Mert bilgili @MertBilgili96
Mert bilgili @MertBilgili96
Not answering any bullshit so suck your mum.
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dm and ill tell you
Okuz soruyoz tek, where?
Nerde calisiyorsun
Are you coming to the sunnet today?
I'm working
Do you like vain girls
No i dont
Sizde takdiniz ikide bir selver diyorsunuz istemiyor amk making it seem as if selver likes him their only friends gotler
Oi tell em love for that
shes a nice girl
that pic with selver tho
My slavee
Whos rotinda
Who's better looking ? Yusuf or Rotinda
Both ugly
Who was the most good looin girl in oxford
Oxford academy yea
Man like mehmet hocaa
People judge so quick
You lot shut up about selver he don't see her in that way
thats itt
Might aswell go out with eachother lol why u friendzoning her mert
Laying down and taking a pic w selver yhhhhhbh on the sofa my niggaa my nigaa
lol lol lol
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Ur so low man dust dnt kno how certain mandem chills wid u
learn to fucking spell and who still uses "Dust" you fucking down syndrome
Whos rotinda
My girlfriend
Course u fool dnt kno why ur so ashamed ipek gibi birini nah bulursun u guys r clearly exs so is she lying
yeah she is lying we aint exs never spoken to her before
Girls that u think is gd lookin?
Rotindas a good looking girl
Dont lie aswell ipek is ur ex wasteman u stalk her nd shi
LOOOL dont know a girl called ipek
Skeen why aint u answering my questions u nd selver are doing a ting why lie
beg you go water your nans grave
why dont you ask selver out
because shes like my sister so stop this shit
how old are you