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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
I'm more of a fuck everyone & their judgment person.
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2bHonest idk you really... but ive heard good things bout you.! don be a stranger  Ryan Hays
thankz g
2bHonest idk you really... but ive heard good things bout you.! don be a stranger
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Then who are they?
lol i have a lot & dont talk to some as much but they're still homies..
Angel F
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Plural like more than one best friend
I don't really have more than one I have close ones but their not close enough to have the title.
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Who are you best friends?
Keith I think & hope..
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all 15 of my friends are mains* , I don't got time to list ALL 15.
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Pap of your messages
I haven't texted anyone for the last week. besides my mom.
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What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
my life.
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Best Friends?
Keith/Queef same thing
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Tbh MEGAN UR FUNNY CALM CHILK FUN TO TALK TO lol ur short umm ur pretty fun to hang out with and fun to talk to  Danilan Smith
lol THANKS ! (:
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
"what about infinity × infinity "
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Tbh your awesome!! Your funny ass hell lol your cool to be around and I dig your swag!  Jesse Walker
thankssss dawg!
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tbh- I met you like once and you're pretty cool and pretty! (:  Clarrissa Ramirez
thanks ! (:
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Tbh- your chill but you call me Donkey Kong every time I see you -__- but you funny too hope your spring was good !(:  Dk Garrett
thanks ha & I promise I'll stop lol.
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ahaha fail . thoughts on ~~~~>  Justiceeee❤️
oh lol you're really fun to text & pretty, Keith told me you were at the carnival & I got excited so we could chill with you. but you weren't there -.- haha well hmu sometime!
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tbh, oh dude your tOo fUnny. you laugh lots. & your real pretty. hmu
no. u hmu.
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thoughts on ~~~>
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Are you going to the carnival tonight ?
guatafac. no.
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Top 10 eighth graders. Doesn't matter what school or if it's boys or girls.
Keiolanie Keith sierra Macee Jackie Joel cade Spencer anabell & annissa .
so pretty much all my friends.
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Are you still dating Joel?
yes why?
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boobs or ass?
I know, I don't have either of them.
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
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Cutest couple you know?.
Sierra & Alan , but not just cause that's the only couple I know ...
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Tbh merrgan. Youre like totes adorbs ;p lol youre hella funny and pretty af. Its not fair. But anywhosers hmu gurl.  Anabella Herrera
thanks guhl & fasho lol
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Who's your besties?
idek. the people I can trust.
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