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Ask me a question in English that isn't about my "real name" or gender. I'm serious.
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Manzin, help me. i've done a mistake with my ex and i asked her if she want to close our relationship and she told me " we can hangover togheter and be friends, but it will never be the same or we break up now forever" i love her... and i don't now what the fuck i have to do. help me, thanks.  Antichrist_superstar
If she means this much to you and you're willing to make the changes she wants in order to stay together, do that.
If you could enjoy a sticky night of love with any celebrity, who would you bang?
Man, this is a tough question. Probably Johnny Depp, or Angelina Jolie, or maybe Tim Skold depending on how rough I'm feeling. Or Rihanna. Ruby Rose. I know damn well I'm forgetting probably a full dozen absolutely gorgeous people who should be on this list but my mind's a blank right now.
How are you feeling?  Breanne Bellezza
Surprisingly not terrible.
Chocolate or white milk?  Breanne Bellezza
Half n half.
Can you show me the perfect way to put on lipstick, a tutorial plz?  Breanne Bellezza
I don't know the perfect way to put on lipstick but I bet YouTube has some tutorials.
Did you watching the other movies? Thoughts?  Breanne Bellezza
Nothing comes to mind.
Also, any ideas of what I could dress up as for Halloween?  Breanne Bellezza
A venemous snake. A used sanitary napkin. A cigarette butt.
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Manzin, the 1st September is my birthday. can you make me a present? i ask if you can make up just like manson and make a photo with a paper with the write "Happy birthday Andrea Cristiano". pleaseee, i love you so much, thank you <3  Antichrist_superstar
I'm sorry I missed your birthday but I hope you had a good one.
But why can't I follow you?  Breanne Bellezza
Because you're following me here and that's more than enough.
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Oh did Johnny watch the movie with you?  Breanne Bellezza
If you could take JC and your parents anywhere where would you take them?  Breanne Bellezza
The Caribbean would be nice.
You seem a bit sad lately, I hope you know you are loved by many.
I've been sick for the past week which hasn't done much for my mood, but I appreciate it. <3
What did you do as a personal assistant for Melissa Rodwell?  Breanne Bellezza
Pretty much everything. Dogsitting/walking, errands, shopping, some cooking/cleaning, appointments and scheduling, travel booking, research, banking, and office stuff like proofreading/editing and tech support. Makes my CV look amazing.
Can I follow you on Instagram?  Breanne Bellezza
I'm in my apartment now. School starts Monday. What's up with you and JC?  Breanne Bellezza
The usual.
Did you watch the movie yet? If so did you like it?  Breanne Bellezza
It was pretty good.
By Fische, do you mean Alexandra Fische?  Breanne Bellezza
What type of things do you think about at night? Do they bother you?
Stupid things I've said to people. Things I should've said but didn't. My complete lack of motivation. The inevitable slump toward old age, death, and decay. Money trouble, bills coming up, shit I have to do the next day/week. This is why I don't try to close my eyes and sleep until I've already dozed off watching television or fucking around online at least once. If I try to sleep before I'm actually tired I'll usually just lay there with my brain attacking me for an hour or four.
If you had to have surgery would you want MM to visit you? Also, what family members would you want with you?  Breanne Bellezza
My parents, Manson, Johnny, and Fische can visit. That's probably about it.
Which one do you like better Full Metal Jacket or Mash?  Breanne Bellezza
Was there ever another language you wanted to learn?
Spanish. I'm absorbing a little but not as much as I'd like to.
Here is that movie The Laramie Project I told you about.  Breanne Bellezza
Kool Aid or Crystal Light?  Breanne Bellezza
tips for stop loving a girl?  Antichrist_superstar
Try boys. No, seriously, I don't know. The only thing that dulls emotion is distance or time.
That black hat with the buckle on it is a real nice hat, why not wear it more often?  Breanne Bellezza
I like the hat but it's a very specific look and only suits particular outfits. Better to not wear it than to wear it with the wrong thing and look like I don't know what I'm doing.