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Ask me a question in English that isn't about my "real name" or gender. I'm serious.
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Do you know what you are dressing up as for Halloween, yet?
I don't know if I'm even going out on Saturday let alone what I'm wearing. I don't know what I'm wearing Friday either and I definitely have a party to go to that night. I'm completely and utterly failing at Halloween this year and it's awful.
Haunted Catacombs or Fright World?
I don't know what either of those are.
What is your favorite color?
Black. "But black isn't a color it's a shade/the presence of all color at once" ugh fine. Red.
How is Bee?
Extra snuggly because it's getting colder.
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Post one of your favourite pics :)
"A pair of models leaving a hotel lobby on their way to a photoshoot during the 1992 Which Witch? fashion show in Paris." (Yves) Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013. Aesthetic goals.
Post one of your favourite pics :)
What's the biggest mistake you've ever made?  Breanne Bellezza
Nothing of any considerable size is coming to mind. Not saying I don't make mistakes but they're not usually incredibly huge or memorable.
Look at this brat with autism. Glad I don't have to deal with him.  Breanne Bellezza
Not watching that.
Hey Manzin do you like System of a down? What do you think about them?
I used to hear their music a lot when they were on the radio, now that they're not on so often I don't go seeking them out.
I turned 29 tomorrow. Is there anything I should do during my last year of being in mytwenties?  Breanne Bellezza
Enjoy a quick metabolism.
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Have you ever played a prank on someone, anyone?  Breanne Bellezza
Not that I can remember.
What foreign countries including Canada have you been to?  Breanne Bellezza
England, Canada, and Mexico.
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Past or present what MM band member do you hate most?  Breanne Bellezza
None of the members I've met have given me particular reason to hate them, exactly. There are some I dislike because of how they've spoken about Manson after they left the band (COUGH COUGH POGO) but hate's a strong word.
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Did you ever have a teacher or other school staff member that you hated?  Breanne Bellezza
Yes but I can't remember which ones.
Horror movies or drama  Breanne Bellezza
Favorite MM album?  Breanne Bellezza
What's your favorite Johnny Depp movie?  Iris
There are so many that I haven't seen. I know this and yet I look at his filmography and it's sort of astonishing how many I've missed. Of the ones I've seen I'd have to say Fear and Loathing followed closely by Edward Scissorhands.
Oh and another thing has hugh warner popped you the infamous question?  Breanne Bellezza
Oh yeah.
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Did you watch those other movies about Matthew Shepard that I sent you?  Breanne Bellezza
Frozen yogurt or ice cream?  Breanne Bellezza
I like both. If it's out of a package I usually do ice cream because they have better mixes, but if it's one of those frozen yogurt emporiums where you add your own toppings I'm definitely going to go for the yogurt.
What will you up as for Halloween? Will you and J.C. Do a couple like you did last year?  Breanne Bellezza
I don't know the answer to either of those.
Manzin, help me. i've done a mistake with my ex and i asked her if she want to close our relationship and she told me " we can hangover togheter and be friends, but it will never be the same or we break up now forever" i love her... and i don't now what the fuck i have to do. help me, thanks.  Antichrist_superstar
If she means this much to you and you're willing to make the changes she wants in order to stay together, do that.
If you could enjoy a sticky night of love with any celebrity, who would you bang?
Man, this is a tough question. Probably Johnny Depp, or Angelina Jolie, or maybe Tim Skold depending on how rough I'm feeling. Or Rihanna. Ruby Rose. I know damn well I'm forgetting probably a full dozen absolutely gorgeous people who should be on this list but my mind's a blank right now.
How are you feeling?  Breanne Bellezza
Surprisingly not terrible.
Chocolate or white milk?  Breanne Bellezza
Half n half.
Can you show me the perfect way to put on lipstick, a tutorial plz?  Breanne Bellezza
I don't know the perfect way to put on lipstick but I bet YouTube has some tutorials.