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And your hair! Ugh.. Your hair! It's so beautiful I know you since it was blue and I gotta say it's the most beautiful hair I've ever seen too and it got prettier when it got taller


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You have the widest most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life❤

Allah thank you so much❤

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Did you draw something that related to movies or music before?

I did. Actually most of my drawings have something to do with movies or music and I have some that I didn't share with anyone cause they're not finished yet

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Do you think you're creative?

I do believe in that yes.

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Fuck you for being so sarcastic and racist

You know fuck is a great word, cute word and so easy to say. It starts with nice soft sound fuh ends with a kuh, it's really great. Kind of a proud word! It means to make love, it means the beginning of life, it's the act that begins life. I wish I know who said it first

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What's your dream job?

I wanna make album covers and movie posters

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Lose your key then you lost your life.^^


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allah yr7mo


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mat ezay?

تليف في الكبد

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البقاء لله فى جدك انا اعرفك واعرف انه كان اهم حد فى حياتك من كلامك عنه ربنا يرحمه هو اكيد في الجنة

كان أهم حد في حياتي أيوة شكرا❤

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I like your personality wallahi fashkh ♥


Thank you❤❤

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Stop making fun of fat people!! this isn't funny i'm fat and this is too cruel

Omg did you eat your sense of humor too?

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I wonder why you're single you're the coolest, cutest interesting person I've ever talked to! You're bad ass and cute and so kind at the same time

I wonder zaye zayak belzabt walahy! But thank you so much❤❤

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Allah! "It's Just My Skin" gameela fash5, just Perfect

law enty msa7ba eh ely y5liki tfksy lsa7bk w tcrushy 3la 7ad tani?

Msh hafkeslo ya3ny 3ady eny akon shayfa 7ad tany attractive belnsbaly wana msa7bah bas msh hayeb2a feh ay steps aw action ya3ny:D

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عيدتى سنة فى الكلية ولا انتى فى سنة كام دلوقت ؟

تانية، معيدتش طالعة صافي السنة اللي فاتت بتقدير جيد جدا🌈

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I have a problem making new friends any idea how can i talk to strangers? i just get too frightened and i can't say a thing

Msh 3arfa, I had the same problem 4 years ago bas ya3ny 7awel tenzel ma3 nas aktar, be yourself and try to find something interesting to talk about w hatt3wed:D

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مش عاوزه تستقلى وتبقى استرونج ومان بقى؟

لا لو في مصر مش عاوزة أستقل ولا هقدر أسيب أمي عشان بحبها نيك، لو جت فرصة إني أسافر بره أكيد مش هقول لا وأمي مشجعاني على ده أصلا معندهاش مشاكل أسافر بره لوحدي عشان عارفة إن ده هيبقى أفضل ليا ف هتضايق أكيد بس اشطة هتتبسطلي في الآخر

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I liked you for a year but since I knew that you're an atheist I don't like you anymore!

معلش بقى مفيش نصيب وكمان مانا ملحدة من 4 سنين انت اللي مغفل

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Are you in love or in a relationship?

No, no

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How to have a skinny and sexy body like yours?


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انا معجب بدماغك وبيكي فشخ

شكرا فشخ طب دي حاجة تبسطني:3

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