Madison Star . @MadisonStarTrill
Fwm Dawg <3
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can you give me a shoutout?  IAmDrea
Yea I Got You .
corahn never sed anything about you and ‎@Drayaagirl is undreyaaa one of his homies and I asked her and she used he Dont have ask kk that's proof
I know He Posted On His Twitter I Was Just Messing With Him Because His bio Said Parody That Means Fake So yea I Knew .
watching stuff on netflix in on kik  IAmDrea
Oh you gone watch the Superbowl ?
:)  IAmDrea
Wyd ?
We never been talk long time  Zay Zay To Raw
your welcome!  IAmDrea
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:/  Zay Zay To Raw
What's wrong ?
ur mad pretty too .  IAmDrea
Lol Only Crazy People .
whats the last color/style you had your nails done? and do you do them yourself or go somewhere to get them done? :P
Pink and Somewhere to get them done .
can I put my tongue in yo botty hole?
Who is this .
Thanks.  IAmDrea
Your Welcome .
lol im with the pink n yeah i kno i have a baby face . it runs in the family.  IAmDrea
Lol Yes Your Mad Pretty Tho .
yeah im old.  IAmDrea
You Really Don't Look 16 Tho .
16 going on 17  IAmDrea
Oh Damn .
damn you look a lot older . you look older then me  IAmDrea
Lol Everybody Says Dhat .How Old Are You ?
we should tottaly do it :P ill use a condom ;)
No .
ohh wow ok.  IAmDrea
Lol Yea That's My Age .
yeah :P lets do it, do you have kik? skype?
Lol No Have 7 Seats .
we should have sex :D
Lol Fr ?
Lol Where You At .
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ur 15?  IAmDrea
Lol Could Be .
Lol wassup ?
Lmao why they on anonymous calling me fake? lmfao  Corahn Lockridge
Hahaa Nobody Knows .
the real corahn Instagram is ‎@corahn
Yeaaa .