Abbey @MardyyBum
Ask me anything you want to really, just DO NOT ask me what happened on August 21st, 2010.
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Do you always smile for pictures?
Nah I hate my smile
lyk my 25 answrs nd I'll do d same! :)  ツ❤♡ღ shp ღ♡❤ツ
Nah you're alright
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I added you on snapchat youu haven't accepted! :((
I'll have a look
Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
I wannna talk to you but you seem so unapproachable :/
Unapproachable? This is new..
berikan satu alasan kenapa kalian masih bertahan sampai saat ini??
What the absolute fuck??!!
Birmingham will still be in the championship maybe even league one lmao
I'm already looking forward to the second city derby next season
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Aston Villa aren't going down you only saying that coz you support the blues shite
See you in May
Your girl, cheating on you..
Oh yeah, definitely ;)
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You were being sarcastic
What are you talking about?
Think I'm joking? I'm telling you
Yeah and I'm agreeing with you
Your girl is cheating on you
I'm sure she is.
You love the Stone Roses? I love the Stone Roses! :)
You are cool
Do you talk to yourself?
No, because that would be weird?
Fav bands?
Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys are the main ones but I love loads to even remember to be honest
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How's life boii
Hahaha okay, peace boy ;)
You look funny in your profile pic ;)
It was meant to be for a laugh so good aha
You're welcome
I may not know you in real life but I think you're a wonderful human being. And though I know you don't mind what the people are saying but I just wanted to remind you of that.
Omg thanks! I love you, whoever you are ❤️
Hey babes ❤️
Hello nice person
I might do. Only concerned, js.
Well okay if you say so..
Do you even fucking know me?
Fucking junkie, sort yourself out
My life is pretty much sorted out already so thank you for your concern you prick
You should try stand up comedy mate :)
You taking the piss? Haha
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