Msha3el @Mashael017
KSA - Jeddah
الجمايل دايمه و المناصب ماتدوم و الكفو لو يندفن ماتندفن سمعته
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What is the best color for a car?
Black , cinnamon ..
Which brand products do you use most frequently?
Makeup : MAC Chanel Dior
What do you want right now?
I wanna sleep ;(
How ambitious are you?
Umm not that much ..
What is the quality you most like in a man?
Ahm shy mo m36'l wshklh y5wf bs 6yb wsh'hm
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What’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to you?
Alah y63ni 3nk - Alah yj3lni fdwh - bey
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What can’t be bought with money?
Dignity , honor
What kind of things annoy you?
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If you could start your own business, what would it be?
Anything related to make up or clothes
What helps you to make the right decision?
Ask my parents
What was your best birthday?
What do you do when you are alone in your room?
Put make up on and wear a dress and heels looool
What’s the best gift you have ever given someone, in your opinion?
An IPad ;)
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Whom would you like to meet?
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Which word do you use most often?
Wj3 - Alah yl3nk - in6mi - kle tbn - ahm shy ( sb3ah ):D
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What makes you nervous?
When I do something wrong , then my mother or father stairs at me for a while ( a7s 8f6oni ) and then they ask me for water or something stupid like kefk !! They make me freak out
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What is the last thing you watched on TV?
F6ma ;P
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Where is the coldest place you have ever been and what was the temperature?
London (-6)
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How often do you lie to people?
Not in big things ;)
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Name any 3 things that make you smile?
1. My family
2. My friends
3. Doing something good
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What’s your favorite breakfast food?
M39oob =))
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What is your favorite city?
In saudi arabia >>> Abha <3
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Would you leave your home country for the one you love?
What is in fashion today?
The colors orange , purple and yellow I guess
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What is the thing you hate the most?
Clicking on " get a Radom question " :|