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does the church of Satan have a store, where I could purchase items?
I would assume so. don't know, I read some of LaVey's books when I was in college but I'm not a member and haven't been following what they're up to since Anton died.
Opinion on when a band trashes a hotel?
Provided they have the cash to pay for the damages. I personally wouldn't do it, it eats into tour profits and it makes you look like a total asshole. Though if you're already thought of as an asshole and you have money to burn, have at it.
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I would never wear those shitty pjs that kid is wearing.  Breanne Bellezza
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What do you think of this Manzin?  Breanne Bellezza
I really enjoyed that movie. My favorite part was everything up to the point Private Pyle left, it wasn't quite as interesting after that. Not because Pyle was such a great character, but because his story arc was so intriguing that the war afterward was just sort of meh.
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Ask for who talked about taking my internet privileges away, who said that? Who the fuck said that?  Breanne Bellezza
Anonymous. No idea.
I know about the Church of Satan, but how exactly did the teachings work?
The CoS had a couple lists, one of the Nine Satanic Statements (basically the tenets of LaVeyan Satanism) and one of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth.
I'm sure there were more specific teachings but I don't know a lot of detail about the CoS.
That adulting thing doesn't make any sense at all.  Breanne Bellezza
Adulting makes no sense either.
You are so beautiful. ah, I'd love to kiss you.
Thank you :)
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Favorite cake flavor?  Breanne Bellezza
Favorite cake flavor?
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Favorite kind of cheese?  Breanne Bellezza
Favorite kind of cheese?
Chocolate Chip cookies or Oreos?  Breanne Bellezza
Chocolate Chip cookies or Oreos?
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Whoever said that about me fuck you. I'm an adult.  Breanne Bellezza
Whoever said that about me fuck you.  I'm an adult.
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FUCKINGJESUSCHRIST. Someone needs to take away Breanne's Internet privileges for a while.
Also do any of the tools they use hurt?  Breanne Bellezza
It only hurts when I'm getting my hair teased up to high heaven or if they're putting on the 5th or 6th full face of the day and my skin is raw from makeup on/makeup off over and over. Otherwise if it hurts, they're doing a bad job.
When you are modeling does it ever get annoying when make up and hair people get in your face?  Breanne Bellezza
Nah. It's their job to make me look as good as possible and I'm happy to have someone other than me keeping an eye on things.
Cats or dogs?  Breanne Bellezza
Cat best animal
Are you an opportunist?  Breanne Bellezza
Isn't everyone?
is manson picky on who is taken backstage?
Wouldn't you be?
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Are you going to anymore shows this tour?  Breanne Bellezza
Another 3-4.
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If you eat that much Nutella you will weigh 1000 pounds.  Breanne Bellezza
If you eat that much Nutella you will weigh 1000 pounds.
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Not everyone hates me. A lot of people love me.  Breanne Bellezza
Then why don't you go talk to them instead of the people who don't love you at all?
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What's the biggest mistake you ever made?  Breanne Bellezza
Showing you any attention whatsoever.
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Marshmallows or POPPYCOCK?  Breanne Bellezza
Marshmallows or POPPYCOCK?
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I'm enjoying annoying you.  Breanne Bellezza
This is why everyone hates you, you know.
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I'm actually surprised at how IMMATURE you two are.  Breanne Bellezza
If you were followed around online and hassled for years (and had most of your friends and anyone else connected to you online also hassled) by an individual who simply would not take "go away" for an answer, how maturely would you handle it? At this point I'm like an amputee in a "I'm only in it for the parking" tee. If I'm to have a chronic you infection I might as well make light of it.
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