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I'm back, ask me something  Wes
Go for it, ask anything
favorite flavour of crisps? :)
What is that?
How did you meet your best friend?
By saying hi
10 fact about u ?  Jesus is the Messenger of God
Can't pick 10
What makes life worth living?
Being fortunate to even be alive honestly
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when did the chatous app become so popular??
What is that?
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What color are your eyes?
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If not now, then when?
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Ask me some new questions... anything goes  Wes
Do it!
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Where do you find new music?
Everywhere. .. stupid question
how big is your penis?? because ur black.
What is the one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got?
A dinosaur
ask me stuff beyond bored  Cypriotgaldem
How do you see yourself spending your time in your old age?
Still doing what I do now
So I'm back everyone, what's up  Wes
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How to make a woman happy?
Agree with her
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Whats something not many people know about you that isn't a secret?
I only date outside my race lol
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If you could say something to the whole world and everyone could hear, what would you say?
Sorry and thank you
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Which foreign country do you dislike the most?
What’s your favorite seafood?
Shrimp and salmon
If you had the chance of a life do-over, would you take it?
Which superpower would you like to have?