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You Tryna fuck ?
Hell yeah when and where?
Are you still a virgin?
That's a clown question bro
Favorite freshman girl, fav sophomore girl and junior girl
Damn that's a tough one idk I don't really have favorites
Who are you?
Michael muthafuckin marchant
Do you ever get tired of the single life?
Not not really
The girl you kissed today is that your gf?
Nah #SingleLyfe
I love you more than you will ever know.
I love you tooo
Would you ever date a freshman?
Grade and age are just numbers
How old are you?
I think you're actually really cute haha
Why thank you
That's not a question
touch my butt
Sure why not
If your life were a movie, what would be the title?
Just another day
I love you handsome.
I love you too gorgeous
What's stopping you?
A lot of shit
You think so?
Ain't that what I said?
Do you want her to be your girl?
I think so
No one else knows this because you won't tell us who your girl is.
Because it's complicated right now and idk if I have a girl
Your girl is cute
I know this
Who comes to mind when you hear beautiful?
Quit avoiding my question
So there is more than one?
I didn't say that I'm trying to figure out who you are talking about
I shouldn't be the one to say it. But if she's really something there is no point in hiding her, right?
Obviously so who are you talking about?
Only because I know who it is and I think you should tell people.
Who is it then?
Have a real crush yet?
You ain't gonna give up on this huh?
Would you ever date either one of them?
Not sure