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What was your first concert? No matter how embarrassing - let's hear it.
جيت ع-الجرح يا اسك. لسا مرحتش اي كونسرتس.
Your writing's great! Why haven't you written in a long while?
Thank you :D
Mostly due to lack of inspiration but also because I had exams. el user deactive y fndm :))
Tyb ana oltelha w heya law 3yza tefta7 hatefta7. Momken t2ol/y enta/y 3yza eh hena lel e5tesar bs.
يعني ايه cats have paws ? :D
Enta/y shayef m3naha eh y3ni? :'D
Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?
I like to plan things but I usually end up being spontaneous. Why? Because cats have paws.
2oly l Sarah Abdullah tefta7 alask bta3ha lw sam7ti
Heya t2reeban fat7ah aslan. Meen w eshm3na tyb? :D
What song cheers you up? Post the music video for it!
That's a great question! I went back and checked and cheered myself up :'D here's a list:
All You Need Is Love (from across the universe movie)
Hey Jude (from across the universe movie)
Here Comes the Sun
Shake it Off
This Is War + 100 Suns
Kings & Queens
Closer to the Edge
If you could choose a different time period and place to be born, when and where would it be?
Prehistoric times with all the legends and myths preferably in Greece. Either that or during Victorian era, Renaissance period or Regency period in England.
انتوا شلتكم جميلة اوى كلكم على بعضكم كده ^___^
ده حاجة حلوة خالص. شكراً :D
mahya mortbta t2rebn
La2 nada msh mortabeta
walahe msh esht'3ala i do like her
Tayb roo7 kalemha
how is the cute nada xdd
يا عم انت مش فاضينلك ورانا زفت فاينل و شكلك اشتغالة اصلا
What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?
complain about how we never really have spring.
What's your favorite board game?
Cluedo :D
انتى وشذا وسارة وندا صحاب من امتة؟
من سنة اولى
leeh ? shaklek msh shakka fe 7'ad aslan
3shan yemken matetla3sh howa fel a5er
wana msh 3yza as2ela tegeely 3an el 7ad el ana shaka feeh
tayeb ele f balek w shakka feh da mnen :D
La msh hynf3 a2ool :D
Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?
I like to plan things but I usually act spontaneously. Why? Because.
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m2oltsh mwasafat ana b2ol talme7 msh hyfhmo 8er el sha5s ele shakka feh
Maho ely fe baly ma3rfhoosh kewais 3shan a2dar alama7lo be 7aga :D
la2 ana ele 2ayl el fekra :D ebd2e ente w ana b3dek
La msh haynfa3 ady ana mowasafat m3lsh in public kda :D
نور خليه يجيب شيكولاته بيضا لندى وسودا لصحابها
لا سودة كلها ك-ليالينا :'D
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kda esmo ta2leed :D lw shakka edene ay talmee7 hwa meen w lw sa7 h2ol ana
Tab mateegy n3ml el 3aks? :D
back again ente shakka f 7ad wala la2 :D ?
Maybe :D
انا عاجى معاكوا كده
و هو حد يقدر يقول للوحش لأ؟ :'D
تنوري طبعا :'D
ايه ده فيه شيكولاتة هنا
و انت مين انت كمان؟ :'D
معندناش شوكولاتة لحد انصرف :'D