Max Horan @Maxkillercondra
Max Horan @Maxkillercondra
In a band... our music can be heard by clicking the link below
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Is it wrong to kill animals for human consumption?
Of course it is.
Why don't you want a girlfriend?
it just doesn't seem that important to me right now
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do you want a girlfriend? ;)
I don't need one right now.
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how come you're so quiet in school??
I'm quiet when I don't have any close friends around. I prefer talking outside of school too.
Honest thoughts on raygan now?
I'm sure she's still awesome as always. I don't talk to her anymore though so I really don't know.
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I wouldve died to hang out with all of you guys. Your all so hot
What did you do today
Hung out with George, Jamie, Adrian, & Dylan
Why are you quiet at school?
I choose when to talk and when to not talk.
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hey I saw you downtown bethesda once ur so cute <3 :*
:) who's was I with?
I think that with more publicity your words will melt the hearts of many as they have mine. Keep going!
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hey i downloaded your "the demos" tracks! theyre amazing!
thanks!!! :)
how have you not had your first kiss its pathetic
how is it pathetic?
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you should post a video of you singing, it would make me soo incredibly happy. Pleaseeeeeee? c:
You wouldn't want that
You're so amazing. I love you.
Max you're so cute omg
thank you
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Where is the worst place you could get stuck?
An O.J Simpson trial.
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Do you remember your first kiss?
No because I never had one
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what grade are u in?
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Thoughts on 8th graders
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What is the safest place in the world?
We are never safe. We just need to believe we are.
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OMg max ur r perf k@l@
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You are very deep...
Really? I thought I was shallow.
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how old r u?
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What are you really good at?
Being shy.
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