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sucks you got drafted to the shittiest team in the SJHL tell your coach to kill himself
well we are in first sooooo
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that guy better watch his back Sunday! weren't you a Yorktown harvest last year?
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were you the one that creamed our terrier player into the boards last night? or did you just take his penalty? game Misconduct?
serving penalties fer days. i was just on the ice
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Are you playing Sunday?
You should keep your head up and watch your back Sunday just thought I'd warn ya
why would i do that :p
What team do you play for?
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for how long?
the weekend
you in ytown?
Good game played actually really good for your age ...
thanks bbg
Terrier game
what about it
Who hates you
Ya I agree
everYone does
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Thoughts on Boedy Donald
What's up nigga
sup sup sup
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Hi there
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Rate: 10 ❤️ date: ya! :)if u lived Yorkton... But you don't! :(  Danielle Van Parys
debby downer
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Hott!!!  Danielle Van Parys
k just date me already
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Oh ya. You're right
i know
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How can I know it's love
cuz i just fucking said so bitch
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I miss you.
i love you
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When are you coming back to Yorkton?
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Boedy it's past your bed time go to sleep
my bed time is 7:30 i already slept. i am getting ready for school
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That's funny cause they don't miss you
oh :( that sucks
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