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Ask me a question in English that isn't about my "real name" or gender. I'm serious.
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Spongebob or Hey Arnold?
Bob's Burgers.
Cheeseburger or Hamburger or hot dogs?
I just had hot dogs so I'm going to go with cheeseburger.
Chips or crackers?  Breanne Bellezza
Spagettio's or Chef Boyardee ravioli?  Breanne Bellezza
have you ever met MM? what kind of person is?  Mechanical_Animal
I've met him many times, he's a very sweet, funny, kind, generous, wicked young man.
hi Manzin! im an your big fan from Italy and my name is Andrea. i want to ask you some question: 1) my girlfriend break up with me but i still love her, how can i forget her? 2) MM is a important part of your life? 3) why everybody think that i drug myself only because i listen to MM? Italy loves u  Mechanical_Animal
Hello Andrea!
1) You will probably never forget her, love takes a long time to fade away unless it's removed by something strong like hate or a more powerful love, and even then it's possible to have multiple kinds of love for different people at the same time.
2. Very important part of my life.
3. For the same reason people think MM removed his ribs: they're ignorant and don't understand how prejudice and stereotyping works.
If you could market and sell your own line of something, what would it be? (ex.: clothing, cosmetics, sparkling water, etc.)
Clothing, I think. Some androgynous clothing line. Or maybe a line of candies. Or booze. Gluten-free snacks. Hard to tell, really. I have myriad interests.
What was your favorite show from Hell Not Hallelujah and why?
I can't decide. I loved my balcony in Chicago, the whole experience in Bethlehem was great, the NYC show that almost didn't happen (because of the snowstorm) was really exciting and fun. Any show I get to see with my guy is a special one. Toronto was unique because it was my first trip to Canada. So many factors go into making a show good that it makes it tough to set just one as The Best.
Hey Manzin, when will we ever see another q & a video? I loved those.
At some point if I get a lot of interesting questions and I look good enough to stare at myself on camera, sure.
Where did you get your bottle of Mansinthe? I've been wanting a bottle for the past few years, but I never wanted to spend on the ridiculous shipping prices on top of the already pricy bottle. I wish I could just pick it up in a store. =[ Thanks!
I bought some from here but it was a local pickup.
Sometimes local liquor stores will do a special order for you if you ask them to get you a bottle. Ask around.
I think I might be your youngest fan I'm 14 😜😉😄
That's true, right now you are the winner. <3
What is your favorite soup?  Breanne Bellezza
Vegetable beef is pretty great but I like just about any soup that I can eat.
What is your favorite soda?  Breanne Bellezza
Pineapples or mangos?  Breanne Bellezza
Can't decide. They're both delicious and both a total bitch to prepare for eating.
How old were you when you first had sex? How was it?
18, and it was actually great for both of us.
Favorite cereal?
Used to be Cracklin' Oat Bran. Currently Simple Truth Baobab Coconut granola.
Does your dad protect you when you guys ride on his motorcycle?
Protect me from what? This question is weird.
Have you ever had sex with someone you just met?
Why do you refer to Bee as a brat?  Breanne Bellezza
Because he's a brat.
Goldfish or Cheeze its?  Breanne Bellezza
Aren't they basically the same thing except for the shape?
Did you see your mom for Mother's Day?  Breanne Bellezza
Hey Manzin. Why haven't you uploaded a YouTube video in a while? Will you ever come back to that?
I don't know if I ever will. I can't think of anything worth videoing.
Have you ever considered vlogging every now and then? I (and by I, I'm sure I mean everyone) would love to see a day in the life of Manzin! Like for example when you go clubbing and go on the road from show to show to see MM...I think those would be some awesome bits of footage!
The problem with that is that it's really awkward and boring to film yourself doing things as everything ends up being at arm's length and the shot is boring. You can't take a tripod to clubs or shows, so that angle is out. And I really hate asking people to stop having a good time and hold a video camera for me, so I don't know how this little experiment would pan out.
Are you afraid of spiders? Would you want to own a pet tarantula? How about snakes?
Not afraid of spiders. There's one that hangs out on the curtain and watches me when I shower. I don't mind other people's tarantulas but I don't love them enough to want one as a pet. Now a snake on the other hand, snakes are really wonderful creatures. I can see myself having one someday.
Lucky charms or fruity pebbles?
Lucky Charms.