you might have to
You and dell talking 😂😂 I peeped your Instagram post  Amit brand
Lmao oh my god , we closer than what we was 😌 But we will not get together
You fw Cordell?  Maya Simone
Like talk to him as friends and how long you haven't talk to him like months or years
Me and dell 💕😍
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Are going to talk Zay
Do uk Zay ‎@isaiahburge23 got deactivated
Happy Halloween! What are you dressing up as? PAP!
Boy don't you know im here to save you 😘💕
Happy Halloween! What are you dressing up as? PAP!
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A ex you'll take back
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Why you kik rahn  Papi Shon
Because I was tryna get him and Maya back together