Oh and another thing that kid who is freaking out there he is autistic. Did you know April is Autism Awareness Month? Breanne Bellezza

I did.

So how are you and J.C.? Breanne Bellezza

We're fine.

What do you think about the new laws passed giving gays more rights.? I think it's the right thing to do. I think EVERYONE should have equal rights. Breanne Bellezza

I'm obviously very much in favor of everyone having the same rights across the board.

It's like I'm trying to eat my breakfast and little baby jr son of a bitch here is screaming and yelling and being loud. Of course when I said something the parents are like what you said she is just a kid. If I ever behaved that way in public I would not have had t.v. for a week. Breanne Bellezza


Manzin I totally understand what you mean by kids being disruptive and loud in restaurants. This morning I was at breakfast with my grandmother and two of my aunts and there were so many annoying kids there crying, screaming and yelling etc. Most disturbing was a really loud baby screaming. Breanne Bellezza

Babies are the worst.

Have you done any modeling shoots lately? Breanne Bellezza

I shot with Brittany Bellus two weeks ago which was great and I also walked in a fashion show for Atelier Benson last weekend. Feels fantastic to be creative again even with stupid adult crap eating my life away.


I met John 5. He is really nice. Breanne Bellezza


I just met John 5. Have you ever met him? Breanne Bellezza

Yeah. He tried to fuck my friend but she wasn't into it.

So what have you been up to lately? Breanne Bellezza

Working a lot. Trying to get the new house updated and customized, it's taking way more time and effort than it really should.

Subway or Quiznos? Breanne Bellezza

I guess Subway. Don't think I've ever tried Quiznos.

What annoys you the most?

My various incapacities: Creative stagnation. Apathy. Lack of motivation. Frustration, anger, impatience but for none of the good things. I find myself disliking my own behavior a great deal of the time but I'm not sure what to do about it.

How has your new year been so far? Breanne Bellezza

Eventful in mostly the best ways. Feeling better about things than I have in a long time.

Also, hey Manzin did you hear about what asshole Pogo did to Manson? Breanne Bellezza

He's such a twat.

Will you upload new images or stuff on your website soon?

I want to but it's one of those things where the problem only gets worse the longer you let it go, and right now I feel like it'd take weeks of diligent work to bring everything up to speed. Even when I do feel fairly motivated to tackle the project, the mountain of work ahead of me is so daunting that it scares me off before I even start. I'm actually fucking terrible about it. If anyone comes up with an easy to follow and reasonable plan for getting me to update the site, let me know.

Oh and what did you get for Christmas? Breanne Bellezza

Money, mostly. I'm at that annoying adult phase where I already buy myself pretty much whatever I want or need when I want/need it so there aren't many occasions of "OMG YOU GOT ME THE THING I WANTED". Except my Amazon wishlist, which is mostly where things go to die in my conscious memory. "Oh this thing is cool I should buy it sometime" *adds to list, promptly forgets about forever* So useful.

So how did your newest nephew Vincent like his first Christmas? Breanne Bellezza

I guess he liked it, being a baby and all it's not like I was able to have a deep conversation with him to accurately gauge his emotional state.

manzin, im a boy, i've always had sexual experiences with girls, but im bisexual and i want to have a sexual rapport with a guy, do you have any tips for the first time with a guy?

Treat him with the same patience and respect I hope you'd show a girl. Understand that not all guys are interested in penetrative sex either as a bottom or a top, some guys are happy with a couple fingers during oral, some don't want anything going near their asshole ever, and some guys want you to wear their lower digestive tract like an opera glove. Everybody's different, enjoy exploring those differences, talking about what they like and showing them what you like. Don't be afraid to try something new, and try things more than once just in case you were having a bad day the first time you didn't like it. There's been a couple things I wasn't into until I had them done by someone who knew what they were doing. Trust is super important.

If someone spotted you at a concert and wanted a photo with you would you do so?

I'm generally happy to take photos with people provided the timing is good. You have no idea how many people ask to take photos with me IN THE MIDDLE OF A SONG or when Manson's talking and it feels terribly rude to me and to him. Before the show, after the show, that's fine. Especially before the show when I'm not going to look as trashed.

happy new year Manzin Antichrist_superstar

Happy new year to you.

ehi Manzin, what do you think about Motionless in White? Antichrist_superstar

I don't think I've ever heard a single song.

Hey how was your holiday? Was Santa good to you? Breanne Bellezza

The holidays were great, spent quality time with the family. Santa was good to me.

And another thing, is Tater ever nice? Breanne Bellezza

Tater is very nice, she just has to like you. She's not one of those people who's nice to people she doesn't like.

Also, do you think MM will do meet and greets next tour? Breanne Bellezza

Probably not.

What are your New Year's resolutions? Mine are to act better online and offline and not go off on people. Also, to go on a diet. I know I'm capable of being a person who is not going to cause problems. Breanne Bellezza

I made some but I don't remember what they were.

So will you go to Ohio for Giftmas? Breanne Bellezza

I did.


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