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Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
Either doesn't really matter to me actually
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Do you like MC?
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You are so sweet
Aww thanks
You needa answer your texts faster
Lmfao I know I get that a lot
What causes you to panic?
Not having my phone
Who or what made you smile today?
Morgan she's hilarious
What do you think about the freshman boys ?
They are hilarious
Do u like it?
You go to MC ?
What do you think that most guys really want in a relationship? What do you think that Girls really want in a relationship?
Both want someone who is trustable and fun to be with. Someone that you can talk to and spend time with for hrs but only seem like a couple of minutes.
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You're beautiful ❤️❤️  Krystaal_m❤️
Thank you(: and you're gorgeous <3
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You have a beautiful personality <3
Awwe thank you
how maanny siblings do you hve?
I have a younger brother(:
Do u like being indian ?
Yes I do, and I'm proud to be Indian(:
What country are you from than ?
India (:
U Hispanic cuitiee?
Do u like anyone ?
No not anyone at the moment
What's ur fav color
How is MC
You actually really pretty
Awwe thanks (:
damn can I have your number, I see you all the time(;
lmfao nahh your good and really you do ?
I heard you got a bae
Lmfao haha who ??
do you got a bae or naw
Lmfao mayyybbbeeee
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Seems like your MC friends are replacing your friends Lauren Julia and Anna and Kayla .
Please even if my MC friends tried to replace them they couldn't . I love those four girls to death and I wouldn't even ever think about replacing them <3 ever !!
muskan yo answer me and ask me questions
Yo no thank you
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