Baltimore, MD
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How was criminal justice?
LMAO. Only one of you ngongs would ask me this
You are not a badman. n you don't get any girls. so be quiet
I probably did your babe. If she's correct. So, yeah, I'm Badman Wallz aka Mr Get any girl he wants.
What was the first thing you learned to cook?
Indomie bruh. Had to learn in Ois
Anyne u dn't tlk to as much u wish u cld
Yeah , quite a few people
Was this year a good year for you?
Yeahhhhh bruddy
You think you are a badman?
Wallz the badman, aka Mr Get any girl he wants
Who's the baddest girl you know?
Baddest girl gotta be Sunbsss nigga
Why are you so black?
Skin color don't Matter doe
What do you wank to?
‎@Kvng_Sharonn love letters
Are you guys ever going to get back together?
Lol. looks like it. Most definitely not now tho.
What color do you wear most frequently?
You and Sharon were so cute. You guys need each other. All these boys are just going to try to use her, you are the best for her. Please you guys should just fashi whatever happened
LOL. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, Sharon is my wife. LOL. Don't worry, when it's time, we'd get back ;)
What happened to you and Sharon?
LOL. nothing. Just need our spaces for the meantime
What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?
What kind of thirst?
Do you like being alone?
depending. I hate being in bed alone
Which of Sharon's friend did you fuck
Define Celibacy
Who is Sharon?
Sharon is ‎@Kvng_Sharonn . Lol, Sharon is me.
Everybody's breakin up :(
Six pumps nigga
I have a short list of who this might be.
Do you still love Sharon?
still with sharo?
you and your boys think you are big boys? Always going like you are one tough crew. Small guys
LOOL. Damn. Why the hate? We just do us tho, if you knew us well, youd know that
are u into anyone rn
Of course.
Who would you love to work with musically?
‎@thisis_Bobby on the beat, Layo takes the chorus and Khrome on the 1st verse. it'd be malaria
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You stole my girl.
Well, am I not badass