fuckface @MissDei
fuckface @MissDei
i can't balance equations. i can't draw kurt kobain. i can't live without music.
pizza. get me pizza.
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If you could bookmark just 5 websites, which 5 you would choose?
that's all tbh ha
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What would you refuse to do for a million dollars?
eat my own poo, or kill someone, or just something really really stupid
ever been the third wheel
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I will never understand why you get hate
i guess people just get bored of their everyday routine, they try and say something negative about the most tiniest things ever. They're not happy about themselves so the only thing that makes the happy is actually bringing out every insecurity or a negative thing about someone else.
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Taking photos of nature, aren't you just copying everyone else. Stop begging it pleases, it's podding everyone off.
may you explain to me how taking pictures of nature copying everyone else? You shouldn't speak for everyone, say your own opinion. And either way, if people didn't like it they wouldn't look at it or like the picture, right? I don't see why you are complaining and speaking for everyone else.
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Where you do not mind waiting?
in a sloth section in a zoo
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how often do u poo?
that depends on what i eat really hmm
What are your plans for the summer?
travelling, exploring, loving life and living the adventure
who's the hottest boy and hottest girl you hang around with?
skaiste <3
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because youre cute
wel thnx
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do you like her bf? you should set abdul up
yes lmao and who with there's no one to set him up with lolz
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whos your newest friend
probs Fernandoo
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live with your mum and dad?
mum and step dad
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bra size?
what you gonna do with my bra size? calculate the mass of my boob?
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best and worst things about your bestfriends?
dont hang out/talk as much anymore and best um they're amazing people to be around and they're good listeners and gives the best advice and are funny as fuck and yeah love u
skaiste is a cool name
lithooooooooooooooooo :')
who is your best female friend?
skaiste babez
who is your best male friend?
abdul babez
last persons house you slept at?
mine lmao
Do you always smile for pictures?
why are you so beautiful already!?!?!
im not but fuck knows
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who would you love to set up on a date?
lmao no one
psych i lie
yeah i know im such a psycho
Do you got a bae or nah ?
ur awesomee
am i?