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Pleaseeeee ;)
k fine ill go to sacred for you
Like I'm serious Boedy go to the regional :)
NO NO NO NO NO!!! Not sacred, please come to the regional, please!!!!!
regional or sacred next year
probably sacred
How old are you?
Becca will always love you though
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You're not welcomed to come back to Yorkton
thats wicked bro
You're a wicked bust
there aint no rest for the wicked
whats your snapchat! ! :)
tbh I've never met you or anything, but you seem nice? hahaha uhh I don't really have much to say! rate : 7  Sara Wrishko
now that I think of it. why did I like the post in the first place haha
Blondes or brunettes?
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based on looks?
I suppose
based on looks?
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What do u look for in a girl:)
in? probably working organs and stuff
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puberty pic? :)
just put one on instagram. have fun
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Yeah u could leave any day now that would be great!!
your so kind :*
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Why don't u play hockey in Tisdale?
you want me to leave :'(
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no, its just that shes ugly that all
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are you and alison actually dating
ya ? problem
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Got a thing for Alison? ;)
ya were dating
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I missed your flow in gym class today  Zack Renton
that's too bad
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maybe a few . /100
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If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?
my mom before I was born so I could warn her not to drop me this time
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to be honest i dont know you all that well at all but you talk to my sister, so thats cool i guess . uuh ya. rate : 89 date: dont know you really so nah  rachel
very solid standard tbh
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can you please please please do a color rate thing :(
well ill only do girls I'm only part gay. but you anon get a white don't even like
can you please please please do a color rate thing :(
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11 cause you play harvest.. Duh, and probably date cause your ight  Brittany