Mahafsoun @Mahafsoun
Mahafsoun @Mahafsoun
Vancouver, Canada
Welcome! Here you can feel free to ask me your questions. Check back frequently to see if I have answered them. Be sure to also check the list of questions answered below, as I may have already answered yours.
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Do you have unpublished videos older, than july 2013? And what you will do with this? Sorry for my English :)
Of course I do. :) I simply keep them in an external hard drive. Even if I don't upload them, they give me an idea of what I used to do wrong with my techniques, what I have improved on, and what I can still improve on for the future.
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Need more videos!!
One is coming up. Should be up in a few hours actually. :)
Dear Mahafsoun, you have done a lot of improvisations so far and proved that you are doing brilliant... Why have you never planned a choreography/ Why do you prefer improvisations?
Thank you! I just feel more natural doing improvisations. It's more true to the moment... I prefer improvisation to choreography while dancing because it challenges me on another level. I'm not simply repeating steps I've memorized, but creating them as I go in that very moment. It forces me to express myself better. I love it. :)
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If money were no object, what tattoo would you get next?
Probably an intricate half sleeve. Something I've been planning to get for some time now.
have you ever thought about dancing with isis wings? it would suit you!
Yes! I am planning to order some in black. I think it would be amazing for a dance video.
How do you deal with haters? I just recorded my first video and other than a few hateful comments I have received no positive feedback...
I don't.
You don't have to deal with them. ;) Being an artist is not about pleasing the few that will never be pleased. It's abut expressing yourself. Keep up the great work and focus on what matters. In no time you will learn that you lose precious time trying to deal with those who don't matter.
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what do u think about spain?
I think that the people are warm and lovely, but I have never visited the country. Maybe one day.
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Have you ever been to the brink of madness with all the demands you make of yourself?
No, just overworked myself towards exhaustion which led to being hospitalized a few times. Other than that, I love what I do and don't plan to become lazy. I just need to keep a balance between Mahafsoun and resting.
How did the trip to England go, and what did you think of Manchester?
It was wonderful. An amazing experience. Although, very draining. I absolutely hate the process that I have to go through when transferring from one flight to the other, though I understand why they make it so damn hard. It's just frustrating and often annoying, since I carry a lot of electronics with me, and so I am always stopped to be "double-checked". Besides, the TSA people are often some of the worse people you will come across when traveling.
I had the worse one when I landed in London and was trying to catch my flight to Manchester. I felt like the woman was letting all the people through easily, and decided to make it tough for me simply because my passport indicated that I am an "Iranian" who is a citizen of Canada. She made it pretty clear... Though I had enough fun with her before she let me through. :P
Other than that annoyance, everything else was lovely. I stayed in Macclesfield, which was a quiet little place. Different than my beloved Vancouver. A great getaway from the noise and the people.
And the Meet & Greet I held in Manchester went wonderfully. I made some amazing friends and I will never forget that day.
Do you have any pets?
I have a bengal cat.
Some of her photos:
What is your favorite thing to look at?
The full moon... The moon in general. Nothing in nature moves me as much as the moon does.
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What is your natural hair color?
Reddish, dark brown.
hai :3 .. i just wanned to ask what kind of headphones do you use when you listen to metal?
I use Klipsch headphones. They are light, in-ear headphones. Not sure if they're the best for metal, but I love them and have been hooked for years.
What is one thing you want that you don't have?
MacBook Air. Because I take my only computer (MacBook Pro) to every shoot and collaboration with me, and I'm afraid of something happening to it. I do everything (photo editing, video editing and absolutely everything) on my MacBook Pro. So it would be nice to have a lighter laptop to take with me that won't cost me a fortune if it breaks or if something happens to it.
What is your comfort food?
Good quality milk or dark chocolate.
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Is your tattoo "Escapist" somehow related to the NW song? : )
I love Nightwish, but it's not related to Nightwish. :)
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about the music you dance on ... ever thought about using the " System Of A Down " songs before ?!
Absolutely. I already dance to SOAD a lot when I'm practicing.
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When will you visit UK again and have Meet and Greets Events?
I'm thinking of June or July of this year. If all goes well. :)
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What's the most challenging thing about your photo shoots?
Different challenges with different photoshoots... Generally they're wonderful and laid back, very enjoyable, but they do have challenges. Preparing for them, for example, isn't always easy. I pack a full luggage and drag everything to the shoot, am my own stylist and makeup artist on almost all of the shoots (which means I will be at the shoot finishing my makeup and styling by myself)... and have to meet my "vision" every time. I go to every photoshoot with a perfect idea of what I desire to achieve. The challenges are what make the photos what they are, so I can't complain. :)
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I would love to have You visiting us in Mexico City. Would You?  Vincent Vega
I would love to visit Mexico City one day! I have many lovely supporters from there.
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so how did you come up with the " metal - belly dancing " ? ... you know i just thought this idea won't come outta the action video games like " P.O.P " and become a part of the real world till i saw you performing and made me lose my my mind laterally :D !!!
Thank you so much!
I just fell in love with metal music and bellydance at around the same time, so I decided to dance to the kind of music that inspires me, rather than do what has been done before. I started off learning bellydance with traditional music and by doing the traditional moves, then I began to fuse the dance form with the music that I prefer. :)
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Are you muslim ? given that you're Iranian , well If I may ask :D
No, I am not. I am spiritual. :)
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What is your favourite song to dance to?
It keeps changing... I really can't say.
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hey there! just wanna say that you're so pretty and was wondering how can you keep your eyeliner and lipstick for a while without being faded :D cause i am suffering from this haha and oh happy to have you on my facebook list! stay beautiful and metal! \m/
Thank you very much!
I use primers/bases and finishing sprays, especially for shoots and performances. I suggest primers by Smashbox and finishing sprays by Nyx. For lips, there isn't much we can do really. I suggest using a lipliner for your entire lips... something dry. It will stay on longer than a creamy lipstick.
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