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Ali Al. A لا فتى الا علي ولا سيف الى ذو الفقار Syrian Jableh, Lattakia S.A.A Bashar Hafez AlAssad Syria AlAssad
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What do you do when the remote is too far?
I decide its better to watch tv on my phone
Shu 3amalet on new years eve?
Spent it with my girl
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Did you go Rubik last night? How was it?
It was SICK <3 <3
Did you go Rubik last night? How was it?
Ahmad bakhti ?
A guy just like any other
Why do zombies like brain so much?
Ask them
Which three words describe what living in your city is like?
Pussy, money, weed
What is the formula of happiness?
Happiness has no formula, happiness is a state of mind, a state of being.
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Do you like sparkling or still water?
What is your best feature?
Idc if you're black, white, yellow. Gay or lesbian. If you're nice to me I'm nice to you. Simple as that!
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Ghalat al rakam
Tub 7akini whatsapp 3a rakami el lebnani 0096176153332
What business is the dirtiest?
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What are you most excited about right now?
Tomorrow is gonna be legendary!
hi kefak
moe please can u tell me how to download the emoji of throw back that ure using it in ur photos on insta?
Who are you though?
What was the last 'nice' thing you did for yourself?
Walak yes3ed rab israel sho bahibhom walak wallah hasa barooh baneek a7san sooreye be nos lera walak kilko sharamee6 manayekb  Amr Al-Maani
Adeshak awi ente! Ma kellon t3allamo men emmak hbb
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Yes3ed rab israel walak israel ashraf minko ya wlad el ga7be
Fashret bi nes 3enak ya a5o el manyooke
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Walako ento 3abeed 3ena hasa wo neswanko neknahom  Amr Al-Maani
Fashret bi nes 3enak ento el 3abeed la israel metlak metel el malek tab3ak 3abid israel ya a5o el a7be
Walak kos omak ta3al shoof el sooreyeen 3ena bel ordon 3abeed bela7weso kanaderna wo neswanko btet2ajar ya eben el ga7beh  Amr Al-Maani
Metel ma neswankon btet2ajjar lal s3oodeyeen wel israeleyeen ya ebn el shleke ks e5tak ma bteswa lera ente ou 3eltak kella
5if 3alena spongebob ras malak 6alaga nagesna wlad sharmoo6a ya ibn il 3aybeh
Spongebob? Shaklak walad 7a 5alleek hek! 5alas ru7 shrab 7alibatak abel ma yeberdo ou fut nam
Kos om baladak 3a om il taragak ya saget  Abdallah Dabbas
Ks e5tak bi raso la eri ente ou sha3bak kello ma bteswa frang wa7ed ya a5o el manyooke! Mfakkerli 7alak rejjal ya 3arsa ru7 ks e5tak 3la e5t yalli jabak ya a5o el a7be
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Kos omak 3ala om sorya ya ebn el sharmoota ya ebn 100 3ars ,, kos omak 3a om ele jabk 3enna kos omak ya motashared ya ebn el ga7be o itha inta bel ordon hat raqamak ,wallah la aneek omak o om kol wa7ad beghlat 3al ordoneye ,,,kos omakkkkkk bent 100 sharmot
Tayyeb iza sabbetelli emmi mfakker 7alak batal? Ks e5tak 3la e5t baladak fashret bi nes 3enak doos bi balad nejes metel baladak! Ks meet e5tak ya ebn el a7be koon 2ad kalamak ou nzel 3l sham la nika la emak
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okay, then what does this have to do with my country? and your president is killing his people, or at least thats what the media shows and tells but I couldnt care less, i wish itd stop but that doesnt give you any rights to disrespect my country and my people. I believe you shouldnt have done that
It is non of your business what happens in our country, if our president was killing his people, then why am I not dead? All i know is that i just appologized to you so don't be so stuck up khalas fhemna y3neh i said sorry
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Your parents forgot how to raise you properly. Youre so rude. you disrespect people, and you just swear the whole time. Jordan helped your people okay? we welcomed you over here. A syrian friend once told me we wouldnt do the same thing to jordanians. All am asking to show some respect.
The people that betrayed their country and went out to seek refuge in another country standing against theirs are not my people! My people are the ones in syria fighting like the syrian army against terrorism! And I won't show respect to one person that degraded my country and president, I dont think so! I do know some jordanians are good so as you seem, bas a person I had a fight with doesn't have any of those characteristics. Sorry if I offended you, I am a syrian person still and I don't want to give a bad image for my country and it's people.
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ijeet 3al ordon bas ma fata7tesh tummak
Fata7et temmi ou yalli 7aka m3i neket emmo lek hbb ma tetfalsaf zyade ma bt3rfni ou ana ma b3rfak bas yalli b3rfo enno eri fik ou bi emak
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