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Boedy!! I told neibs you were injured not a healthy scratch but he's trying to say you were healthyd!  Damian Bentz
fuck once i get better I can start getting healthied
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Fuck that's shitty
Did you hurt your shoulder?
separated it man
Tbh I think I used to talk to you lol then I stopped haha but yeah you're cool! You're a hockey player so that's sweet!  Raelyn Guenther
I c how it is
Hey When are you coming back to ytown ?
I thought there was a hockey game
What time is the game
what game
Gatorade gives me star power in battleshits, can I be your gf?
gato is good. yes you can
Can I be your girlfriend?  Abbey Hollinger
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can I be your girlfriend
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what do u look for in a girlfriend? :)
is undefeated in battleshits
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have a girlfriend yet? ;)
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do u know any1 @ sacred
download chatous! ?!?!
whatever ill try it
Rate: solid 9.2 but you need to smile at least once in your life Date: probably
you make me want to not smile
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your life
oh :(
who are you dating
Katherine Richards
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what is
do you have a girlfriend
Brown, hazel, grey, green or blue eyes on a girl? Which are you more attracted to?
doesnt matter
how's it easier?
does it matter
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why aren't you going to sacred anymore
regional is just easier
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why are you going to regional?
why not
lol whats the Chatous app everyone is talking about?
I have no idea
LPFandHollywood Undead is my username