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Do you think Yoga helps with bellydancing? or some kind of back exercises, postures, aerobics? Is Yoga a part of bellydancing? Which exercises would you recommend? I'm absolutely new to bellydancing, I learn by myself...I don't want to break my back or something, please advise me, gorgeous Mahafsoun
Yoga absolutely helps. I recommend yoga and any cardio exercise. And of course, always be sure to stretch well before dancing. It will not only make a great difference in how your performance looks, but also how you feel while dancing.
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Which foundation is the best for you? Your skin is so pale *_*
I use the Tarte foundation in Light, and under it I use the Smashbox (with SPF 15) primer.
Why wont you dance on a song by the pretty reckless? That would be ROCK :) xx
I already did in the last studio session. ;) Videos should go up soon. I just have to begin editing.
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Why do you stright your hair? I mean wavy is cool :x
I guess most of us women want things we don't naturally have. Some girls with straight hair go curly, and girls with wavy hair go straight. Also, straight hair makes it more manageable. I look and feel like a lion with my untouched hair, as you can see here. :P
Why do you stright your hair? 
I mean wavy is cool :x
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What about giving makeup tutorials on youtube? many of us would be very thankful! (;
I will probably do that eventually. :) I've been thinking about it for years...
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Hi Mahafsoun, I hope you're doing great, you don't have any idea of how inspirational you are, you're such an Angel and Idol to me, thank you for your existence (:
Thank you so much for that! I truly appreciate it. :)
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When will we see new bellydance video from last studio record?
I might start editing one this week.
Do you blow dry your hair or is it naturally straight?
I let it dry with air, and I straighten it. It is naturally wavy.
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What's the best advice you can give regarding beauty tips, whether it's some make up tricks or using natural methods to enhance beauty?
Honestly, the best advice I've ever received: Remove your makeup before you sleep.
Let your skin breathe as much as you can. It's a very basic rule, but it makes the biggest difference in the health, quality and appearance of your skin.
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Hey there (: Just watched some of your older videos... In one you said, that after two years you quit your bellydance school and moved on yourself - so my question is: did you find help from your mom, friends, youtube videos etc. to go on and develope your style? Were were movements left to learn?
I never really attended any proper class. I tried one class that consisted of going to the same class two or three times a week, doing the exact same moves and the exact same steps over and over for some reason. I decided that it was not for me. I don't mean all classes, but those kinds of classes.
Since back then I was not able to find a teacher that inspired me to learn the style of bellydance that I liked, I decided to teach myself from scratch. And to try and create new things...
I also watched great bellydancers such as Zoe Jakes. I also tried to learn from their moves and incorporate their movements with my own to create different movements, with different emotions to match the songs that I danced to. Mainly metal and alternative music.
So I can say that ever since I started bellydancing, I was never really trained at all. I learned everything that I learned from different dancers that I admire. If I know something today, it's because I watched those great dancers and I tried to create something new inspired by their movements. Inspired by the music that I was listening to. And inspired by my own emotions and the natural ways that my body moves to the music that I love.
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Which religion do you follow? :) I mean what was the first religion you were acquainted to?
None. I'm spiritual. My parents are both extremely open minded and never guided me to follow any religion growing up. So I was open and encouraged to learn about different paths by myself.
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In one of your vids you spoke about writing diary - do you still write diary ? If yes do you do that daily or several times a week or less ? When did you start writing diary? (: Thanks for answering (-:
I write now and then. These days I have less time for it, so I write when I really need it. :) I believe I started writing in journals when I was in elementary school.
A free round-trip, first-class plane ticket for two people, what's the destination?
Venice, Italy.
How many languages do you speak? Would you like to learn some?  Mae
I perfectly speak and understand both Farsi and English. I can understand a tiny bit of Azerbaijani, since I grew up in a house where most people spoke only in Azeri.
I would love to learn Portuguese, Italian, Spanish... and Elvish. Why not. :P
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When is your birthday? And also, would you ever do tutorials for beginner belly dancers?
June 17th, 1992. :)
And yes, I actually am working on putting together a beginner bellydance class to give in a studio in Vancouver. On a separate project, I am also working on an alternative bellydance class where we will be aiming to learn how to incorporate bellydance with alternative, metal, rock and such music.
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Can I ask where you bought your long shield ring? I do not know where to look...
I bought it at a random stand inside of a mall. But I'm sure that if you search online for "silver shield rings", you can find some lovely ones.
I can also suggest this designer who I model for. They have some epic designs:
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Would you consider re-filming Anubis ? It would be perfect in the studio i guess  Tay
You might get a little surprise in the upcoming uploads. ;)
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At what age you started in belly dance?  Mae
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You or your fake, Mahafsoun?
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Do you have unpublished videos older, than july 2013? And what you will do with this? Sorry for my English :)
Of course I do. :) I simply keep them in an external hard drive. Even if I don't upload them, they give me an idea of what I used to do wrong with my techniques, what I have improved on, and what I can still improve on for the future.
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Need more videos!!
One is coming up. Should be up in a few hours actually. :)
Dear Mahafsoun, you have done a lot of improvisations so far and proved that you are doing brilliant... Why have you never planned a choreography/ Why do you prefer improvisations?
Thank you! I just feel more natural doing improvisations. It's more true to the moment... I prefer improvisation to choreography while dancing because it challenges me on another level. I'm not simply repeating steps I've memorized, but creating them as I go in that very moment. It forces me to express myself better. I love it. :)
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If money were no object, what tattoo would you get next?
Probably an intricate half sleeve. Something I've been planning to get for some time now.
have you ever thought about dancing with isis wings? it would suit you!
Yes! I am planning to order some in black. I think it would be amazing for a dance video.