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Mirela:) @MirelaGojnik
Mirela:) @MirelaGojnik
"Let that be a lesson to you, sweetie. Never love anything."
Dreaming,I was only dreaming <3
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hell no haha:) (y)
It makes me wanna drink a lot:D
I'm a Angel/Demon When I was one, and-a two, and-a three, and-a four I knew I was a special one who had a little more And they wondered why I was plotting, rotten to the core It was nothing but an itty-bitty demon
There's a demon inside me can I kill it?
di si danas?
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<3  Saša
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kak to?
a neznam neda mi se,bila sam vec jednom:D i sigurno budem jos isla al danas mi se nejde:)
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ides na sars?
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Oko čega si trenutno najviše uzbuđen/a?
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aj tko ti lajka lajkas mu 2 odg i pitas jedno pitanje(prvih troje.)
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fala:) zovu me mr niceguy;-)
Hm a ime ti je?:D
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Rukometa sam igral i pobjedili smo:D
Bravo:) a tko si ti?:D
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je li lucija dezdek lepa?
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dobro sam fala:) zas. samo okey?
a umorna sam loma:)
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kak si?:)
a okej sam:) ti?
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Koje je tvoje omiljeno godišnje doba?
ma sva:D
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Parni Valjak - Sve Još Miriše Na Nju (1993) spot …: ♡♥♡
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hej, ja tam idem!
lucija najzgodniji decko<3
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zgodni decki iz ssc-a?
neznam ni ko tam ide:D
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Ti si pijana
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Najzgodnije cure 2.razredi ets?
Lucija Dežđek,Oksana Zadravec,Anamaria Švec,Aleksandra Sinanović,Ivona Damiš,Sindy Bubek itd. :D
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Kaj radis?
tv gledam i na fejsu sam:)
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You're perfect! It doesn't matter what others say! Ly<3 (sirim ljubav:/<3)  Tikss❤
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najzgodnije cure 1. razred u cakovcu?
Dorotea Godina,Antea Lilek, Maria Levacic :)
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daj mob. broj:DD
maje sigurno budem tu stavljala broj mobitela:D
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