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how come you're so quiet in school??

I'm quiet when I don't have any close friends around. I prefer talking outside of school too.

I wouldve died to hang out with all of you guys. Your all so hot


What did you do today

Hung out with George, Jamie, Adrian, & Dylan

Why are you quiet at school?

I choose when to talk and when to not talk.

You're so amazing. I love you.


Where is the worst place you could get stuck?

An O.J Simpson trial.

Do you remember your first kiss?

No because I never had one

OMg max ur r perf k@l@


You are very deep...

Really? I thought I was shallow.

how old r u?


What are you really good at?

Being shy.

Do you think people deserve a second chance?

Give peace a chance

What is under your bed?

My childhood memories of me crawling under it

are you in any way african american?

Not that I know of

since when are u a comedian?

Since 97'

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