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Followback please :D I'm mahomies from Indonsia x


I followed you :)

I follow you follow me

Flor Rodriguez

followed you :)

Followback me;) I'm Mahomies from indonesia;)♥



Hey :) The Secret is an album or EP?

Someone Else

Its an EP really, but an EP is a type of album they are just shorter

Will Austin sing in Spain?


He doesn't have any concerts booked for Spain right now, but I'm sure he will get there

You're a fan? right?

Yes, I am a fan :)

O que você faria se morasse em um apartamento e seu vizinho de cima resolvesse tocar trombone de madrugada: a) Chamava a polícia b) Aproveitava para dançar c) Esperava ele parar d) Ia lá e dava porrada

Mina Maluca

I only understand English :/

Jest konieć świata masz do wyboru uratować Dawida Kwiatkowskiego albo Justina Bibera kogo ratujesz ?

Sorry I don't understand :/

Hey what is austin mahone skype name

I don't know it, I wish I did :P

Se topasse com algo sobrenatural, mas não assustador, como reagiria?

I don't understand, sorry

i like yours yay

Oh cool thanks! :)

follow back please, i'm Mahomie from Indonesia, i love Austin and also all of Mahomies (:

I have followed you :)

Te sigo me seguís?

Flor Rodriguez

I don't understand :/

5 likes aos 3?


The hacker hacked my page and deleted all. Tell all Austin mahimies and I apologize for that

You're sorry because someone hacked your page?

what's do you thnik about ''''''islam'''''

As long as people aren't hurting other people I don't mind what religion they have, I don't think about it much to be honest.

follow back (:

followed :)

Only my shadow knows <3

How I feel about you... :)

Are you a girl or boy?

I'm a girl

whats ur favourite song?

Shadow :)

heyy :D :P

Hello :) Sorry for the late reply

Do u love me :P

I love everybody! :D

who is holly pugh and what happened between her and austin in london?

I didn't hear about this, guys tweet me if you know the info!!

How do u feel about the EP being leaked? are u upset, or happy? im just wondering :) ~♥

I think its overall a good thing, many artists found that leaking gave their music more attention and got them more sales. Plus, I heard it was just released early in some countries (New Zealand) so it wasn't a proper leak


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