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Ask me a question in English that isn't about my "real name" or gender. I'm serious.
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Is there anything you care less about as you have grown up? What is it?
Other people's opinions of me. Wasn't sure that'd be possible but my fuck supply dwindles year by year.
So you don't want to see them? (Art)
Not really.
Applesauce or pearsauce?  Breanne Bellezza
Apple crisp.
What will you do for the fourth?  Breanne Bellezza
Probably the same thing I do every day.
I saw that you mentioned that Gabriela turned five,is she going to kindergarten in the fall? Just curious.  Breanne Bellezza
No idea. I don't really follow them that closely.
Your new nephew is cute.  Breanne Bellezza
He is.
So have you done any photoshoots lately?  Breanne Bellezza
Nothing of any significance. Unfortunately.
Do you use a hair straightener?  Breanne Bellezza
Almost never. I do very rarely use a blow dryer. Mostly I just brush my hair, wash it, and then ignore it until it's dirty enough to wash again.
Maybelline or Cover Girl?  Breanne Bellezza
Neither. MUFE, MAC, Obsessive Compulsive, and Sugarpill.
Can I send you my art on Instagram? I'm wondering want you're opinion on them would be
I'm a really terrible judge of art, it's like poetry. Very subjective. Don't let my opinion of anything deter (or encourage) you, my taste is questionable at best. Except when it comes to Manson, obviously that's one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Would you ever date outside your race ?
My partner is Latino. That'd be a yes.
If you could be a villain from any show, movie, game, ect. which one would you be?
Patrick Bateman.
Have you ever watched that show on TV called Blotched? It's where surgeons go in and fixed blotched things like breast jobs and tats, etc.
How did marilyn Manson make his "dope hat" and "get your gunn" music videos?
Probably much the same way he made the other videos: with a camera or six, a director or three, some SFX, some postproduction, a budget of some kind, various actors, some contracts. I don't know, really. Music video production isn't one of my areas of expertise.
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Pineapple juice or Apply juice?  Breanne Bellezza
Do you like Williams-Sonoma homeware?  Breanne Bellezza
These questions are getting more and more obscure as time goes on.
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Do you like Spongebob?  Breanne Bellezza
I can do an episode or two occasionally but it starts to grate on me after awhile.
Did you you grow up watching Batman?  Breanne Bellezza
Various Batmans, yes.
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Manzin, i put off the anonymous. I talked with her about that and she said that she want to do that with me but not now. i changed my opinion and now i want to stay with her and i don't care if i will do that or not. i was in wrong.  Antichrist_superstar
another question. i want to make her feel beautiful but she think that she's ugly. i tell to her every time "you're beautiful in all the aspects, i love you" but she don't believe in me. she's beautiful and i want that she understand that, how can i make she fell beautiful?  Antichrist_superstar
A lot of the most beautiful people I know don't see it and can't understand how lovely they are. I think everyone has a sort of self-blindness where they just don't see what others see in themselves. You can tell her in different ways that she's wonderful but she may not believe you. The thing is, you can't really force people to feel a certain way about something and often they will resent you for trying. Some people may feel threatened if you only concentrate on their looks and their physicality.
There's no easy way to enhance someone's self-image. Be positive and warm, say things like "I like that color on you, it brings out the green in your eyes" or something like that. Give her compliments not only if she's looking particularly great but also when she's dressed more casually because her looks aren't all about her clothes. Say nice things about her smile and her jokes, show gratitude for the big and little things she does for you and show her those kindnesses in return. If she feels loved and supported and appreciated then her happiness will make her beauty increase so that even she'll eventually notice it.
* These are just some ideas to try. This approach is not a "once size fits all" failproof method as not all people are the same and many won't respond to this or will respond poorly.
Do you like to take frequent trips home to Ohio?  Breanne Bellezza
I don't get home as often as I ought to.
That Instagram video where you were driving by the corn fields was that in Ohio?  Breanne Bellezza
Michigan, actually. But it was a cornfield worthy of Ohio.
Do you like Bath & Body Works?  Breanne Bellezza
Some of it. Mostly it reminds me of my mom, who has just about every season and holiday covered with their own themed scented soaps for the bathroom.
Do you like pop music?  Breanne Bellezza
Some of it.
If you could be any cartoon character who would it be and why?  Breanne Bellezza
Batman, because if you have the opportunity to be Batman you should always be Batman.