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FYI- The Eagles had a song called Take It Easy. Lyrics in the song refer to standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona. Now they have made it a tourist attraction to come stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona. There's nothing on the corner. lol

Awesome! Thanks for the info!!

Will you marry me?

Sorry, already said yes to someone else ;)

Hey Allison, I heard you like to play volleyball (sand). would you consider playing in a 4v4 tourney as a celebrity guest? Maybe even get others at your station!! I run volleyball tournaments and leagues in Austin!! -Charles W.

Possibly, although in not all that great, but I do love to play! :)

Yea Allison I got a question for you. I want you to be serious about this. Okay. I want you to really think about it. Okay.... you ready? Will you merry me please? My name is Channing Tatum

Well, I'm already married. However, you definitely got a laugh out of me! :)

Why do the high pressure "domes" like to park on top of Texas every summer?

Sometimes, when these ridges of high pressure, especially in the summer, makes them difficult to move. Because it's so dense and thick, it's like trying to move a full dresser in carpet. Because of this, they stick around for longer than they should!

How does the blowing dust/smoke from other areas into our area effect our weather. (i.e...smoke from Mexico or dust from Africa)

It's so thin, that only if you are unusually sensitive will you feel the impacts. However, you may notice some haze in the atmosphere.
If it's thick enough, it can hide some sunlight and slightly bring our temperatures down.

Is Allison Miller your real name or your news personality name?

It's my maiden name :)

You have a great speaking and announcing voice. Do you sing?

Speaking/announcing yes...singing no..but it's still entertaining? :)

Have you ever stood on the corner in Winslow Arizona?

No...What's on the corner?

What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?

Hm...turtles..always used to see them in the lakes, on the way into the Phoenix Zoo :)

Do you do rain dances?

Anyway I can..they vary from season to season ;)

What is your favorite summer song?

Anything with the word 'summer' in it. I love weather-themed songs :)

How many lightning strikes on 7/26/13

At the storm's peak, we saw nearly 3600 (about a strike every second)..Not sure on the total..prob near 5000! :)

Where would be the ideal position for a torrential downpour, in order to fill up our Highland Lakes? Burnet County?

Just to the north and west(ish)...Basically right on top or over the tributaries that flow into the highland lakes!

Guys are always trying to flirt with you. Has your husband started collecting weapons because of this? lol

Who's to say he doesn't have them already!! ;) We have a very secure relationship and trust each other. It actually entertains him when other guys flirt.

what are 5 things people may not know about you?

I love to sing (but I'm terrible). I grew up dancing, even when I'm not in class, I'm always dancing (at work, while I clean, prob in my sleep too). I want to be a pilot. I can't handle spicy foods :( My back-up career is San Diego beach bum!

How is your summer?

Not bad! Haven't had much time to work on my tan, but other than that I can't complain! :)

What is your favorite style of music to dance to?

Depends on the day...there's not much music I don't like..sometimes it's hiphop, sometimes it's salsa, sometimes it's country!

If you could see any musician or band perform live, who would it be?

Muse..saw them once and would see them again! Beyonce! Haven't seen her live, but I love her and love dancing to her jams!

What frustrates you the most?

How I always seem to have a "to-do" list!

Are meteorologists able to detect and accurately forecast tornadoes?

Good question...Meteorologist can detect which storm are more likely to produce tornadoes, but research is still being done on figuring out exactly which storm will produce a tornado!

If you could dine with any three Austinites... living or dead, where would you eat, what would you order, and who would they be?? :-) second question... What is the long term fall forecast for Austin, cooler and wetter than normal I hope? (Havent found the answer to that anywhere yet.)

Hm...maybe Salty Sow...cocktails, the crispy brussel sprout appetizers..not sure what dinner item...w/ Sandra Bullock, Dan Rather, and Drew Brees?
The long term outlook keeps temperatures a bit above average, but leaves us with an equal chance of seeing above or below normal precipitation :) *fingers-crossed* for more rain!

What is your favorite Blue Bell ice cream flavor?

That's a tough one..anything with carmel, mint, maybe cookies and I'm hungry, lol!

Whom have you hugged today?

My husband and my rescued pup..every day :)

Will that tropical depression make it to the gulf of mexico? Hope not going to the beach this weekend.

You'll be fine this weekend. It will be approaching the Caribbean, but not until Monday-Tuesday


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