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whats your greatest fear?
Wouldn't be cool if you knew, eh?
The best movie u have ever watched? And why?
Could be could be "a beautiful mind". And who needs reasons for this movie not to be their favorite.
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They were a band in X factor Arabia fa all they used to do were remixes bs their best were: Words I Never Said,I Need a Doctor,Love the Way You Lie. W they made 2 new songs ma3 Sony Music if u dont want remixes :) w eb2a tell me ur feedback
The rap is "ok" level. The girl is good. The songs aren't original so I can't really judge their level of creativity.
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Eh dh bgad?! You need to listen to their music! :)
Give me their best 3
Do you know Young Pharoz?
I'm sorry, no. Never heard of them.
Wt yur bio men ?!?!?!
Harry potter reference
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what do you do for fun?
music, comedy, Internet, movies, hang outs.. practically anything.
meen ely bte3mlo follow back?
practically any good person now
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Bte3ml follow lel nas based on what?
Ba2eit a3mel follow l 2y 7ad bera7ty delwa2ty 3shan el nas beta5od el follow back seriously.
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If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
The age of empires II. Lol khaleek fresh.
so you can't haha. tayb what's your dream car?
Always loved Dodge, Mercedes and BMW.
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can you drive?
Good question.
where do you usually get your clothes from?
H&M, Zara, C&A, and basically any good piece in any shop, I don't care about the brand much as I care about the piece itself.
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do you see yourself in the future having wife and kids?
Scarcely a chance but yes, it's some sort of a must.
your huge crush on Audrey shows that you like simplicity, is that true?
Huge fan!
close mindness? mmmm so you hate it if you ask a girl for her number and she says no because she doesn't give it to guys?
No? Who said open mindedness was distributing my number to all the guys?
tab what do you hate about girls' attitudes?
Well, to put them all in one attitude is not a very smart categorisation. But generally, it's what I hate about people, close mindedness, anger, lousy deductions and loud noises.
bt3mel follow le7ad mogamla?
Ah. Keteer. Bas fe nas ba3mellaha mogamla w bakteshef enohom kowayeseen ba3d keda.
omg do you really think that kim is hot? be fekhadha de?
I joke you not. She's awesome :D but whom I really have a huge crush on is Audrey Tautao.
What makes you feel like a boss?
Owning a company? :D
when you think about your dream girl, how does she look like?
You mean how does she 'think' like.
But of course she has to be Kim Kardashian hot. Before she got pregnant.
what other languages besides arabic and english do you speak?
Little French and seriously impaired German.
be5rog fen fe tanta?
3adatan mabakhrogsh fe Tanta bas baroo7 stereo w groppi a7yanan
do you consider yourself a loser in real life?
Meh, Internet is the 'loser' side of my life.
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msh 7ases en mas7 el mentions 7arka mostafza?
Hmmm momkn ah bas I make sure you've read it before I delete them. It helps keep a neat timeline.