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ala kieku sew tigi bhal dan ma fimtx
ghax ghandu gisem uwx hah mux bhali :/
il hadd hrigt ma petra? Helwin flimkin gl
hah thank you?
Hrigt ma petra? goddluck
iva hrigt ma petra.
Like-r8 and d8 ?
sakem nidejjaq pero xxxx
Jaqqq andek xarek vr ikrah :/ so sorryy
ghada imur naqtaw tajjeb ? :/
ma min qijad?
emitni hah?
r u in a rel?
8ツ x  ♡an†hɛa♡
thank you :)x
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Hey if you want 3 gifts like ALL her answers ‎@CatValentineVictorious & like ALL the answers here ‎@CatValentineVictoriousProofs. send done:)  Likes for Ariana.
done :) lool le.
of what's around right now
3 favorite songs  daenerys targaryen
-I'm the man
you should be proud.
of what?
press the heart swijt xx
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
-10 xx qas taf tkanta
hadtu ras alla biha din o0
7/7+ - Ma nfx:)  Haaay♡
thank you :)
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Who knows the most about you?
marl u dylan :) a.k.a the muscat bruvs <3
Who are you?
thank you ;) xx
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