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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Fuck your mom :P
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Yah too wer qute toogetha
Who me and Matt? Yeah I know
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Were friends :)
Are you and Joseph going out?
Who did you hate in elementary school
Everyone yet No one
Ceryna or Natalee?
Both duhh
Who's the last person you texted?
A friend ;)
Who are you?
A middle school lad trying to live her life
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idk u but ur pretty and cool
Thanks ..
Füčk hïm :|
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I want to suck you pussy baby
I didn't ask .. Nor do I want you to
o, who ever you are
Any bestfriends you miss?
All of them
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Can I see it
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Why mot
I want to suck on your pussy while you give me a hand job
Um no
Your really pretty :)
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I love her
He's mean
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She's cool :)
Oh and i didnt say you were one , its just you look like one
Your soooo small and your like 11? but you look like a slut
12 ha and no lmao I'm not actually
You should check your snapchat
Who are you?
Want to see me dick? I just measured it and it's 9 inches long!
Can I see your tits
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Have you lost your v
Hell no
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