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if you were walking behind someone and they dropped 100$ would you keep it or give it back?
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who u like??
Food, he never leaves my side
Prettiest girl(s) you know? -any age, any school
Everyone's beautiful swaggg
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How did you celebrate New Year's Eve?
Ummmm.. Lol
What are you looking forward to in the new year?
Food and counting the days down to summerrrrrrt
Do you have a Christmas tree? Post a picture.
Do you have a Christmas tree? Post a picture.
Which gives you the most pleasure - giving presents or receiving them?
Dis is stupidddd
Where do you think Santa Claus is from?
The fucking North Pole?! Duhhhhhh
What does the life you want to live look like?
Where everything is made out of food and candy! And no fake bitches! (:
What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?
what do u mean idk
Idk who u r
No I'm in your grade
Hmmmm idk lol
You think I'm weird and creepy sooooo
Lol hmm is this Matt again.?
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wish I coould say
Well doooo ittt
Lol who's is this?!
Sweet. When and where
Ur house at 8.
Can we hookup?
Oh yeah totally.
What should a real man be able to do?
Get me good everyday oh and not to be a prick!
Whaaat. You don't want me as a gift for the holidays. k.  Nicole Sophia Lozenja
U ain't chocolate
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What gift would you like to receive on the upcoming holidays?
Chocolate>>> if u know what I mean ... JasMINE.
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Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?
Ummmm no one lol okay umm my cat shit-ttles
She is pretty kool
Would you date yourself if you were someone else?
Lmao of courseeeee✌️
Do u miss joel?
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Are you in Love?
U PRobably already know what I'm gonna say.... WITH FOOOOOODDDD AND my boo chocolate!
Hahaha yes.(:
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