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Hows life? di kana active ah

Yes. Super busy kasi.

@regaljoe asks, "What item from your childhood do you wish you could find again?"

Not an item but a memory from my siblings😊

How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?

For this day, only two😭

Mahal kita😘

Mahal kita😬



Pancakes or waffles?


I love you since then, i dont know why but i just did. I dont know who is the who makes you special but that person is lucky bec u love each other if you are single just tell me hahahaha u know me but i dont have guts to see you my name maybe soon i love u to the moon and back -secret admirer

Many people made me who I am today because you guys make me so much special, blessed, love and very happy. And thank you for that. I know for now you don't have a courage pa na magpaila but whoever you are, I am happy because you confessed (mayntag dili ni joke ha😂) correction, wala koy boyfriend since then. Just an imaginary one😂😊 God bless us! I love you to the moon and back too!

PAP ung the best pls with ur friends

The rendezvous👩👩

regards kung PJP😭😂 pls pls byaw neh

The person's mine!! Hahahaha jk

What is your fave movie that uve watched in recent?

Halik sa hangin. Hahahahaha

no. q o AKO?

Madal lang mapalitan ang numero, pero IKAW hindi ka madaling mapalitan dito sa puso ko😍😍💋 Hahahahaha


Thank you😊

Do u like yaya dub?

Just fine. She's just okay.

Merry Xmas!🎉

Merry Christmas!😊

Dghan gmingaw o dri hahahaha

I miss you too guys!

Niadto deay ka?

Yea hehehehehhe

hows the prelim?

It was fine naman😊

Best selfie pls

Against the light.

baby im worth it! xD

You deserve better!

How was it?


Musta namuh?

Wala nami, pero magpapukaw ra siya pinaagi sa damgo kung magbuwag sila kay pangitaan man nako siyag lain😂

Meri xmas! XD

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!😊🎁

answer my questions na hahahaha

I already answered those questions. Were those really all yours? Hahaha


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