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♥Marilena♥ ;) ♥ @MarilenaPanayiotou
♥Marilena♥ ;) ♥ @MarilenaPanayiotou
AUSTIN MAHONE ♥♥ -haters gonna hate mahomies♥♥ -mahomies gonna love ♥♥ #austin'sidol4life♥♥ ~MAHOMIE MADNESS♥
RSS answers
esheis koiliakous?
ne :3
Pe lious
vrkme tra :*
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Pe mu omorfous Pu to school su je pio mitsious an thlis
emm eshi polous :3
exis skype i oovoo?X
oi en exw xx
Pink ;) :*  Dinoc xx
thnquu :**
po8en ise?
Larnaca :3
mannn ise shistara 3rs to? xx
xD thnquu xx
exis kavles
snap chat?
marilena789 :3 x
Eshi kna kopelui p s areski??
mbori :3
Areski s knas h txa milas me knan??
milw :3
You are so beautiful
thnquu :)
How old are you ?
14 :3
γεια σου :)  Βαγγέλης Αγγελίδης
hey :)
okaa <3
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9/10 <3  +╬ELiaS♕LeoN+╬
thnquu :*
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stile mia selfiee pou den exis mesa so fcebook... ^-^
stile mia selfiee pou den exis mesa so fcebook... ^-^
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E ne mbori :)
Me ti exartatee?
e to poso pio mitsis :3
En na ta epianes me pioikro su?
emm en3rww :3x
stile to conect sou
gth ? :00
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posa kila ise?
154 :3
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ginekara mx
agparaa mouuu :3xx
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