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Maya Bode @Mesb13
Maya Bode @Mesb13
Author of Tess Embers & When Winters Cross. 9th Grade, I love music and reading and writing!
Ask Me Anything!
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I like your new picture and background
Thank you. (:
Do you know anything about love? I kind of like this guy and it's getting painful to keep a secret but I don't know if I really can or want to tell anyone any advice?
I wish I could help you, but I don't know the first thing about love. Just try to do what feels right to your heart!
I'm happy to announce that there are two new videos up on the KatJayMa channel! (:  Maya Bode
I know -- us too! I'm sorry, we are trying, but we've all been super busy lately with the start of school and we haven't had time to get together and record (not to mention editing), but we do have a plan and we do have a couple very fun ones coming up so just be patient! We haven't forgotten or something -- don't worry! (:
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You want me to pass on a message? What then? (:
Why is Jayla's account deactivated?
I think she just got tired of keeping up with it; do you want me to pass on a message or something?
Hey this isn't exactly a question, but I just wanted you to know that I just read When Winters Cross and I really enjoyed! Keep writing!
Thank you! I will (:
Hello, I subscribe to your YouTube channel KatJayMa, I would like to request you do a vlog.
Thank you so much for your interest! We try to make a video every time we're all together. (: If you want to be featured in an upcoming Q&A video, please feel welcome to ask us questions on the ‎@katjayma page and/or our Instagram account (‎
whats ur username on chatous?
Sorry I don't know what that is... (:
Hello! What inspires you to write? :)
It varies from day to day, but mostly people, books, music, & nature. :)
You are amazing! I live in Fort Collins and I'm 13 and currently trying to write a book. You're so inspiring! :)
Thank you so much! :)
If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?
Write or vlog (:
Check out my YouTube channel! :) I vlog on Tuesdays and Fridays & talk about my books!  Maya Bode
I know you like John Green books, but are you a nerdfighter?
Yes I am!! DFTBA (:
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Are you on the cover of When Winters Cross
No, it's one of my best friends ‎@katclasen :)
My next novel, "When Winters Cross," will come out July 7th, 2014! Visit the website here:  Maya Bode
Lexi Winters was not an average teenage girl. With few friends and not much of a social life, Lexi dedicated most of her free time to thinking about the complex puzzle of existence. Things start to change when her little brother Brody starts dating a girl named Emma Cross, who has an equally-antisocial older brother named Sam. Despite their siblings’ wish for them to get along, Sam and Lexi can hardly stand each other, seeming to disagree on just about everything. However, the two have more alike than they initially realize, and their time together soon evolves into a meaningful friendship. Join Lexi and Sam as they navigate challenges, face their fears, and contemplate some of life’s greatest mysteries in this thoughtful second novel by teen author Maya E.S. Bode.
My next novel, "When Winters Cross," will come out July 7th, 2014!
Visit the website here:
How would you describe writers?
I feel like all writers are different, but if I had to come up with a definition, here it is: Writers are people who are constantly thinking up scenarios, characters, conversations, and lives in our minds — and once in awhile we fall in love with a certain story, so we write it down. I think writers are just observant, creative people who love to write. :)
What is it about?  L
I haven't announced that yet, but I'll post the synopsis here when I do! :)
What is your latest book?  L
It's called "When Winters Cross," and I'm hoping to publish it July 7th :)
How has being an author changed you?
I've enjoyed writing since I learned how. Although my stories aren't about me, I incorporate aspects of myself into them. In a way, writing helps me continuously figure out who I am, and sharing my stories with other people helps me become more confident. Publishing Tess Embers was like sharing a part of myself with family, friends, and strangers. It has also helped me become more confident with who I am, especially after doing book signings, interviews, and other events. I'm an introvert, so most of these social interactions weren't things I'd normally choose to do, but I think I've learned a lot from pushing myself to do them.
Do you want to be an author when you grow up?
Right now, that's what I want. :) However, I have an open mind about my future.
How much of a shopper are you? depends if you're talking about bookstores or not...
Is jayla your sister or just a friend
She's my cousin, and my best friend :)
Hi :)
I am also a writer and i was hoping you might be able to read my short story? Plz? =D  Breanne
Possibly...I don't do that type of thing over email, but if it's online I can definitely look at it. :) On, I have a "Tess Embers" group where I give free reviews.
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