Megan Ferguson
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You like anyone?

yes no maybe idk

Jackie? Deejay? Emily? Savanna?

what about them

i think we should talk :)

well then lets talk

Ur so pretty i hope u get a guy u deserve

awwh thanks. i wish i knew who this was

Know anyone from sachem north?


you and your friends are trashy

ive been getting that alot lately for no reasonn

my nigga megan is so damnn flyyyy

wow thank annon

How many times u had sex?

as much times as i met one direction-__- 0

What age would you fuck somebody?


U like anyone?

not at the moment

Would u date a 8th grader

mostly likey notttt

have u ever goten drunk?

um yeah

Would u ever send nudes over snapchat


are u a vergin?

ill answer this question when you learn how to spell

thoughts on larry

My main nigga. And he's like the nicest kid ever.

Thoughts on Emily ingle

My best fucking friend

Thoughts of Brianna Scalice

We don't talk

thoughts of karly suave

She's so nice I misss her so much

What's the farthest u would go w a guy

To Hawaii

does this say my name


Whose side were you on Serena's or Emily's?

Emily's obviously

Did you watch the fight?


Would you bang the kid from Applebee's

Depends on which one

Hey sexy



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