Madisonvercetti @MadisonStarTrill
Madisonvercetti @MadisonStarTrill
Boy I want everything that come with you
I mean you call me star but debating on if you wanna ask me a question
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Is it normal for a girl to develop feelings for another girl being in an after school activity with her?
Lol for me no but in your case idk?
Why you keep going on and off twitter
What are you in love with?
The coco!
Thoughts on names?
Yea send them.
Post a picture on your twitter now of yourself
Post a picture on your Twitter now of yourself
Did you know when you was with Corahn he was with Sam
Well you should know your his sister! She look fake tell him to get a light skin girl not a fake blond
How about you ask him you wanna know and I don't cause I already know
You said he don't have a girl but she be posting shit with him. Is he single or not
Go to his Twitter and ask him.
Have you been to like White Plains?
Omg I live up more in Westchester
Lol really?
Does he. Still love her or is he ready to move on to someone better.
Not giving it out.
Ahhh which part of New York?
Mount V.
You ever got a Bare bottom spanking? (as a punishment, NOT in sexual way)
Where you from?
Yo who's that blond your brother talks toooooo
Ask him
Are you 16?
Give me initials of your brothers x
Q.T.B , J.D.C , C.C.C , N.D.B
How can any girl let him go he's hot
No this is a fake
No this is a fake
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Your twitter is on funny you don't know your tweeting and answering ask at same time lmao
Is he a player or a one girl at a time guy
One girl at a time
Who was he dating?
My brother business
If this is you post your ask name on your twitter. You have about 5 asks did you know that lol
Lol I deleted my twitter
Or does he like anyone
Nobody that I know of