How many followers you have???


You so cool and cute💖😍 I love you Maia💞💖😻🙈

Love you too babe! 💕🐷

Pap of your valentine

at the end of the World 💑💞

Maia❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Branco Styles

ur bio is great , thanks! 💕

I love you Maia 💖

I love you too! ❤

Heyyy Ross

hi! 😄

pap of you ? i love you so much many


are you the real mia

I'm Maia babe

babyyy Cleoo Massey


Maia😻 Daniiii (✔)


Hey bae💕 Lea Michele


baby girl I miss you :( I am not in your bio

who are you? :(

hey 😘


are you and rudy happy? and why do you have hearts around ross's name in ur bio. btw i love u and rudy together. POST MORE PICS WITH HIMM I DIE EVERYTIME I SEE YOU TWO IN A PIC TOGETHER

yeees, we are very happy together!!!

Heart around Ross' name ? hello! cause he is my brotha!


Maia Kelso



hi Lottie!

Hi ma luv ❤

Gigi! my princess

maia Perrie Edwards

hi Perrie

anytime princess :)♥ Joe Jonas

I miss youuu Prince

Maia😻 shawn mendes


miss u <3 Selena Gomez

miss you so much! <3

Maia :( I miss you so much I love you so much also!!! - @youralexisneiers

come back my Queen!

You are so beautiful!! You truly are an inspiration to every one and I hope you keep creating music and being who you are because thats the #1 thing I love about you !! I hope this brighttens your day! 💖 xoxo 💖

ohhh I love it. Thank you babe I am really glad !!
love you so very much!


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