eu sou lésbica, minha mãe não me aceita, q q eu faço? ;(

i'm guessing that one word means lesbian right

you're the best artist in the world <3 thanks for the concert in México Vanessa Gc

Thank you that means a lot x

do you have a song that you favor over the others that you have produced? sarah grace cook


Hi follow me on Twitter :) helllyamiley ty ily ._.


respect You and Your Page <3


New Selfie

everyday haha

your hobby

eating's nice

İ love you miley why did you change? İlluminati or something? ırmak

nahhh (:

Dumb Fake ✋

aha no

hi... Miley?!.. please follow me on twitter..


hello.. how are you

good you?

will u ever grow ur hair out again? :) it was so pretty. Its pretty now too but you know what I mean.

atm i like what i have so idk i'll see

I watched the last song today and I cant believe after all this time I still cry.

aw that's cute :)

If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?


What can totally impress you?


Do you make decisions spontaneously or chart out a plan first?

umm depends???

What would you change in this World?


Miiiiilleeeyy «3

:) heyy



Are you miley the real one :ss ??

yeahh :)


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