Manar Ahmed @Mixiiee
Manar Ahmed @Mixiiee
Ain shams.
Fun is the key , Lose your key then you lost your life.
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طردوه من كل المرافئ أخذوا حبيبته الصغيرة وقالوا انت لاجئ
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manar ana ba7ibik fashkh begad belzat sha5sietik 3agbani nik :*
Shokran fash5 tab?:3
What do you do when there is a blackout?
بسمع مزيكا لحد ما أنام
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ايه اكتر فيلم اثر فيك؟ او اكتر فيلم بتحبه؟
مش واحد، أكتر فيلم بحبه eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
lol, nice. I gotta sleep now, so, good night. :3
Ohkaay, good night:'3/
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Turning 17 in 2 months or so, and you?
I'm 17 u.u
Cool, I don't really pick favorites 3shan I mostly listen to whatever depends on my mood. :D
Hmm, 7eelw:3 how old are you?
Not bad, but not mediocre ya3ni.
It's my favorite song:'3
Hai. :3 / Btw, did you check Zero wala lessa?
Lisa, shwaya kedaho w hashofo o.o
Yes, and Children of Bodom. :D
w As I lay dying, tehe, haihai:'3/
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I frankly don't remember, bas I did. :3
I remember, kont sama3teni kreator ta2reban:'3/
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Enta sama3teni mazzika hena abl kida? men kam shahr?:'3
Okay then, Rock it is.
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Do you know Be'Lakor?
What kind of Mazzika?
I'm great, thanks. :3
No need, tesma3 mazzika?:3
Okay then. So how are you today?
I'm fine, What about you?:3
Did you play with Zero?
Haihai, la2 lisa hal3ab kaman shwaya, kan 3andy dros ×_×
yaret lw knty my gf:')
3az bosa lw sm7ty
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Mention your favorite bands with their best songs.
Led Zeppelin - in my time of dying, dazed and confused, Kashmir
Orphaned land - All is love, let the truce be known, our own messiah, brother
Opeth - damnation album
Pink Floyd - brain damage, eclipse, echoes, hey you
Queen - bohemian rhapsody, somebody to love, under pressure
Metallica - one, the unforgiven 2
The beatles - across the universe, the long and winding road
The xx - xx album
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enti shaksia laziza fashkh
Shokran fash5*-*
Cool, tell me what you think. And good night. :3