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I want you to be the mother of my kids
aw so sweet
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Welcome princess
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Your so beatuiful
tanks fam
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Mattie Zwerin
ford raptor
what about it
do you even know what fucking is
i hear you fucked a bitch is it true
I heard you fucked your bitch**
i hear you like blaizdy
Hey Riley
how bout if my name was zane salo
hey Riley
if my name was tanner prange would you fuck me
stfu hahahaha
i lyke you
why were you crying today??
HAHAHA that was a joke
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post the last picture on your camera roll
lol why is everyone adding each other on that chatous app
Text me  Nick Konkus
idk ur number
If you had to what school periods if you dated a kid your age
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Are there any guys in any of your classes that you would date if you did?
You wouldn't date anyone your age/ in your grade
not usually
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The guy you might like, is he your grade/age or older?
never said I liked anyone but if I did, he'd be older
Are there any guys you'd date in your classes
Do you like anyone?
Love you Mattie  Luke Hayes
love you too Lucas
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Don't have to be an asshole about it  Luke Hayes
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Who doesn't? Haha  Luke Hayes
good one
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