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What do you think about baggy Tripp NYC pants? Hawt or nawt?
Fuck no. Not hawt. I love me some bondage pants with rings and straps and everything but unless they're slim fit AT LEAST, you're gonna look like a fatass.
I know you say that you prefer summer over winter, but how do you love the excessive heat, humidity, sweating, mosquitoes, etc.?! Especially someone who loves to wear as much makeup and black clothing as you do. How do you stand it?! lol
I don't go outside during the day unless absolutely necessary and I love air conditioning. The rest is just willpower (or stupidity, depending on who you ask)
You just received a $100,000 voucher for cosmetic surgery. If anything, what do you decide to get done?
A little hair restoration and lipo. The rest I'd throw into an account that hopefully would keep me in wrinkle filler and facials for years.
If you got the chance to join MM on stage to perform a song with him, which would you choose?
Last Day On Earth, I think that's one of my favorites that's within my vocal range and not on the albums he won't do anymore.
So does Manson actually like Titti or is she just delusional?
I can't speak for Manson as far as who he does and doesn't like but I'm reaaaally sure she's just delusional.
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What's your favorite meal?
Salad, steak, loaded baked potato, steamed vegetables.
The dreadlocks you're selling on your Facebook, what are they made from and did you make them?
They're not dreadlocks, they're a piece you wrap around dreads or a giant ponytail to spice them up a bit. They're made of little braids (maybe kanekalon, I think) wrapped in wire, some studded with metal, mixed in with tangles of braided or knotted yarn (some also studded with metal or skull beads) and some pieces have feathers and bones wrapped in or otherwise attached, usually with wire or sometimes a large safety pin if it's a bigger bone. The bones are mostly chicken or oxtail. This beautiful mess was handmade by one of my ex-boyfriends back when I would occasionally wear dreadfalls. The dreadfalls themselves have fallen into severe disrepair over the years and as I probably wouldn't wear them anymore and didn't want to take the time to restore them, I threw them out. But here's a really shitty photo of me with just the voodoo bits tied around a ponytail for the sake of reference. Looks best if you have super enormous thick hair split into two ponytails or if you have ponyfalls/dreadfalls.
The dreadlocks you're selling on your Facebook, what are they made from and did you make them?
Goals in life?
Financial comfort. Freedom from worry. The ability to buy whatever reasonably priced thing I want without agonizing for 15+ minutes over whether or not I should get the less expensive one, and to buy that nice thing without beating myself up with guilt for being overindulgent over something so petty. Continued travel. Steadily good health and a strong body that doesn't hobble me very much while requiring only standard amounts of upkeep. Close friends. Much laughter, passion, excitement, happiness, contentment, and good surprises. And great sex.
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Thank you for clarifying on the goth thing. I can strongly relate.
I bet a lot of people can. It's exhausting to feel like what you're into is some sort of "you must be this tall to ride" thing where you have to prove yourself ____ enough to be there. Occasionally I joke about having my goth card revoked for one thing or another but I'm really not bothered about it. Besides, they already struck my membership from the record due to my Manson affiliations, ahaha
Is rock dead ?
Rock is very much alive. God may be on life support.
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You say you're goth but "not that way." If you don't mind, could you please elaborate?
Not stereotypical in the way that many goths won't do something or listen to something or wear something that isn't "goth enough". Several years ago I was talking with a group of people I'd just met and they said "honestly we're relieved, when we saw your pictures we thought you'd be, like, one of -those- Manson fans but you're actually cool" and that made so much sense. I don't listen to only Manson, I don't wear only MM shirts, I don't drive around blasting Antichrist Superstar with my middle finger out the window flipping off churches and talking in song lyrics. That's obnoxious. I love Manson but I can't stand fans like that, or goths, or pretty much anyone who becomes the embodiment of a social stereotype and cranks it to 11. All the time. Without a hint of irony or humor about it. That's largely what I meant by being "not that way". I identify as goth but it's not the end-all be-all of what I am or what I'm interested in.
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Have you ever been to Disney World?  Breanne Bellezza
I completely agree with you on Titti. She is always constantly arguing on Instagram, it's actually atrocious. She's self-absorbed and borderline crazy.
And I agree with all of that. "Oh Manson I love you, most handsomest man in the world" "fuck you loser I am sell all of my items you do not deserve me as fan" blah blah, back and forth with this every week. She used to be entertaining back when I first met her but she got twisted up somewhere along the line, got very mean and bitter and I don't have enough time to go around spending it on people like that.
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What made you decide that you want to move to NYC? I remember a few years ago you would always say that you wanted so badly to live in LA, lol. Is it a better atmosphere?
