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Ask me I wont say no, how could I?
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do you ever wear contacts?
Nah man
five nipple six nipple seven nipple more
Yey, go us
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one nipple
Two nipple, three nipple, four
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I like your hat..
Thank you
if you could have a night with any celebrity who would it be?
Hayley Williams
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if your left is my right and your right is my left doesn't that make them the same thing?
Adalia Rose says no
What did she actually do for you to hate her?
If you don't know, then cba to tell you.
You still hate her?
Well, kinda haha
fap fap fap fap fap fart.
fucking a soya bean
Same mate
nom nom golden nuggets
omg Golden Nuggets are fab
do you like cookies? :3
I <3 cookies
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how did you know? :o
Idek haha
Oh, okay then
your name reminds me of my favourite band
Mcfly :'3 awesome
can you send a house warming present?
Where exactly do I send it?
your own or other peoples?
Idec man
what is your favourite thing about being female?
The boobs. They're like well fun to play with
are you secretly a girl?
Nah, I'm open about it
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what does the fox say?
what does the fox say?
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Good thankies c': you?? xxxx  Pink Bear
Good and I'm great thank you. Talk on kik? :3 xxxx
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Heyy :p xxxxx  Pink Bear
How are you? :3 xxxxx
is that a llama or alpaca?
That is an alpaca
penis brain
lol yeah ikr
penis brain