✝☮ Sophia from Jamaica ✝☮ @MarvicXoxo
Aww mary hi :*
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On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
skont my brother 10 hahha
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
JUSTIN and GIRBY <3 msomma they are already in love ta
Where you do not mind waiting?
Imkien man </3
Do you find yourself thinking more about your past, present or future?
U halijni mil past present u imbarazz haqqq qeda tard dak li naf </3
Post a picture of your dream house!
Ala ha itijili unbad?
Malandi ka ba
Xalandu ta bu
What is the most beautiful place in the world?
What is your favorite type of pie?
Kollha hzna.
Mar_micallef * Ghax hadd zball :p
What's the coolest thing you've ever seen in a museum?
Min qalek li gili mort go muzew? Lol
Macina jogbok ?
Macina min hu ? ✌❤
What's cool nowadays?
Nilaqquuu ahhh xii gelat jew qekk :-):-):-):-)
How to stay safe online?
Don't go online so you would be safe for sure qeq lol
What made your day today?
Nothing:( </3 hahaha imma indunajt kemm jn icassata jahasra ta
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my boyfriend has been completely rude lately, what should I do?
Mhux you kill him jew :p
andek fb?
Haqqq jien mandiex xnamel </3
How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
1jew2 :p
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Who are you?
Ma nafx int taf ghax jien insejt?
What color socks are you wearing right now?
Green , Yellow , Red Qeqle
8+ gbiin ;)xx  ▲Brandon▲
Thankyouuu swijtt :* jhahah xxx
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jogbok gabriel ?
Xinu bicca tijak??
Do you love the World you live in?
Like = rate ?
Ghandi breakdown so :p
Like = rate ?
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ijsaa hejj it tifla haha ;) x  ☠♛✨▲† aw lolipop †▲✨♛☠
Hahahha :p x
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eee foxxx xommokk u foxx dik ir ragel kirbyyy jin donnalieeeeeeeee tkun trid tejd xihaga mhux ha nibza minnekkk
Aww qaqtahaaa ghaxx manistaxx niqaff nithaq :( </3 Hahhahaha Sweet mhux tedjani facebook jew ;).
Min hu ragel? Kirby? hahahah ilala kif ha toqtluwni illum :( U jiennn marviccc haniniii nice to meet you hi so you're from gzira ghalura?
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