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MFR ☆ @MohammedAlR
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Stop reading this crap and grab yourself a useful book.
Make a gift
Be Polite , if not , ill give u a lesson on the topic.
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علياء معصبه عليك  retaj alkhashti
uff laish @@
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I wanna hug you so much !  LUNARPEPPER
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baby, you're so cute ❤️  LUNARPEPPER
Thanks ;*
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إذآ كآنتْ السعٓآدةُ شَخصٓاً ، فَمنْ هُو ذَلِك الشَخصّ ؟  AlBanderiAlmutairiu
الشخص الذي بالمرآه الذي يعمل من اجل تحقيق الاهداف و الطموحات
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why I am so nice to people who treat me bad ?  LUNARPEPPER
its how u were raised , its a gd thing but society have become so shitty its considered negative nowadays
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Ey Tony, yous got my money Tony?  Dhari Al Enizi
Shfeek mthy3 throuy xD LOL
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shlonek m3 new zealand  retaj alkhashti
el7mdla zain <3 enty shlonch w shlon 3loya w 3lawy w omch slmeeli 3laihum meshtaglkm klkm
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
no gift is bad
هل يجب لنآ أن نتألم لكي نتعلم ؟ ") ♥  AlBanderiAlmutairiu
no failure = no learning
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well you love me again!?
iiiiiiii need to know now know nowww will you love me agaainnn xD
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Why do you feel impatient?
i wanna go back home
2 people like this - What do you think of this song?
sounds like something from the eighties , bad effects to be honest and the lyrics ..really ?
Sorry if i sound negative I'm just being honest instead of sugar coating it
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Okay you're in love so what's the problem? She doen't know about you or what is it?
who said there's a problem? <3
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Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
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what do you feel now
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Are you in love with someone ? xD
who isn't
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I wonder what goes through your mind when you hear my name ?  LUNARPEPPER
i dnt even knw ur name yet ...
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i love you
lol trust me u dnt wanna go down that path
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أخذهآ في حظنه وصدره يلامس صدرها.. بدأت طقطقات القلوب تتهمآس تحركت شفتاهآ لهفة وقالت؛ أووووش قلبك أزعجني أكاد لاأسمع صوت أنفاسك
so , ask porno yay -.-
Who here wants to marry meehhh ;p? Hehehe xD  Dhari Al Enizi
chm tdf3
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Regrets?  Dhari Al Enizi
is there a point of regret ? no , only wasted time and thought.
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if I'm fruit, what kind of fruit am I ? :D  LUNARPEPPER
a mango , dense and thick.
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are you on path?  LUNARPEPPER
i sure hope so
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what's your happiness ?  LUNARPEPPER
1- the peace i find from god
2- Family and friends
3- academic success
4- money
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If you were given TWO choices to choose from. The love of God and the hatred of the people or The love of the people and the hatred of God, which would you choose and why? xD  Dhari Al Enizi
i don't need anything or anyone to survive other than god , the love of god is more important although the love of the ppl is one of my desires. if i had to choose , it will always be God > people
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