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MFR ☆ @MohammedAlR
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Living life to the fullest. no seriously , to the fucking fullest.
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single ? taken ?
im not exactly sure but id say single if I had to choose an answer.
what attracts u
unfortunately , u will never know darling <3
in Kuwait?
soon enshallah
طيح من عيني اكثر :)
tkfa la a6ee7 :P
Can you make it through this list without laughing out loud?
link's not working for some reason
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in a relationship ?
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how are u feeling this second
i feel kinda alone
your dp 7mod aambaih eykhr3 !
lol u chicken
who's the cutest person you've met using the chatous app lol
what the hell is the chatouse app? ..
the slash in between ( i think )
arjooch fileeha
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إذا فقدت الذاكره وعادت لك فجاه فما هوو أول شي تتذكره ؟  محمد بن مشلح
atwa8a3 eni yu3an w lazm aakl :') ...
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i miss u
aww thanks ;* include so i can decide if i miss u back
Do you always smile for pictures?
mostly yeah
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a7bk ❤️
WTF?! These Walmart Moms are Crazy! Too Funny!
Lol wtf ?
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What time did you wake up this morning?
ddnt really sleep yet
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مالذي يجعلنا افضل ؟  MA
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Should people care more about doing the right thing, or doing things right?  MA
neither. people should do whatever the fuck they feel like doing.
5 people like this i follow you if you watch this video. please:) thank you
need some practice on the singing , the cup thingy is spot on though , keep practicing =)
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Who defines good and evil?  MA
there's no good and evil to be defined. they are subjective , every individual possesses a unique right to interpret good and evil based on their perspective. however those not lucky enough to have that skill , can find guidelines in Devine books i.e. The Quran , The Bible and the Torah.
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How can people believe in truths without evidence?  MA
people who believe in things without evidence are stupid and also , lack intelligence.
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Bdi a7ki m3k bmwdo3 kteer mohm 3ndk kik?!
mnu ma 3nda , e7ki hoon
قول اممين جعل عيونكك ما تشوف غير الفرح
ameen shkrn <3
im staring at your pictur and i want your dick in me 7mouud
w n3m eltrbya