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whered u go bhavik i thought u left us again :(



Impressions of Sarah, Sarah, Emily and Kate?

Idk licking a banana


<3 u too OP

i am amused by the juxtaposition between this and the question about my mom being raped in my inbox

Do you believe in chemtrails?

Tf is that

I wanna be disturbed. What's the most fucked up part of the internet that you've ventured into?

yeah how about no

There's this website that has recordings of the last few minutes of flight radio transmissions for flights that crashed and the pilot's last words. So, that.

pshh...nothin personnel...kid...


I don't think you know what that word means

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?

Sleep probably

Have you ever smoked weed?

Si señor

Whatever. You're just talking to two whores anyway, it's not like you're wasting much on them.

You need some positivity in your life, look at this cute af dog

So you guys like people obsessed with dead people and a drug addict. Classy cunts.

If you describe people by their worst traits (and having an interest in gore isn't even a bad trait and I'm pretty sure Cat is clean now, so who gives a fuck), you're gonna have a shitty time getting to know people.

Why does it appear that Roxy and Cat are "hero worshiped" here and get the most attention?

Which celebrity you would follow on

ScarJo for all the creepy questions

Since there was some confusion, allow me to clarify for y'all. Favorite thing a creepy anon has said to you or someone else

404 page not found

Favorite creepy anon?

See answer below

Thoughts on creepy anons?

Shit, I wish I got creepy anons

that isn't how you brew the world's finest beverage, you casual

but I love tea

What is your opinion on monarchy?

tea comes with monarchy so I like monarchy

How do you feel about SCOTUS?

Why do people kill each other?

Why you asking me I'm not terrorist, u racist fukcer

What doesn't kill you makes _________________________?

r dick bigger

Who is a really bad person who is unknown (Musician, anything)?

My sister, she plays tuba at 10 pm and sucks

You're an evil scientist who has a huge thing against humanity. You want them all dead. So you're in your laboratory crafting the perfect virus to go viral. What does the virus do? How is it spread? Remember that it has to infect and kill everyone on earth except you, you have the antidote

yeah how about no

Idk but I'll make sure it starts in Madagascar

Who, in your opinion, is the most annoying character of all time (You may choose from any medium, may it be book, show, video game, movie, etc.)?

yeah how about no

Fuckin Dolores umbridge

You're given a rocket launcher with a chance to eliminate one building from your town. It could be a business, someone's house, etc. What building do you remove and why?

yeah how about no

That Indian market so my mom stops telling me to go there all the time


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