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I know that I'm not but u seem happy and excuse me but ur HOT
Like heat hot? Lmao jk thanks
No u seem perfect lol
No ones perfect lol
Wish I had a girl like u
No you don't trust me lol
is it true you send nudes that's fucken gross
Is it true your stalking me that's fucken gross
No u gorgeous
Pretty ugly :P
Top 3 baseball players at your school
Raul Dominic and Marcus
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Y u lying? U no someone has
I don't lie either
Have some one suck on ur titts?
I don't have boobs
Have u sucked a penis?
do u regret dating Matthew
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yoursm boobs are so fake
You wish
Who did Matt cheat on u with
More than one girl
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Is Matt really a Cheater -.-
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Shut up
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Who do u miss?
Andrea & Dalall
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Damn ...
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You're a baddie baby.
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Dated matt when u were dating him
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I'm sorry for what I did
What did you do?
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Your like ugliest girl my foot looks better then u fuck u
Ok haha
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Let's just say.. I used to talk to you..
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Your like the most finest and hottest girl there is Mia! I wish we could go out..
Who are you? Lol
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Mia your like a snow flake❤️ Your one of a kind, so gentle,so soft,so nice, and best of all so beautiful❤️
Lol thanks
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