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Well do you ever want to talk to her agian ?
Idk cause she's "done" with me
What happened with you & ceryna? Do you want to be her friend again?
Um.. Long story and were cousins
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Would you go out with cri?
Why do you care?
Wooooowww you would gate mats besfrend
would you go out with cri?
Big booty
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Karina G?
Big booty
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Some Of The Questions You Get Are Soo Perverted
I know huh?
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Where are you spending Easter?
your so beautiful there's no words to explain it
Thanks :) who is this?
Your Hott
Hey Babe what up, snapchat me ;*
Who is this?
wat do u do if u don't no wat to do  Nathen Drow
Idk ..
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Fuck your mom :P
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Yah too wer qute toogetha
Who me and Matt? Yeah I know
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Were friends :)
Are you and Joseph going out?
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Who did you hate in elementary school
Everyone yet No one
Ceryna or Natalee?
Both duhh
Who's the last person you texted?
A friend ;)
Who are you?
A middle school lad trying to live her life
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idk u but ur pretty and cool
Thanks ..
Füčk hïm :|
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I want to suck you pussy baby
I didn't ask .. Nor do I want you to
o, who ever you are