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Vancouver, Canada
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Who has been your greatest influence in photography?
So many models, photographers, movies, music, books... I can't even begin to list them to be honest. I get inspired by specific things but when I do, it opens up my imagination to the point where I can create things that I'm extremely proud of and happy with.
I actually opened up an album on Facebook dedicated to things that inspire me. I will expand the list soon:
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When you lived in Iran, Tehran.. What was the thing you most like about your city and culture?:)
My family. :)
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Did bellydancing help trim your waistline? I heard it makes the waist tighter and smaller
Yes, absolutely. It helps a lot in making your lower body more fit.
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Bellydancing hurts my back, especially my lower back. Do you have any tips on how to avoid that?
Stretch a lot before you dance. I mean, a lot. Even for 20 minutes if you have to. Hopefully it will help. I'm usually impatient and go right ahead and dance. I don't suggest it. :)
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Do you see any parallels between Iranian culture and gothic and metal culture that have influenced your personal style?
Good question! I have never seen any traces of the gothic subculture in my culture as an Iranian. I mean, yes, there are gothic individuals who are Iranian (or Middle Eastern in general), but rarely do I see or know of any. Growing up in Iran, I never once heard of metal, goth or anything alternative. It was all new to me when I moved to Canada.
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Is Ankh your favourite (if I can call so) symbol? Are there any other symbols?
The Ankh has precious meaning to me. I have also always liked the Pentagram for what it represents.
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Your favorite TV show so far?  Malak Ahmad
At the moment it is Game of Thrones, but in general I don't think I was ever into any show as I was with Breaking Bad.
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Do you like comic books?  Aryeh Rosenzweig
I never got into them, although I'm open to trying them out.
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I do not smoke , but I would like to start with the electronic cigarettes, What do you recommend me?  *-_Williaris_-*
If you don't smoke then I suggest starting with a nicotine free juice with whatever device you go with. If you don't need nicotine already, don't get yourself hooked on it. :) That's what I did.
I recommend the device in this video. You'd be just fine with the older version of the tank I talk about.
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Can you answer me with a quote that u love ? I need some inspiration and courage those days :*
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde
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Do you come from a rich family?
No, I come from a normal, humble family that has enough. I myself work alongside my art, and still go to school to have a career in the medical field within the next few years. I prefer this life, because at least I get to appreciate everything I have, even the small things. I wasn't raised with much, so whatever I have now is a blessing to me.
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what kind of advice would you give other models to get to where you are?
The most basic one would be to only do what you're comfortable with and go from there. It is important to step out of your comfort zone, but not to the point where you are doing what you hate. Only if you're truly and deeply motivated to do so, should you drop your comfort veil and step further.
Learn to say No and to make good decisions from the start of your career or work. It will save you lots of trouble in the future. Basically, be honest with yourself about what you are comfortable with doing and what you want to achieve. I say this to all artists, not just models. :)
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Hi Foroogh! I'm a really big fan of yours and I love what you do! I just wanted to ask, around what age did you get interested in Goth subculture and what got you into it?
Thank you so much!
I got into this subculture when I was only 15. At first the fashion and art attracted me towards it. Artists like Victoria Francés truly inspired me and pulled me more towards this subculture.
I don't consider myself a proper Goth, but my style is definitely inspired by it.
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do you answer all the questions sent to you?
No, because a lot of them are too personal, or have been answered before (here and in many other places). I encourage people to scroll down and read some of the past answers, as some of the most answered/popular questions have been answered already, more than once probably. :)
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Do you like Rachel Brice?
I adore her! She's absolutely stunning and a big inspiration.
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How many countries have you visited? BTW, my mom says you're beautiful. Regards from Mexico!  Cripy Varg
Just Iran (home country), Canada (where I live) and England. I have yet to travel around. Soon. :)
Much love to Mexico!
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To have a behind the scenes to see how you work to have those wonderful foto's and videos would be awesome.. Is that possible for you to do?
Thank you!
I actually have 2 playlists on my YouTube with "Behind The Scenes" videos and more. :)
*Video blogs:
*Behind The Scenes:
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do you like digital painting ? if you like I wanna make some portraits of yours with digital paintings ^^
I love art by others based on my photos! I cherish them. :)
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Hello Foroogh! I love your work! Since you were born in Tehran, Have you ever been to Armenia? :)
Thank you so much! I have never visited Armenia, but one day I would love to. It looks like a beautiful country.
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What is you favourite perfume?
I love the scent of lavender.
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Hello! I whould like to know what kind of make up do you use? Won't you like to do a make up tutorial?? Greetings from Costa Rica :)  Vero :)
I would love to start doing tutorials, especially ones based on shoots that I have already done. If I do, I will definitely go through the detail of what I use and how I use them (as far as products go).
Greetings to Costa Rica!
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Do you flat iron your hair? How did you grow it out?
I do. My natural hair is wavy. I just use lots of heat protection and natural products to keep it healthy and save it from burning. :) Otherwise flat ironing alone without protection will severely damage your hair if you do it more than once a week for years (like me).
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How you became pale? I remember your old photos, you are not naturally pale.
I'm not that pale, although my natural (not sun tanned skin) is rather light for my nationality. I still have a golden undertone to my skin, which often shows in photos. Although my mother's side is Azerbaijani, so I got her lighter skin while my father has darker skin.
In my old photos I was very tanned, because I used to not care at all about sun protection. For around 3 years now, I really try not to stay under the sun for long, and when I am, I use lots of sunscreen. I'm not a fan of burning my skin and risking cancer to change my skin tone. :P
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Did you have any other pets before Lunaria?  Alexandra
I had a gerbil, and then a teddybear hamster and a cat (that was super aggressive so we had to give her to a family who knew how to take care of her better than us) before Lunaria. This was around 2005.
And when I was very little, I had a yellow duck, a few street cats, and lots of chicks. During different times, though. Haha I may have been around 5 or 6.
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Have you tried working with Faun "from Germany" ?
I have indirectly collaborated with Faun through the amazing artist - Victoria Francés. An illustration of me as Hecate is inside the new CD of Faun - Luna. :)
You can read about it here:
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