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واحشني والبنطلون حايشني
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 3:) 3:) daymn b2ol l klma d lmostafa geeeen =))
احامض :P
azreef :D
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يا عم شهنقووووووولك :P
3yl mt-- mlk4 3aza aslun :D :D :D [[hisham.3--]]
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la2 m4 abo-l3ela :D
tyb h2om anam 34an 3nde m3ml ana w 3ela bokra :3
2b2a eb3tle w 2ole meen :D ;)
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اتكلم بأسلوب احسن من كده :D :D
:D :D :D :D
3ela ! :D
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اسحابك اللى ف الكوليه الموقربين لييكى :P
اسحابى و كوليه! و معهم موقربين ! :D
Nasr < Moamen < choco < 3ela < geen < gado < Mos3d < Frag < Tarek < ,, nas kte 5ayf ansa r8m kol d :D :D
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اليوم يتحدث العالم عن جنتي وهي امي فاتحفوننا بمقولاتكم عن امهاتكم  amany_mohamad
l om l mthalya :v :D
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What would be the best job ever for you?
r2es gomhorya wlmo25za B| :D
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Sba7 el 5er yastaaaa :D  Marwa Zaki
sbaa7 l noor ystaa :D
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:v :D HABbey a el donya w 3aml a w el kolya w el donya a m3aak ?  YOo magdy
:* :* .... donyt a b2a :D... mbazt ya 3m s2tna wl7amdullah ^^ ,,,,, w mstnyeen l farg mn 3nd alalh :D
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EL7 ua hoby :D t3rf sherif mneen :D :V  YOo magdy
a ygad3 :D
,,, d m3aya mn 1 ebtda2e :D,,, nta gded 3lena :P
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3mna :D  YOo magdy
7beb 2albi :* ,, rgalt sanwi 3aama :D ,,3aml a yad?
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ومضايق منه ليه :D :D  sheref Adel
w8lawy 2ome m3rf :D ,,, hya gat keda xD
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مين تامر زفت دا ياض :D  sheref Adel
tamer 7osny ya gd3 :D
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Who is your most hated celebrity?
Tamer zft -_-
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mbtgesh l gm3a leh yaaaaaaad <-_->
m4 3agbne 7alha l youmen dol :D
bs yad -_-
ana asf :D
kont 7ass keda b2a 23mle a :(
bas 5las ra7 ba7 ba7 ^^
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What is your attitude towards hunting?
idc :\
but hunting is astonishing ^_^
خليها بعد يوم 11 اكون خلصت امتحانات  sheref Adel
اها يا فااااش :D
يا ساقط يا بتاع ال 9 مواد :P :P :P
انت راجع امتي :D  sheref Adel
بكره للاسف :D
و هجيلك تانى يوم عشان التمريـــــــــــــــــــــــن :D :D
خش ياض خلي خالتي تحميك :D :D  sheref Adel
يا عم ما انا قلتلها وربنا :(
بس قالتلى اقلع :O :O
و انا بتكسف بصراحه :D :D
How do you learn best: by listening, watching, reading or doing?
doing and watching :)
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♥♥ LiFe iS Like a MirrOr ==> iT will SmiLe aT U ,, if U SmiLe At iT ♥♥ The LiFe will Not Be ComPleteD withOut Ur Sweet SmiLe So smile & Be HaPpy ,, All PeOple lOve U &TruSt UrSelF ♥♥ Smile Every Day ^_^
i will ^_^
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Are you happy with the amount of information in your head?
no :\
but i'm trying to gain more info
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