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Have you ever broken up with a friend?

Yes, 2 actually

When has science been wrong?

It hasn't, it's just be used wrong.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Depends, if I am around people I know, I'm usually very extroverted, but if I feel alienated or I don't know anyone then I become very introverted until I find common ground with someone.

How frequently do you talk to distant friends?

Whenever I get the chance to talk to them..... Which isn't as often as I wish it was.

Who is your favorite live performer?

I've only seen Third Day so I would have no clue

If you were a scientist, what would you invent?

Okay I wan't to be a scientist and I don't want to invent anything, I want to study Marine Life....

What is the most overplayed song of all time?

Anything by Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, or One Direction..... and it's a pain trying to find a good station when at least one of them constantly comes on.

How many people do you think you've met in your life?

well... ive been to three summer camps with 200ish people with 5ish returnies so we'll go with 600 there then theres my family which is about 75 then school with an average of about 32 to a class so 32x5.5 is 176? (did it in my head at 8 in the morning) and well say another 200 just for rndom people ive met then the other hundred for a different summer camp. oh and sports.... go with 150 so ll together thats 1301... i think... im doing this on my kindle so going back over my answer is difficult

What's your favorite holiday?

Halloween because it's the only time where it's acceptable to be something you're not.

If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?

Best Friend

What habit that others have annoys you most?

People who yell at the middle man

What do you splurge on?


What's your favorite photo that you've taken?

its one of a tree in our yard and thw camera is pressed against the tree and facing up and the light hit a leaf just right that it looked like it glowed

What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

almost 48 hours

What are you currently addicted to?

Person of Interest!!!!!!!

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

time travel or invisibility but i can choose when i actually want to time travel or if i just want to look. it would also have to be attached to space travel... or reading minds... well if i were invisivle i could listen to conversations without thwm knowing it... so its either time/space travel or invisibility or both

How does society brainwash the youth?

smart phones and computers

Which fairytale you’d like to live in?

I can honestly say that I hate this question... I get asked constantly "If I could live in any fandom world, which would it be?" and that's basically this question and I have a bunch of Fandoms that I'd LOVE to join but they all have a down fall... Harry Potter, great story, possibility to die. Supernatural, super cute guys, death is a sure.... but fairytale??? oh man.... does Calvin and Hobbes count???? if so thats it! if not... well... Not Cinderella (don't like mother/step-sisters evilness), Love Mulan but not sure that's a fairytale.... Not Sleeping Beauty because she's raped.... is it sad that I didn't really read fairy tales as a child... What about Magic Tree house! no... dang it! not a fairy tale.... GOT IT!!!! (I had to look this up but I did figure it out!) Snow-White and Rose-Red.... that was a good fairy tale that I actually read...

How do you usually express your emotions?

openly.... unless its sadness.... I try and bottle that up.... My friends can normally tell what my emotions are like just by the look on my face.... I'll have people who ask me how my day is and if it hasn't been a good one I just give them a look and a grunt and they know that its best to leave that subject alone.

How can you tell that someone is lying?

The change in their tone... also if I've known someone long enough it just comes naturally

How do you relax at the end of the day?

read a book or watch supernatural

What makes life worth living?

The thought of a future happiness

How would you explain color to a blind man?

It's radiance and makes things unique

Who is the happiest person in the world?

The people who don't know the pain

If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?

Martin Luther King "I have a Dream" speech... but I don't want to see him shot....


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