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Martin Eric @MartyEric
Martin Eric @MartyEric
Marty | Single | FrvrYoung | 16 yrs | McFly | Kik: ‎@MartyEric | Instagram: ‎@MartyEric | Twitter: ‎@MartyEric
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What is the loneliest feeling that you felt today?
i didnt talk to her today :(
How many siblings you have?
What was the last thing you bought?
Do you play any online games?
What activity do you never get bored with?
play xbox
I like you, u like me?
who you?
Do you have a girl bestfriend?
Yeah. ;)
idk why people are hating on you i think its childish keep your head up sweety c:
Who's currently hating on me? And awh thanks.
Are you single?
Lol! Thank you :)
We want some more shirtless pictures yo!
Eh I don't do those anymore. It's kinda douchey.
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"you dont have keep smiling that smile that keeps driving me wild"
Make this pussy nut.
Haha aight.
whats your twitter ?
Post a nude! I'm sure I speak on everyone's behalf. ;)
Hahahahaha aight fo sho!
Ive had this addiction with watching porn..
Aww:( i need a lot of help:/
Well okkayyyy, I'm on my way over to hellppp
Why are you so fucking gay? ;)
I'm straight tho.
i culd fuck any bitch for money. fir ur dick, they'd mayb throw a penny or to
Cool story brah.
can i diarhea in your mouth?
This just made my day XD
wtf r u trying 2 get @?
Y do u tipe lyke dis? r u fuqqin r3t4rd3d?
you said you you like everyone, but maybe you love someone ? who ?
No one. :D
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Hello =)
hello There!
Your so cute  tara
awwhh. thanks Tara. <3