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Ask me a question in English that isn't about my "real name" or gender. I'm serious.
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what you doing during ur ritels ??
Top sekrit witchy stuff.
Is it true that MM and his girlfriend broke up ??
I don't know, I wasn't in the relationship with them so I have no idea as to its status.
thanks for that heart but I should say that I love you so much and you are such an outstanding MM fan I've ever seen(and also most passionate) <33 you both are goddamn hot •••
Thank you again :)
you can say "I love ya too " cant you ??
I tend to only say that to people I legitimately honestly truly care about. But you can have a heartshape.
does MM have any siblings ??? this is the only thing that I curious about him ..
He's an only child.
As you are a satanist , you sacrifice or kill cats ?? omg thats horrible , I dont think you are doing this???????
Satanists don't sacrifice cats. I have three cat-kids, the only thing I sacrifice is entirely too much of my paycheck to make sure they have quality meat-based food without fillers and cornmeal, and healthy snacks that they enjoy, and catnip, and toys, and scratching posts. And goddamn heating pads for their beds. Look at these spoiled little fuckheads.
As you are a satanist , you sacrifice or kill cats ?? omg thats horrible , I dont think you are doing this???????
I'm gonna kill ur man ! he is so lucky
We're both very lucky.
Are you a racist or radical person ?
I can't in all honesty say that I've never had a racist thought in my life but it was a learned behavior and I'm working hard every day to unlearn it and to be a better person. As far as being a radical, I don't consider myself to be an extremist in anything. Not even in the Manson fandom. I don't want to be associated with extremists.
Manzin ; I'm in love with you !!!
Thank you? I have no idea how to respond to these types of asks.
dont you date with a girl ??
No. I'm partnered with a man.
Also didn't press the button there, my apologies for that.  wormboy
I figured it was you. Timing and all.
Why thank you, what a nice surprise
Credit where it's due. You got a nice face.
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please check out your ask fm more often
As long as interesting questions keep happening, answers will continue.
did you have a talk with MM on the last tour ?
A bit, yes.
I am waiting for your photos add them immediately
PayPal money for the hiring of web guy to
Did you ever use the 'deep web' ?
A little, mostly to see what was available on Silk Road. Never bought anything, was trying to work out logistics and purchase technique but it got shut down.
will you be my mom?
I'm only accepting children until I hit 1000, so there's room.
heh heh heh u dont even know who this heh heh heh that excites me :p
*pats head* There there.
When will you add your 2014 photos on ur website ?????
When I get either a masochistic volunteer who's good with site building/maintenance, or I discover that elusive and mysterious supplement that transforms all your laziness and procrastination and tiredness and busyness into energetic motivated free time.
Noo :(( we didn't meet with you and I didn't join the tour and I don't even live in Us what should I do ?
I don't know, I don't leave the US very often :\
I just always thought you was a girl pretending to be a guy so you could be Manson , I remember that really old video of you talking
Let me get this straight, I'm a girl in a guy's body pretending to be a guy so I can be Manson? I'm just trying to follow the thread to its logical conclusion but it's looking kind of "destination unknown" at this point.
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So how old was you when you realised you was a girl in a guys body ?
I am? How exciting! What else do you know about me that I've never said? Are you a sorcerer?
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Manzin Dammet. How do you feel about the song, "All About That Bass"? Whether it be the song itself, or the hype about it?  Brenna Gillan Matthews
It's obnoxiously catchy. I do like it. While "fat shaming" is definitely more prevalent, there's been an uptick in "skinny shaming" too and that's just as unfair and rude as the other way round.
1.2 Whatever I'm trying to say here, the conclusion is - you're smart and that's really sexy. (Pardon my rotten Engliiish; I would say more nice and deep things to you but before I could do that, I need to go and study some new words. Lights out!)
Your English is far from rotten! Thank you again. :)