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Manny @Manpreeeet
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If your 18 I'm 18. Come on let's go and elope
Rah ok
I miss you baby
send a heart to everyone you follow
Lol allow it
I know it's early but good luck for your results tomorrow I'm pretty sure you've done really well so don't worry too much x
Turns out u were right haha
Your fit and sexy idc
Thanks haha
If you dont go gym yow in the world have you got abs
Work out at home
You make me cum
You're welcome
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Do you have abs
Manny you said you don't go gym #lies. Your abs are fucking beautiful. I literally died when I saw them
I just work out at home now and then
Why are people asking questions about your future wife and marriage like your 18 hah?
Exactly I'm bare baffed
Should your wife be skinnier than you?
Doesnt have to be
Have you ever wore heels? Like just tried them on?
Yes looool
Do you have any weird habits? Or eating habits?
No i don't think so tbh
Lol i weigh like 16stone good luck tryna hold me
Loooool dayum
I need you
Whys that
So you wouldn't really want to take your wife's virginity? You wouldn't care another mans had her before you in that way? Like touched her like that?
No i wouldnt really care
I love you!
Can i jump on you?
Whats the one thing that really bugs you?
People that force the religious life but arent even good people, but hide behind their religion claiming to be good
Do you think sex before marriage should be encouraged?
Idk up to the person
Would you prefer it if the person you marry was a Virgin or would you not care?
Not care
How would you react if your wife's boobs were uneven in all seriousness?
Idk lool
How many girls have you had sex with?
None ya business
Have you ever gone down on a girl?
Aww I'm sorry babes :( Next summer forsure then ;)
Defo ^_^