maia mitchell @Maia__Mitchell
maia mitchell @Maia__Mitchell
Los Angeles/Sydney
Another Australian in LA..
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Maia here.
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photo please!!
photo please!!
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foto♥ pasatiempo? canción♪??
Hi guys!
I want tell that I love u all. You're the best fans and friends ever!!!
But I saw that very many people believes in my fakes. :(
It's very sad... So someone(it's fan) writes to me that he knows me very well and he's my best friend and he don't believe me.. omg it's little weird but okay.
So! If u believe me, don't believe in my fakes.!!!
and this is my official page, I haven't back up account! I'm only here.
Thanks for my followers :)
I'm glaaad that my friends doesn't believe in my fakes. I'm happy!
But remember: Fakes are everywhere.
I'm Maia Charlotte Mitchell(not fan!) and who talking with me here(I mean my friends) are real. I don't talking with fakes celeb.
and sure, photo here ♥
foto♥ pasatiempo? canción♪??
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You're mankey cause you likes bananas haha
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Ross is, Alexis is, jennette, rydel  Bella.Highnote ❤️
U means about acc here ? :/
Ross- ‎@MyRossLynch
Alexis- ‎@AlexisNeierss
Jennette- ‎@JenOficial
Rydel- ‎@RydeLynchOfficialAcount
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What is your favourite colour? :)  R5_Laura_Rossfan
blue, white, black.
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maia and ross
huuuuuh ?
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Omg Maia ❤ Thank u so much ❤ Love you Princess ❤❤❤❤❤  Laura Poinsot
don't thank me.
u're lovely ! <3
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*  maia mitchell
Like ‎@AlexisNeierss' last answer please :)
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What're you doing ? #TBM2isfinish :'( ❤❤❤  Laura Poinsot
Nothin much and u?
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I FORGOT LOL  Alexis Lynch ❤️
Hahaha CRAZY.
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TELL MEEEEEEE XD  Alexis Lynch ❤️
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And I miss you too ❤❤❤❤❤  Laura Poinsot
Oh me too. <33
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HYPER YOU?  Alexis Lynch ❤️
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Ok good if anyone made you sad they are dead  Alexis Lynch ❤️
Oh.. :)
And how are u?
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Humm...I think I understand why ❤  Laura Poinsot
Haha yea. <3
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She's just perfectly cute ❤  Laura Poinsot
I can't not agree with u =)
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hey girl! lets talk? fb?
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Are you ok babe? Are you sad?  Alexis Lynch ❤️
No, why bae?
Everything is okay.
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Can you tell her this pls: Sadie !!!!!!!! I miss your little cute perfect face !!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  Laura Poinsot
Haha oh yea, it's truth :)
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Sorry, can't tell.
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What about person?
2 men are very imporiant.
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Who is Sadie
My dog.
Sadie Mitchell!!! :D
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Only for you I will ❤️❤️ :D  Alexis Lynch ❤️
Thank u. <333
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Who do you love most
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Yes ;( but I am happy now since you are online ❤️  Alexis Lynch ❤️
Oh smile babeeee. Please! <333
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