Boedy Donald @Motherducker23
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Come to sacred!
I am I think
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Post a random selfie cuz ur hot
do u think ppl with braces are ugly freaks
Do you prefer Big boobs or small boobs.?
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what do you think about girls wearing thongs?!?
they can do what they want cuz only god can judge them. duh
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thoughts on Breanne Gelowitzs ass picture
Do u even have any friends at sacred?
all of them
Would you date any of the girls from regional
all of them
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are u mean
im sorry bb
Last person you talked to?
my cat
I find you to be a very attractive human being <3
I dont like you
Do you like thunderstorms?
Why are you thinking about going to sacred?
cuz I said so
Wanna date me? I'm desperate for you  Breanne Gelowitz
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Rate: your a solid 9 Date: idk Tbh: I don't really know you, just of you, but from what I've heard you seem like a pretty decent guy, text me sometime 306 621-3419 :)  Tessa Datema
alrighty then
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Sorry omg rate 10 date duh hahaa  Amy Parenteau
Who are you?
jake from state farm
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I'm just wondering because my friends told me you moved away from Tisdale. I just wanted to know if it's true or not.
your friend is a very smart human being
what grade are you going into?
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Stay at regional. Sacred has enough fags, we dont need anymore little fucks like you
it hurts my feelings when you say stuff like that.
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Bro stay at regional man :(
aight bro beans
Rate: 8.9 date: yaaa  Danielle Van Parys
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You and you whole team should come to the regional! No girls at sacred are gonna want to get with any of you but all the girls at regional would to anything to!!
im happy for you
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What the heck Boedy your going to sacred? :(  Zack Renton
probably. maybe. idk
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Rates and dates? Based on profile pics
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