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You haven't answered anything for like a year
I will now
Can you supply me with a penis for my bumhole
Most likely
Who is tha hottest girl in KCS?
you obviously. # please
Are you wheeling anyboedy
If i add you on snapchat and you see who it really is you wont want to add me back
think positive
You dont even know who i am i just find u very attractive
your obama
You are really hot to bad you dont notice me
but i do
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Hottest grade 11 at KCS
everyone is beautiful
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me2 plz  sarah mcfadden
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can I date you???
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Wanna fuck?
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Sex?  Breanne Gelowitz
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Would you ever cheat?
i wish i did. that math test was hard
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Likers get a to be honest?
if your not a fuck then sure
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Lucky number?
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Top 5 best friends. Go!
don't have any
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did deroose's older brother get traded to your team?
that is correct
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I guess a 9  sarah mcfadden
glad your certain about that
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rates please :)))!
a few
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Pap of report card?
not good
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Pap of report card???
below average
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Plans tonight?
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who do you think 'Yorkton Advice' is?
its me
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thoughts on MCchickens??  sarah mcfadden
i dont like them. im white so not a big fan of chicken
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Thoughts on chicken?  Breanne Gelowitz
well im as white as they come so...... love it
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