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How big is your 3 inch penis
Apparently 3".. The same distance your hairline is pushed back
What is one awesome food from your country you think everyone should try?
Awks if I was somalian loooooooool
are there pakistani punjabis
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love ur hair  ★Your★ favorite ★
Appreciate that thank you
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why do people cuss btec for
LOOOL idk yank its kinda deep still
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You an joo  Phil Dicks
Da fuq
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r there bare asians in dagenham or is it white area
Bare pakis bruv
List some hot girls @'s?
damn, u fine.
Thank you lol
are pakis allowed to use n word
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how do you pull a girl?
By watching youtube tutorials
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Nice picture!
Safe b
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chadwell heath is in dagenham borough
Oh ayt
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Dm yours
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u look like youre from southall
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Do you like girls from chadwell Heath area
loool i don't eno where that is
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Like midnight black
I'm Nigerian
Das pretty black dayuum
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best clothes shop?
Bank/River Island
favourite meal?
Spag bowl or pizza
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I think your buff but I'm black
How black we talking here?
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If a red man lives in a red house and a green man lives in a green house who lives in the white house?
Haha when and where? I'll be there:p
Hyde park bush, 12pm
Hottest girl in year 11?
LOOOOL rah I'm in yr13 fam
How old are you