I needed to get out of Ohio a bit and Rudy said I should talk to Nick Kushner so we got to talking and became friends. He invited me out to celebrate our birthdays (his is the day before mine) and I ended up spending a week. Kept going back and forth between OH and NYC and met all kinds of people, made lots of friends, did some shopping and a lot of parties and basically fell in love with the people and the energy and all the city has to offer.
I once told a friend that you struggle hard to stay in LA and NYC both but in NYC you feel like you're welcome no matter where you stand on the totem pole and the struggle feels validated and encouraged, there's a camaraderie in NY suffering. In Los Angeles your entire worth is based on where you are on the pole, if you're struggling you're a loser and everyone seems hellbent on trying to improve themselves at anyone else's expense. LA made me feel very tired and isolated and poor (not having much access to a vehicle certainly helped that), but in contrast I feel completely and utterly alive in NYC. Maybe I did it wrong when I lived in LA, maybe I should've made more of an effort, I don't know. I still have friends in Los Angeles and I do miss them, likewise I have friends in NYC and miss them too, but I don't miss LA as a location the way I miss NYC. The pull to go back east is much stronger.
Is "Tater" one of them?
No. Tater's a lovely girl without a mean bone in her body, she'd never act the way these assholes do. She's beautiful and a flirt but a respectful one, I've not known her to behave in a way that'd make people uncomfortable, online or off.
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Who are other MM creepers besides Teena?
Teena's been off the grid for a bit, I don't know of anyone that's seen her at a show or even online in quite some time.
The more clear and present danger is Tiziana Collins aka Titti. Italian girl absolutely slathered in tattoos, usually has a MM-themed manicure and tiny clothing. Professes to be his biggest fan, goes to many shows, has a serious problem with other fans. Will do absolutely anything she can to get closer to Manson. If she thinks you can work as an "in" for her and help her get to him, she'll be sweet as pie to you and kiss your ass and be your best friend, but if she decides you're below her in whatever pecking order she thinks she has standing in, she be extremely confrontational, rude, and insulting. Has been known to spit on and physically attack people at shows and is just as pleasant to interact with online. Constant dramatic statuses belittling other people and professing her superiority. Recently she had a giant online meltdown because a girl got some Manson symbol knuckle tattoos and Titti thought she was "copying" her. Lulz ensued and she ended up deactivating her account for like the 10th time. Also likes to threaten suicide if she feels she hasn't been shown enough attention. Insists she has no money yet her family is a bunch of hoteliers and she stayed at the Chateau Marmont for week. It's like $400+ a night and she's constantly buying new clothes and airline tickets all over the world to follow Manson wherever he goes. Will schedule a tattoo appointment within hours if she sees that Manson has a new one or if a new symbol was made. She was particularly nasty to Lindsay though I don't know how much of a hand she had in Lindsaygate, if any.
Those two are probably the biggest creepers, mostly because they take the crazy offline and are therefore more dangerous. Spend some time on Manson's Instagram comments or the band's FB page if you want to watch the internet psycho parade. It boggles the mind, truly.
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Do your parents have a pool at their house?
No. Some of my aunts do, but I'm not much for swimming so I don't use it.
So your mom.does not like vulgarity and language very much?
Not particularly. Makes it very trying to visit the family as I have to prescreen everything that comes out of my mouth for adult content.
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Have you seen Gone Girl?
No. Not interested.
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Do you watch the C.S.I. shows and Criminal Minds?
I used to back when I had a television in my bedroom. Now I don't watch so much television but when I do, I do sometimes watch crime tv, fictionalized or no.
Opinion on the FREE THE NIPPLES campaign? (It's so women can have equality and go shirtless like men)
Strong supporter. Ankles used to be sexual too but enough girls showed them that it became commonplace and now nobody bats an eye at an ankle. Hopefully everyone will be able to take their shirts off when it gets hot someday soon. Though it will be interesting to see what impact it'd have on topless clubs.
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Did you dress the way that you do now in high school?
More striped tights back then, more leather and fur now. I was a poor little spook confined to pretty much what I could make or a band tee but now that I have better employment I can dress better. Also my drag was bad back then and I had to hide so much of it from my parents because it was so new to them, it's much better now that they're more used to my oddities and I'm more skilled with my styling.
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Favorite movies on Netflix?
The Cabin In The Woods, Filth, American Beauty, Django Unchained, The Craft, Let The Right One In, Rosemary's Baby, Wolf of Wall Street, and Velvet Goldmine. So much of what we watch on Netflix are series but I didn't count those.
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Tips 0r Advice on getting long hair ?
Don't cut it. Use conditioner to keep it in good shape. Try to avoid stressing your hair out with bleach, dyes, or too many hot styling tools. And someone suggested 5mcg of biotin daily.
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If you could pick 3 documentaries who would they be of?
Manson from the point where the last ones left off. Something about club kid culture in New York over the last 30-40 years. And maybe one about the scariest obsessive Manson creepers, for the lulz.
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