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idk who sent that but your answer made my day lol

Man In Sonder


Would you date a boy that's feminine? Like he wears makeup, and crossdresses? ♥

depends 😛 i dont judge

What is better: bitter truth or sweet lies?

bittet truth obvi

a cute story?

idk man

is mdv the same as last year

same shit diff people

What do you do when there's a person you had beef with in the past and talked a little but now u guys are good but still barely talk and he unfollows u on Instagram saying you're a ghost but you know you actually aren't and there's another reason

if yall used to have beef and hardly talk why do u care?

Would you ever lock a fuckboi in a chastity device and hold on to the key?


Date or pass for @TheJoshGill ?

date lol

PAP of your favorite person?

Side pap

nah but i am skinny ;)

How do you feel about snow?


dpp jheez maiya you're flawless


awh thank you bby!!💜

Are you taken


If someone puts on too much makeup then they're catfish bc they're faking their identity (looks). LIKE IF YOU AGREE

"thats not true" -thea

Is someone a catfish if they look better in pictures than irl

im pretty sure. its probs if u look wayy prettier or like if u look way different

How are you? How's ur day

im good. my day was also good:)

Did you know you can earn $100+ dollars just by being a live webcam girl???

thats great

How to connect an HD webcam to a laptop

well if ur laptop already has a webcam, go onto settings and disable the camera then if your new webcam has a USB at the end, just plug it in and your laptop should recognize it and something will probs come up where u have to accept it. if that didnt help than u can probs look it up

I messaged this guy and at first it seemed like he was interested but idk now

depending on how close u guys are u should just ask how he feels but if not than just be cool until he shows more interest

I mess everyting up kmn

not everything!

I hate myself

whyyy msg me

I think im finally getting close to being in a relationship. Don't say u don't care I worked rly hard it's not easy

i know its not easy

How do you know a guy is not interested in talking with you

he wont make conversation on his own, only when u start the convo. or if like he takes long to respond or if like his responses are short af and r careless