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Ask me a question in English that isn't about my "real name" or gender. I'm serious.
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I really like you a lot.
But do you fink I'm freaky?
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Are you afraid of spiders? Snakes?
Which shows are you going to for the upcoming tour?! I want to meet you!! lol
I am planning to be at every show from DC to Chicago. Weather permitting.
What ever happened to Babalon? it's been almost 3 years now. Any guesses as to why it was shut down all of a sudden without so much as a peep?
No comment.
Do you still talk to Nick?
If you could get any kind of cosmetic surgery done, what would you do?
Probably some kind of facial rejuvenation. Especially if they can do something about dark undereye circles. Even with 8-10 hours of sleep a day, plenty of water, and no smoking at all, I still look like the last time I went to bed was my childhood.
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what are you thinking about middle east and war ?.
All war is exhausting pointless bullshit. Bunch of expensive dick-waving.
Are you thinking of coming to Turkey??
Not really. I'd like to travel more but considering my limited budget, Turkey isn't at the top of my list.
Are you ever gonna make another Q&A video? Love you, Manzin! ❤
Maybe. I want to be more creative/productive in 2015 so fingers crossed.
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Hi Manzin. Would you be able to forgive a close friend who betrayed your trust?
Depends on my past with that friend, their reasons for wanting forgiveness, and the degree of the betrayal. Even then, forgiveness is not forgetfulness and I don't think I'd ever be able to trust them completely.
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you travel solo??????Where??? :oooo
Usually Ohio to visit family but sometimes to the east coast or to Vegas or Los Angeles.
I've found an amazing blog dedicated to male beauty, thought you'd be interested :)
Lots of beautiful photos, thank you.
I'm completely bored with life. I honestly don't even understand why we're here. We're all just gonna die eventually. >_< Ugh.. Please tell me life gets better or at least more interesting.  Puppet♥
Nobody knows why we're here, I think the point of life is to collect experiences and to try to learn and grow as best you can. Life can get better or it can get worse depending on both your day to day choices and your longterm plans. If you're not on an interesting road, try taking a different one.
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Can I tour with you..?
Happy to meet people at the venue and say hi and hang out a bit before the show but I travel solo.
You are amazing. And also sexy. VERY sexy.
Thank you. And thank you. And VERY thank you.
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So...people keep insisting that I go into modeling for whatever reason to the point where I'm *kind of* considering it, so I was wondering, what inspired you to do it and what are some things you like and dislike about it and how you got into it and basically, any advice you have?
My unhappiness with the quality of my self portraits is what made me decide to start letting other people photograph me.
I like the opportunity to be creative, I love the feedback, I love having my name and face out there and being recognized and known. I love when people tell me I inspire them, I love seeing my photos on people's walls next to band posters and magazine clippings.
I dislike how it sometimes makes me feel terrible and not good enough when I compare my stuff to other people's, I hate having to shoot with my own clothes when I haven't bought or made anything in a long time and I have to try to find new and interesting ways to combine what I have. And it's frustrating if you put a lot of time and effort into a shoot and the images come back and they're not what you'd hoped. Or the photographer flakes on giving you the images and you don't get any at all. And it's frustrating when there aren't any photographers you like in your area and you have to drive or fly hours away to work with someone of quality (though the photos are almost always worth it).
Read this. Memorize it. Make friends with it. Lots of great advice here.
Good luck!
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what band have you been a fan of longer than any other you like?
These guys aren't bad.
what band have you been a fan of longer than any other you like?
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selfies fir me?
You have activated the Bee Butt Bonus.
selfies fir me?
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what's wrong?
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What was the best Marilyn Manson show that you've ever been to/ one that you would love to see again? Also, out of all of the shows that you've been to, which one takes the cake for being the worst?
That's a difficult question. I wish I could go back to see my first one (April 97) because I had nosebleed seats at the back of the arena and I wish I could've seen more/better. Would love to redo that one from the pit. Generally I've found that the shows at the House of Blues are among my favorites, the venue is beautiful, there are no bad seats, and the floor is tightly packed and devoted. Amazing energy in there, the band pours it out and the fans throw it back and the air practically crackles. It feels like what I imagine the early shows felt like back in 1996.
As far as the worst ones, probably the one in Chicago back in 2008 at the Aragon. Only because I was really sick, I hadn't slept, pretty sure I was feverish, I was so out of it that I either fell asleep or passed out in the balcony and missed a good chunk of the set. It wasn't bad from the band's point of view, it was just bad for me.
are you friends with tater ?
What would you rate this tumblr?  RockinMetal FanGirl
What would you rate this tumblr?
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So what are your thoughts on Mr. BANG?
I think Mr. Bang should stop fishing for "press" in my box and go whine about me publicly like he usually does.
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