Mert bilgili @MertBilgili96
Mert bilgili @MertBilgili96
Not answering any bullshit so suck your mum.
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Which side of the boat did u jump of from when you was coming to this country the front or the back? Surely must be the back... u immigrant. . Howevr immigrants are beautiful.. ur beautiful
lol ur sister gives head to homeless people
How many balls have u got?
come check for me
Kim verecek
U look like a fresh kurd that came to this country tryna be modern .. thats a really good thing
LOOL suck ur nan
What do you think about more than anything else?
Do you treat your body like a Temple or more like an Amusement Park?
Dickhead watch when I see you
outchea broo suck your mum.
You said I can move to her
suck your mummm
Give me her number she ain't got twitter and dat
lol suck your dead nans bones dry.
that concerns no one
Have you got anyone on your mind doe
Did you love ipek ?
Maybe not sure
You havent found the right one
i guess i havent
Have you ever loved a girl
what is love?
Can't get her out my mind can I move to her
do your thing bro
Girl you want to wife
loool whos that
i miss you tbh
whos this?
my boyyyyyy
So you sit at home. Dreaming for your crush to like you lol you're wasting your life.
LOL nope i work. Also i dont dream of my crush. So you're wasting your sad little life trying to violate.
What's nejmi Pasa to u
personal security
Why did you leave
because i can
I thought u went monaux
yeah i used to
Where do you live
sanane amk