MFR ☆ @MohammedAlR
MFR ☆ @MohammedAlR
Kuwait +965 ✈ NewZealand +64
Just think twice before entering my world ☯
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i miss you
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Are you a leader or a follower?
depends on the situation , but mostly i lead
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Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?
New Zealand of course <3 its my second home
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love life ?
I'm never satisfied ..
What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?  Aisha.
now i can find a hot girl and not flirt with her , back then i couldn't resist it but now , i learned to ignore the urge
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What is your goal for the next 24 hours?
a3adl nomti w arou7 elnadi
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
probably a 7
- متابعيني - أكثر شئ يسهرك؟  Khalid Bin Naif
el laptop wel shoug xD
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- متابعيني - أكثر شي يشد إنتباهك :  Khalid Bin Naif
ebtesamt elbnt eljmeela
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انا من الناس الي ؟  Khalid Bin Naif
ely ma at7cha 3n nfsi akhali elnas tet7acha
What is your favorite waste of time?
since I'm a chem engineering major.. it got to be messing up in the lab , making things explode and shit
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احب لما تلبس غترة و عقال شفتك امس ❤️
hehe ty =)
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Who makes you laugh?
my girl makes me laugh a lot
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I fucking love you
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How do you get in the pool?
jump in ? ..
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ااخ ابي اشم عطرك من رقبتك و اعظك
تكفا فليها
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Ur d.p! :p Chena '9arbeen flash b3ainik o twik ga3d mn enoum... eli gbilha kant a7la *my opinion*  Mariam Aleissa
looool ohwa 9ij salft elflash wel nom and ty ;*
How many messages do you send per day?
a couple million
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your photo make me want to ........
want to what ? =)
م عندي خبره في التقبيل تعطيني درس خصوصي في غرفه مظلمه ؟
mu mn 9jkm :') loool
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What do animals dream about?
ask an animal ?..
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la 5ala9 golhom yerdonik... the adorabe boss is not '3ayba 3n elsa7a anymore <3  Mariam Aleissa
loool khla9 okay
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lesh btnt7r? :P  Mariam Aleissa
loool l2nch ghayba 3n elsa7aaaa
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is that you in the picture?  Mariam Aleissa
noooo smiiile! chethi >> :D  Mariam Aleissa
lool =D
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