Muskan Modi
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Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

Either doesn't really matter to me actually

Do you like MC?


You are so sweet

Aww thanks

You needa answer your texts faster

Lmfao I know I get that a lot

What causes you to panic?

Not having my phone

Who or what made you smile today?

Morgan she's hilarious

What do you think about the freshman boys ?

They are hilarious

Do u like it?


You go to MC ?


What do you think that most guys really want in a relationship? What do you think that Girls really want in a relationship?

Both want someone who is trustable and fun to be with. Someone that you can talk to and spend time with for hrs but only seem like a couple of minutes.

You're beautiful ❤️❤️


Thank you(: and you're gorgeous <3

You have a beautiful personality <3

Awwe thank you

how maanny siblings do you hve?

I have a younger brother(:

Do u like being indian ?

Yes I do, and I'm proud to be Indian(:

What country are you from than ?

India (:

U Hispanic cuitiee?


Do u like anyone ?

No not anyone at the moment

What's ur fav color


How is MC


You actually really pretty

Awwe thanks (:

damn can I have your number, I see you all the time(;

lmfao nahh your good and really you do ?

I heard you got a bae

Lmfao haha who ??

do you got a bae or naw

Lmfao mayyybbbeeee

Seems like your MC friends are replacing your friends Lauren Julia and Anna and Kayla .

Please even if my MC friends tried to replace them they couldn't . I love those four girls to death and I wouldn't even ever think about replacing them <3 ever !!

muskan yo answer me and ask me questions

Yo no thank you