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th3ch0sen0nee - that's my kik name
pretty much anything pick something
Idk, what can you message me on?
sheer boredom
Message me on something?
not quite that happy, but im good :3
Okay, anything I can help with?
howre you today?
I'm fab like a kitten playing with yarn. Hbu?
music taste?
Hot damn, I thought I'd never get this question again
The Smiths
Fall Out Boy
Arctic Monkeys (old)
Bring Me The Horizon
Asking Alexandria
Of Mice & Men
All Time Low
Enter Shikari
Panic! At The Disco
The Wonder Years
Neck Deep
Candy Hearts
James Blunt
Dashboard Confessional
Heaven's Basement
Man Overboard
Mayday Parade
Biffy Clyro
Sunny Day Real Estate
The Pretty Reckless
The First
Beastie Boys
The Darkness
Black Sabbath
Florence + The Machine
The Blackout
I Divide
Iron Maiden
Bullet For My Valentine
Idk, there's probably more
i dont like doughnuts
Oh okay
that picture
Idk haha
likers get 10 likes
Fuck no
If you were a fish then I'd be a?
A fisherman probably idk
opinion on me? sent to all i follow  Wazznybeans
Iced gem
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why do sharks like doughnuts?
Because anything or anyone with a brain likes doughnuts
why do birds fly?
Because they have wings
why do farts smell worse when theyre done in water?
Idk idk idk
If the world was about to end, what would be your last request?? xx
Sex mahn, sex
what the diddely squat is that?
What the diddly squat is what?
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
do you ever wear contacts?
Nah man
five nipple six nipple seven nipple more
Yey, go us
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one nipple
Two nipple, three nipple, four
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I like your hat..
Thank you
if you could have a night with any celebrity who would it be?
Hayley Williams
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if your left is my right and your right is my left doesn't that make them the same thing?
Adalia Rose says no
What did she actually do for you to hate her?
If you don't know, then cba to tell you.