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How you know ?
Cause I do lol
He's going there ?
Cri montano ?
Known him forever, glad he's going to THS :)
your soo pretty!  anyssa
You're* lol but thank you! You're so nice
did u and matt ever date?
Are you conceited?
Idk am i?
Are you afraid of HS
A little nervous
Are you gonna miss middle school
Already do
Mia with little titties 😂
What grade are you in?😇
I'm a freshman :)
Damn there's that many?
I just can't remember all of them off the top of my head, but yeah there's kind of a lot
What's their names?
I'm not gonna name all of them lol
Who's going to the cheer conditioning thing? Are they all stuck up bitches like you?
No they're really nice actually :)
Are you and Gigi friends because she's not talking to Johnny anymore?
Good backspot lol
Share something you're grateful for today.
Mi madre ❤️
Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time?
What are the other girls names?
Idk I forgot
Who goes to that THS cheer conditioning? (Incoming freshman's)
Um... Me, Andrea, Natalee, Maya, Thalia, Larissa, Mari, Celeste, Davine and a couple other girls why?
She don't like me, idk why
What's johnny's last name?
Are you mad that Johnny and Gigi are talking?
At Johnny not at Gigi
Chris ?
Friend :)
So you are planning on being a hoe at THS?