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MFR ☆ @MohammedAlR
MFR ☆ @MohammedAlR
Kuwait +965 ✈ NewZealand +64
Stop reading this crap and grab yourself a useful book.
Be Polite , if not , ill give u a lesson on the topic.
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احٰلى صوُرة عندّگ/جِ ❤️✨.  E.M
احٰلى صوُرة عندّگ/جِ ❤️✨.
like my answers i will also like yours and follow u  Tanuj Rautela
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can u like my 6 answers?  Little Black Star ✨ ★☆
Sure =)
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
1 person likes this Like it please Thankyou :)
Done =) ur welcome
teach me something good  LUNARPEPPER
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بعد ؟=)) اصلا غصبن عليك '$$  B E S H | -مجاهيلي سولفوا ❤-
دآيم آلنآس يقولوآ عنڳ آنڳ (.............) ؟‏   off
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اسالوني >>~ ضايقوني ملل :-/  off
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the way you answer people is just LOL! hilarious!!! like if I wanted to laugh ill just read your answers :p  M. Aleissa
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Hey everyone. I keep thinking if marriage is a good idea for me or not. What do you think? Why should people in general get married?  Dhari Al Enizi
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What hairstyle looks best on girls?
Long hair ( to end of shoulder blades ) is my favorite its just something very feminine about it which is appealing <3 the longer + softer , the better in my opinion.
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انته اللي بصورت العرض
Emt7nay Emla2 yebay drja kamla b3dain t3alay klmeni.
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mitaa triddddd
Very soon , wanna hang out ?
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Can you watch this movie ?  Olivia
Sure when I'm free =)
Who is your style role model?
Tom Ford. he's the best dressed man in the world in my opinion.
name a song for somebody unnamed ?
انزين شفيك معصب :| استغفر الله !! انت سالتني اسمها زينب قلتلك لا .. اسمها زهراء ..:|شوي شوي علينا  B E S H | -مجاهيلي سولفوا ❤-
خلاص سامحتج
انزين شفيك معصب :| استغفر الله !! انت سالتني اسمها زينب قلتلك لا .. اسمها زهراء ..:|شوي شوي علينا
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Business class
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what was your best class in grade 9-10-11-12
i have to say 10th grade
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ماذا يعني لك اسم فريدة ؟!
يدتي العزيزة الله يطول بعمرها و يحفظها , اسم من ذهب
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شخص ينرفزك
7alyan m7d
علياء معصبه عليك  retaj alkhashti
uff laish @@
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I wanna hug you so much !  LUNARPEPPER
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