maia mitchell @Maia__Mitchell
maia mitchell @Maia__Mitchell
Los Angeles/Sydney
Another Australian in LA..
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Maia here.
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photo plisss!!
photo plisss!!
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here. ♡
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HAHA :D ALEXIS IS BAE :P  KierseyClemons
hahah yeeees. :)
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Hi, I Missed You. Okay¿?  SASHA PIETERSE
Missed you too Pieterse!!
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ilysmm <3  Kelli Berglund
Love ya so much too Kelli ♡♡
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@@@ .-. ♡  Rydel Lynch
I love you and I miss you so so so much.
You're the most beautiful woman in the whole world. You're very very talented. I love your voice. I want have hair as you!!! :D
Love yaaaaa. Just awesome, funny girl.
Stay perfect and never change ♡♡
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Missed you too x Fine and you? ♥  Rydel Lynch
I'm fine and youuu ? ♥
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Hey c:  Cara Delevingne
hiii :)
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hii  luke brooks
Luuuke. Sup?
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haaai :)  Rydel Lynch
Delly! Missed. How are you? ♥
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ik sorry :( we really should talk more! and awww,thanks love. ly  Niall Horan
Yes! I agree with you man!
And nothing. Love ya so much
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I'll put your name on my bio  Chrissy Costanza(✔️)
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@@  Rocky lynch
You're handsome(very very very) :D, great friend, awesome man, juuust very funny boy :)
Love ya so so much. And I miss you very very much!
Anyway stay perf, don't change <3
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@ me  Calum Worthy
FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY GUY! :D haha I love you very very much.
You're handsome, great and fantastic Redhead :)
Stay Perfect man. <3
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So, Girl you're fucking great! You write great songs, great singing. To envy. I love you. You are beautiful and generally amazing.
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@@@@@@ btw hiiii hahah  Niall Horan
Niall Horan! You said that we will be in constant contact and what ?? And what are you doing ??You don't talking to me! I'm sooo sooo sad:( haha.
Okay let's get started. You are divine ^^ You're very funny and talented. I love your voice. So I say that you are mine.! :)You have great hair. I like blondes! :D
Stay perf maaaan.
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@@  Kelli Berglund
You're beautiful girl and you never forget that. I am here for you if ever will be have a problem.
You're optimistic giiiirl, talented and very very funny. Love ya so much :)
Stay perfect babe .
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@@  madison beer
Madison!! You're so beautiful girl. Your hair are extra! :)
I like your voice, is great! You're talented, friendly, great girl. Just perfect :)
Love you so much much much My Mrs. Beer ♥
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@@ :)  Jennette McCurdy
You're so sweet girl. I love you so so much :) I really like talking with you. You're my little McCurdy!
I can't forget our last meeting !!! omg I love this time :)
Anyway you're very very talented and simpatic. I like movies with you, I watching ! :)You're for me as a sister. Love ya!♥
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@- opinion?
yes. :)
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I love you maia mitchell. you're beatiful.
Love you too and thank you so much!
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Real Ariana Grande?
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Ohh okay. most important thing is to be calm :/
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❤️  francisco
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