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Meera @MeeraAlShaer
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we have the same names ; Meera alshaer loool
Oh that's cool ❤️
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الله يحمي مبسمك قد ما فتن قلبي ❤️
شكرا ويحميك منو ما تكون❤️
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ملبورن مدينه جميله وتنعشق بسرعه ،،،
انتي كنتي عايشه في ملبورن؟ ومتى رجعتي ؟
هيه، قبل ٣ سنين تقريبا
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Ask me plz :(  ALanoud Bawazeir ♛
أفضل رواية قمت بقرائتها ؟  ALanoud Bawazeir ♛
أحببتك اكثر مما ينبغي❤️
Can we be friends ?
Ya, but at first I have to know you ;p
Mueeraa 97eee7 ana ab'3aaak .. W mara 3ndy shy muhm lazm agolaah likk !!! A3mly add pin:291F0769
First of all, im meera not muneera, and I don't add stranger.
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What is your favorite city?
Dubai <3
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Who was the last person you saw?
‎@Mai8844 <3
ana a7bch :p ,, t7bini ?  Marwa Ali
MarwoO yes I dooooooooo ;*
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Are you a morning person or a night person?!  Mohammed naved
Night -,-"
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How old are you ?
21 :D
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Who are your heroes?
My Dad <3
Do you have something awesome to do today?
ROUTINE is pulling me to death :S
Any Plans for an Awesome day ? *HEEELLLPPP*
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Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
No One :|
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What was the first thing you learned to cook?
Andomi ;p
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Who do you Miss ?
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Chaih sho sbeel ? ;))
TOFY lol
Omg! Ma agdr ansa :)) hahahah
Which uni you used to be in while you were in melbourne ?
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Why did you leave melbourne and you came back to study here ?
HomeSick kills :)
Bs after I came back I noticed MelbourneSick is worst !
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What does your lips taste ?
Get a Life :)