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mars 3aml eh rmdan :-)
Zay L fol xDe
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Why do zombies attack?
To get revenge! :D
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Love or Hate?
Love <3
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yaaaaaah kol d...Ana b7sbek 3mlty hegraa l mars..xd
ah ma ana gaya zayra bs lk kora la rdya we rag3a tany
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a5bar l btates f mars eh :d :d
zay l fol
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جامعه ايه ؟؟ كليه ؟؟
Ain shams uni , law
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بقولك .... انتى حلوة اوى
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What's the worst thing you have ever done?
msh ha2olk :D :P
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it's you .... I know  Clay Wolf # Directioner♡
:) #bff
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انتي في جامعه ؟؟
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Who are you?
Me just ME
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What books do you plan to read?
فانيلا - قيد فراشة- طغراء - حالة - توبا
fe b2a 7agt tnya bs a5ls dol l awl :D
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10 likes = 25 likes deal ?
peace :D
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like = 5 likes ?
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ya lazezaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ya lateeeefa
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ya 7lwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ya gameeeelaa
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What is your favorite thing in your room?
my library and my Bed ♥♥♥
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Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
No, but i wish to :D xDee
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اذكر الله  الــــمــــجـــرم
la elah ella allah ♥
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2retee ktbeen eh xd
ezayk ya doctora we nabdat emr2a :D
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w meen elly atlq 3leeke hza lqeb xddd
‎@AyaLOt1 ♥♥
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eh d hwa enty lesa m5lstesh rwayet 313 ya btates 2sdy ya loca :p :p :d
hhhhhhhhhh :D a dah men bytklm :D ah lel asf lesa fadly feha 40 saf7a :D asly malet fe l nos keda fa aret katben tnen we rag3tlo tny xDe
men m3ya hena :D
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5las loca 7lw ya3ny xd
e7na fe l salem :D
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ente msh 2oltee btates mashy xd
l2 56als rag3t fe kalmy xDe
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la ente btates xd
l2 ana msh batates :D ana loca
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