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What is the last thing you forgot?
لا الحمد لله افتكرت فرشة السنان قبل ما اسافر :'D
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Post a picture of your wakeup face!
Why would I want to subject the world to such a ghastly site?
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Are you a leader or a follower?
I prefer to sit back and watch the inevitable anarchy that will occur when the followers decide that the leader no longer suits them and emerge with a new one amongst themselves or when the leader decides to abandon the common cause and go for personal gain.
I also like popcorn.
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نووور كل سنه وانتي طيوبه يارب ♥ ☺  هدي
و انت طيبة يا هدى ♥
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كل سنة وأنتى طيبة :D  عبدالمحسن
و انت طيب :D
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كل سنه وانتي طيبة ☺ ☺
و انت طيب/طيبة
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Who makes you laugh?
Lotsa people really. I even make myself laugh and snort and go like: I'm so funny. Humble, I know. :')
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You're early but thank you.
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What do you do when the remote is too far?
I haven't watched tv since 2012 or something.
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What do you wish for the most in the new year?
A special kind of duct tape.
No one will get this xD
i love being alone , ma basek4 f 7d w kont b2olek ta5dy balek bs w tt2kdy nhom 2d sekatek :)
I'm quite capable of being alone and enjoying it. I'm not sure i know who you're talking about but thank you anyway. :)
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i didn't ask you about your feelings towards them i just ask about their feelings any way take care :))
Well, anyway you got both answers.
You too :)
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teftekry so7abek by7boky
Yes. I'm blessed to have them.
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Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)
حضرتك انا من النوع اللي كان بيتابع So You Think You Can Dance بكل سيزوناته عشان في الآخر اعدي الشارع بtechnique رقصة بحيرة البجع.
اتفضل قيم انت براحتك.
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احسن دكتور/ة في الكلية من وجهة نظرك ؟
دكتورة نهى و دكتور اسلام و دكتورة منى موريس اناتومي مثلا
دكتورة امال فارما
دكتورة انجي فسيولوجي برضه
دول اللي فاكراهم/عارفاهم يعني
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40% idiot :p
I won't give you the satisfaction brdo :P
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what is your fav phrase from their songs ?
Msh 2aylalek :D
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what is your fav phrase from their songs ?
Shaza Hassan Ya3qob afashtek w ta3aleely chat :D
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Would you rather have white hair or no hair?
White hair because Storm from X-Men had white hair and still looked attractive as hell.
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if you want to print something on a t-shirt what would it be ?
Hmmmm I would go with a Mars lyric probably with the glyphics/symbols and the triad and all.
What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
The truth, but even then I doubt if it's truly genuine and not a projection of something else.
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Favorite song these days?
Arctic Monkeys - The Afternoon's Hat - Lyrics:
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What holiday gift would make you really happy?
Karaoke machine.
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What is your biggest regret?
He7 like the legendary Leto would say: I will never regret. I will never forget. I will live my life.
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