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Maia Mitchell @Maia__Mitchell
USA / Australie :P
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you don't have to die ... to survive hell.
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Can I have your cell phone # ?  Grace Wetherbee
sorry but nope.
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hello :D  Miśkiewicz
hey :)
.  Maia Mitchell
‎@ItsMarnyKennedy <---- ask her please !! :)
sweet- LIKE
ugly- IGNORE
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Hey  Grace Wetherbee
hi :)
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Maiaaaa :*  Grace Phipps™
Gracee :*
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.  Maia Mitchell
I remember the days when you were next to me ... Now you're gone and never you will be.
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Can u follow and lik El's acc ‎@ElCalderhix ♥ ? Love ya<3  Louis Tomlinson #Louisitta
sure :) Love ya too♥
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Cats or dogs ?!  Katalina∞✔™
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Let’s be the promise that never fails because i'll be the memory that makes you smile i'll be the dream when you fall asleep we'd fight a many fights fall back in same arms we'd celebrate how beautiful it's to hold hands tightly and never fear letting it loose....  Shivang Tandon
okay, okay.
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He is stupid -.-  Stefanie Scott ⋈
Who ? he ?
why ?
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If this is the real Mia post a selfie!
If this is the real Mia post a selfie!
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my name is alexis ferreira Jose proenca i have 26year old i like chat famous im alive Venezuela im am educated
Nice to meet You :)
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Hey...let's talk...!!!
hmm... who are ya ? .
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You will aid for me a few likes❤ I will be grateful :)  Sarah Hyland
sure :)
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What is it like being on Disney Channel and the Fosters? And which one do you like more?  Kelechi
I cannot choose ... everywhere I works well. :D
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❤. Followed .. LiKes ❤.
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bye ...luv ya...
hi.. Love ya too.
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what's up..??
nm, ya ?
I must go...
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Who is your favorite actor/co-star?
I haven't favorite. :) All actors and actress are the best
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Do you like Miley Cyrus?
yes :) crazy guurl :D
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what about justin bieber..??
? I listen to his songs, but I do not know him too well.
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who you followed ? ( famous people)
Madison- ‎@YourRealMadisonPettis
Madison- ‎@Madi_boo69
Louis- ‎@LouisTomlinsonnx
Willow- ‎@WiIIow
Riker- ‎@YourRikerLynch
Vanessa- ‎@YourVanessaMarano
Dove- ‎@DoveCameeron
Olivia- ‎@OfficialOliviaHastingsHolt
Ariana- ‎@ArianaGrance883
Leo- ‎@LeoHowardReaall
Marny- ‎@ItsMarnyKennedy
Daya- ‎@iamZendaya96
Liam- ‎@PayneBatman69
Grace- ‎@PersonalGracePhipps
Taylor- ‎@TheReealTaylorSwift
Charlie- ‎@CharlieMitchellOfficial
Stef- ‎@StefanieNoelleScottVevo
Samantha- ‎@SamanthaJBoscarino
Ellington- ‎@EllingtonLeeRatliffOfficialAccount
Lea- ‎@ReallLeaMicheleSarfati
Peyton- ‎@TheRealPeytonR
Jake- ‎@JakeToranzoAustinSzymanskii
Dylan- ‎@DylSprouse
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Ross- ‎@MyRossLynch
Rydel- ‎@RydeLynchOfficialAcount
Mrs. Stormie- ‎@ImStormieLynch
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Calum- ‎@CalumWorthy_
Nial- ‎@ilovemyprincess69
Pablo- ‎@PabloEspinosaok
Jason- ‎@Jasondolleyvevo
Bella- ‎@AnnabellyThorne
Demi- ‎@demetrialovatoacc
Grace- ‎@Grace__Phipps
Ciara- ‎@Trueciarabravo
uff... all :)
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❤. Followed .. LiKes ❤.
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