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MFR ☆ @MohammedAlR
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song ?
there u go
Does anyone of you make their hair BEFORE they go to sleep? xD  Dhari Al Enizi
thats just too gay for my comfort man
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taken ?
im solo
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Who is your favorite live performer?
Very Very hard question.. but listen to this and tell me u dnt get goosbumps
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If you were married right now, what would you do with your wife/husband right NOW?  Dhari Al Enizi
my answer would be too inappropriate for this website man
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تابعتك  مشاعل بنت نايف
شكرا انا بعد تابعتج =)
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do you like your gifts ? :$
lol ee ty ;*
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km follower 3andak hena?
umm 463
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Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
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What role does television play in your life and the life of your family?
i'd say a very minimal role
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i haven't heard that in a while xD
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Do you treat your body like a Temple or more like an Amusement Park?
definitely an amusement park ..
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What art form do you like best?
i believe dancing is the most elaborate way an individual can express his/herself entirely.
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How ambitious are you?
lets just say i would make new colors if it was possible.
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i want to hang out with you daily i feel it would be fun
do u want to be friend zoned ? bcz thats how u get friend zoned.
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m7ammed ur ex is stupid i can't even ugh.
..are u okay ? -.-
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Why November?.
madre a7ba ..
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Hey everyone! xD Is it better to be alone or with bad friends?  Dhari Al Enizi
bad friends xD
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etha kent eb jazeera fathya ou tegdar etyeeb 3 things weyak ?
a hot chick , a tupac album and some nutella
What is your favorite month of the year?
Do you like olives?
i don't mind them
What makes you laugh the most?
cute girls getting mad
your voice is so warm i feel like you singing is great hehe
i can cause headaches to people and thats about it when it comes to my singing talents
ترى الدنيا تدور فيك خاف على اختك
الله موجود و لله الحمد محترم نفسي مع الناس و الله ادرى بالنيات , بس شكرا عالنصيحة
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كفو تصور رفيجتك معاك
ma 9wrt'ha 6l3t lm7a bel video , w thani shay tra 3adi fe videos ma yndzon 7g shbab elsnap so chill
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