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40% idiot :p
I won't give you the satisfaction brdo :P
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what is your fav phrase from their songs ?
Msh 2aylalek :D
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what is your fav phrase from their songs ?
Shaza Hassan Ya3qob afashtek w ta3aleely chat :D
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Would you rather have white hair or no hair?
White hair because Storm from X-Men had white hair and still looked attractive as hell.
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if you want to print something on a t-shirt what would it be ?
Hmmmm I would go with a Mars lyric probably with the glyphics/symbols and the triad and all.
What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
The truth, but even then I doubt if it's truly genuine and not a projection of something else.
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Favorite song these days?
Arctic Monkeys - The Afternoon's Hat - Lyrics:
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What holiday gift would make you really happy?
Karaoke machine.
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What is your biggest regret?
He7 like the legendary Leto would say: I will never regret. I will never forget. I will live my life.
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hya a elhdya elsa7btk gaya byha fe elValentine! hya Nada mortbta?!
Leeh dyman el osloob yb2a kda leeeh y3ni :D
Awalan msh el zalantine dh kan feh February? :'D
Sanyan la2 nada msh mortabeta w law 3ayez t3rf 3an el hedeya awi kda momken gedan ts2al benefsak ah wallahy 3ady shoft ezay
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Every one likes tulip lol  Mahmoud Mokhtar
Homa 7elween el sara7a
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What is your favorite type of flower?
Tulips ftw \o/
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Choose some friends and mention a quality in them that you would like to have.
Shaza's witty comebacks
Nada's meticulous attitude
Sara's love for athleticism
Eman's audacity
Omnaya's taste in music
Ali's appetite and sarcasm
Manno's positive attitude
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Do you take emotional people for granted? Because emotionality exposes their weakness?
Absolutely not.
I think compassion is powerful. The ability to recognise your emotions and experience them is not a weakness. I just don't like it when they're stuck there. Use it and create something. Manipulate it just don't let it control you.
Apathy is a powerful trait as well but only if it's real. Like only if you aren't just pretending not to care and bottling up emotions because that always backfires.
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Do you think we're initially attracted to, or are we initially repulsed by, those who resemble us (not physically)? Why?
Yes I think so. I suppose because we see part of ourselves in them and that we don't fully understand ourselves yet and so in a way we're hoping to figure out who we are through them. Repulsion occurs I think when we perceive them as a threat to our own individuality like THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE ARGGH. Yeah. But I also like to think that we're attracted to those who are eccentric and authentic because we see someone who happened to escape being an automaton. People tend to completely shun and reject those as well because they don't understand them.
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Do you have a favourite book? If yes, what is it and why?  Ahmad Hazem
I have two actually so far.
They're Fight Club and The Picture od Dorian Gray.
As to why:
Mostly because they're complex, stimulating, and beautifully written.
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bt ana w shaza m4 3arfeen nnam w hnfdl sa7een llsala
Ana mobiley fasel sha7n w msh nawya a3od ganb el sha7n aw afta7 el lap sara7a fa ha3od a2ra m3 b3d ento b2a
Meen bynadiii
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Happy feast ^_^
Thank you
To you as well :D
كل سنه و انتم طيبين و عيد سعيد عليكم و متنسوش المصروف :D  Mahmoud Mokhtar
و انت طيب و بخير دايما يا مختار :D
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Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
مين قال كدا؟
ده فرصة اني اسرد عليكم قصة المرحوم سمسم القط بتاعي
سمسم كان قط استثنائي بيحب يأكل جاتو و مخلل اكتر من السمك حتى. سمسم كان قط وحيد بيخاف من الخروج برة البيت عشان القطط البلطجية كانت بتضربه.في ليلة من الليالي سمسم كان قاعد على الشرفة )الشباك اللي بالنسبة له بالاكونة( يتأمل العربيات الماشية و يفكر امتى واحدة منهم هترمي في طريقه مغامرة جديدة. لحد ما فعلا في يوم بدأ يسمع قطة عمالة تعيط و في اللحظة ده حصل تواصل فوري ما بينهم كان بالنسبة له love at first meaow. دارت ما بينهم احاديث كتير على الشرفة ده من مياو الىمياو لغاية ما اقتنعنا ان احنا ندخل القطة ده شوية. هي دخلت من هنا و هو مسك فيها من هنا. كانت قصة حب عنيفة في حيث هي friend zoned سمسم و هو كان متمسك بحبه. لغاية ما في يوم و هم بيتجادلوا في الجنينة برا جت العصابة البلطجية اللي كانوا بيضربوا سمسم. خطفوا منه حب حياته و بقيت تصيع معاهم كل يوم و تركت سمسم وحيد مرة تانية لغاية ما جاله اكتئاب و بطل يأكل جاتو و لقيناه ميت محسور في نفس ذات الجنينة.
وحشتني يا سمسم
True story.
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ايه رايك في الناس اللي في الكلية عندنا ؟
سؤال مبهم جداً بس ماشي
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Aho el emoticon dh howa ely medya3na :'D
قفلتي الفيس ليه يا هانم؟
انحدار تصاعدي في تخيلات جذرية ادت الى انعدام نفس للتفاعل مع الكائانات الاخرى
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لماذا الهروب من فضاء الفيس؟
المجرات الاخرى كانت بتناديني