They say im fake @MadisonStarTrill
They say im fake @MadisonStarTrill
Mermaid At Heart .
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you the realist i've seen.  Ernesto.
Thoughts on star.
My sister.
ask me a question !  KingQuan✔️
This one got all the Nigga falling in love with me.
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You looked flawless at your party ❤️
what's your moms name
Misa Hylton Brim
What's the story behind your fame?Are your parents famous or what? :)
My mother is a fashion designer my dad is trey songz manager
ur his princess & he's ur prince
Lol I guess .
u's & carhan
Its Corahn and lol naaa.
You and Justin go together if y'all don't why you call him baby
Lol I always call him that
You and Justin close huh .
Lol yea that's my baby lmaaoo.
#bestfriendgoals #100 ily  justin moore
Awww I love you too.
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have u and Justin fucked
What do you think about star and corahn
Dont ask me nothing about them because I don't care what they do
SON!  Ernesto.
Wassup ?
Why did you delete all your pics on Instagram ?
I always do that when I reach a certain amount
-. congrats you & Justin are to cutee
Thats my Bestfriend but okay
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you & justin #GOALS
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eat my ass
what kind of phone yous got?
IPhone baby
u & jaymore ❤
Lmaoooo nah that's my bestfriend .
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NOT A OPTION!!!?!?!??!?!!+ J&M OR M&N
Lol who would you pick
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-. if you was in a room with Ernesto Or JayMo for 1hour what would you do?
Chill or whatever else we do is our business but I be with jaymo all day sometimes and nothing happens
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J&M or M&N???
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yall should date fuck nezto
First of all its nesto and no