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yup.. studing medicine :)
How's it going so far?
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tmam tmam bjordan b6lna mn jeddah :>  Shoroq Manasra
Jam3a 5alas? :D
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noor kefek? zman 3nik <3  Shoroq Manasra
Shoroooq ahleeen
Mnee7a el7amdoleAllah :D
Enty sho a5barek? Wenek hala2? :D
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جالك هدايا في عيد ميلادك ؟ :D
اه :D
What inspires you ?
People, life, lotsa stuff really. If we could so much as pause and notice the tiny details, we'd be able to find inspiration in a lot of unexpected things.
زي مثلا من كام يوم كنت بعمل لوحة فنية في طبق عسل بطحينة بالعيش :'D
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Are you stylish?
بلبس شرابات صفراء بتبان من الجزمة على جاكت لونه بطيخي و شنطة بني. ده ايام الامتحانات. انت ايه رأيك؟
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HAPPY VALENTINE DAY EVERYONE<3 i know i am late but just wanted to say that you are amazing and pretty so stay happy because you have a perfect smile:*sorry for inactivity just having some lots of prblms <3 i am ready to do whatever you want just keep smiling <3 because you are an awsome girl  Smilee Please
مش عارفة انتوا بتوصلوا هنا ازاي بس متشكرين. :D
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Who is your Valentine?
Monsieur Femur bien sur!
What do you think of makeup?
I think it's simply another form of self expression.
How to put on your face:
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حد يعرف ال app ال كان بيستخدمها المواطن المصرى فى الفيديوهات بتاعته ال هى بتبعجر الدماغ دى اسمها ايه ؟
ده كان كاميرا كدا بتبقى موجودة ضمن السوفتويرس مع ويندوز تقريبا و كان بيبقى فيها التأثيرات ده و كدا
تفتكروا ليه الناس بتكتب بوستاتها بابليك ؟ دا لانهم واثقين ان فى حد بيدخل البروفيل بتاعهم و بيتابعهم فى صمت ؟ ولا دى علامة على ان هم معندهمش حاجة يخبوها؟ ،، قولنا ايه رأيك ....
ممكن لا ده ولا ده.
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we couldn't see other levels of the game if we don't try to compete the monster
Apparently you're a gamer.
This is very strangely timed.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
What was the last movie you watched?
Let's be cops :'D
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What is the last thing you forgot?
لا الحمد لله افتكرت فرشة السنان قبل ما اسافر :'D
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Post a picture of your wakeup face!
Why would I want to subject the world to such a ghastly site?
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Are you a leader or a follower?
I prefer to sit back and watch the inevitable anarchy that will occur when the followers decide that the leader no longer suits them and emerge with a new one amongst themselves or when the leader decides to abandon the common cause and go for personal gain.
I also like popcorn.
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نووور كل سنه وانتي طيوبه يارب ♥ ☺  هدي
و انت طيبة يا هدى ♥
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كل سنة وأنتى طيبة :D
و انت طيب :D
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كل سنه وانتي طيبة ☺ ☺
و انت طيب/طيبة
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Who makes you laugh?
Lotsa people really. I even make myself laugh and snort and go like: I'm so funny. Humble, I know. :')
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You're early but thank you.
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What do you do when the remote is too far?
I haven't watched tv since 2012 or something.
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What do you wish for the most in the new year?
A special kind of duct tape.
No one will get this xD
i love being alone , ma basek4 f 7d w kont b2olek ta5dy balek bs w tt2kdy nhom 2d sekatek :)
I'm quite capable of being alone and enjoying it. I'm not sure i know who you're talking about but thank you anyway. :)
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