Mikey @MichaelGW
Mikey @MichaelGW
Welsh teen boy living in England. I like Merlin and Doctor Who. ‎@MikeyTheWelsh
I will answer anything and everything
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Omg, I just saw you in my twitter feed, hai! I haven't spoken to you in ages, how are you?x
hey havent spoken to anyone in ages, ive been good how about you?
How are you, haven't spoken in ages. Are you in college now ?? X  Hannah~victoria
Im doing good thanks, how are you? And yh I am, are u? x
Mikeyyyyyyyy x  Hannah~victoria
Hannaaaahhhh x
Yep I'm going to study english at a uni in the west of France :)  Roranicus Badassicus
That's awesome! (:
Was your birthday yesterday ? omg if so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEYYYYY  Roranicus Badassicus
It was June 19th but THANK YOU!
I'm fine too, thanks :) Where did you go in France ??? :) Finished school, graduated and now going to uni :D
I went to Lyon and Paris + awesome! Have u decided what uni ur going to?
Mikeyyyyy ! How are you??? It's been a while :)  Roranicus Badassicus
Hey! I'm good, thanks, u? Yeah it has, been busy! Turned 16, finished school, went on holiday, I was in France! :) What u been up to?
Happy birthday<3
Thanks. :)
Somebody who's inspired you?  Ben Roberts
JK Rowling
Favourite band?  Ben Roberts
Green day
South Park or Family Guy?  Ben Roberts
family guy
Favourite alcohol?  Ben Roberts
don't like alcohol
Host a house party or go to one?  Ben Roberts
Prefer Wales or England?  Ben Roberts
Favourite doctor?  Ben Roberts
11, Matt Smith
If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be?
Matt or Karen
Here if you need any advice or anything:) http://ask.fm/HelpSupportandAdvice
Thanks :)
I love u bitch!
Love you too!
Awwww that's good well done and yeah totally agree with you there :) xx  Hannah~victoria
Thanks (: and yh, it sucks :( xx
What's the furthest from home you've been?
Italy (:
I missed you :( where have you been :( xx  Hannah~victoria
i've missed you too, just been so busy getting healthy, recovery and school crap, can't wait until exams are over :( xx
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Good, and I'm good thanks:)
That's good! (:
Haha I stopped doing those. Should really start them (; x
Yep (:
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Do you tolerate heat or cold better?