Nobody touch me in the righteous nobody text me in a crisis

Work work work work work work work la la la la la la la da da da da da da da

Why? Lowsenberg

Cause I don't wanna say

جمعــــه مباركـــة ahmed nasser


ازاي الواحد يعرف انه لا مُنتمي؟

مش عارفة والله

So who was the girl you kissed?

I don't wanna say who is she

What was the first place Rachel and Ross kissed in and had sex in?

They kissed in central perk and had sex in the museum

What does phoebe legally change her name to?

Princess consuela banana hammock

What name is Chandler's TV guide addressed to?

Miss Chanandler Bong

When was the last time you kissed someone?

2 weeks ago while I was playing truth or dare😅

If you could pick one celebrity to have sex with, who would it be?

Jim Morrison

Hello cutie pie

Hello, just Janice.

Do you find yourself as a crazy person ?


Put your music on shuffle and tell me what are the first 10 songs that come on

The Smiths - Please, please, please let me get what I want
Sir Douglas Quintet - She's about a mover
Oasis - Wonderwall
Birdy - Wings
Alt-J - Matilda
Bob Marley & The wailers - Kinky Reggae
The Velvet Underground - Venus in furs
Maurice Louca - Sharq ra7 tegharab
Maroon5 - She will be loved
Bob Marley & The wailers - Get up, stand up

Post a picture of your natural hair color

انتي في فنون جميله؟

لا تربية فنية

لقد كان وزني ١٥٠ كيلو وبعد شراء هذا الحزام العجيب لن تصدقوا!! لقد خسرت ٢٠٠ جنيه.

دي مصيبة

I hope you get this right, because i really respects you as a person, but I seriously wanna have sex with you.. just sex.

مش هينفع والله

ايه حكاية شارع الكليه ده ايه الحلو فيه والناس بتروحه كتير ليه

في البدء كان شارع الكلية ويتش ايز جنب الكلية بعدين الناس بقت تروح تشرب مخدرات وتحتسي الخمور ويعطوا هناك

قولي انتي اتهور و ابقي اجيلك؟

اتهور تمام بس انت مين طب😅

بشوفك كتير فشخ في الزمالك عند فنون جميلة فا اتصرفي ايه الحل

ايه الحل بقى ناو

انا بحبك اوي

وبعدين طب

اتنين حرامية دخلوا على بيت يسرقوه فتحوا الخزنة وجدوا إسلاما بلا مسلمين #ههه


"my crush invited me to her wedding"

حزن أوي

I would lose weight but i hate losing


Enty garabt LSD ??!



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