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How many days till The 86th National FFA Convention and Expo? :)

Too many!

Can @ffa_love get some type of shout out at national convention? She is so passionate about FFA and would flip if her account was put on the big screen!

Hmm... maybe :)

So our chapter officer team is trying to think of ways we can really thank our advisor for everything she has done for us. She works 30+ days in the summer than what she is payed for just to support us students. Any ideas of what we can do to show our appreciation?

That's a great idea. Consider small things that may make her life a bit easier -- help organize the ag room, tidy up a shop, etc. It's also great to let her know just how much her hard work is appreciated. There are a number of things to do!

Who is the National Officer doing a workshop September 28 with the Iowa Northeast District?

That's classified ;)

Not a question, but I'm so excited to compete in Louisville! Where are the rest of my prepared public speakers at?!

Emerson Morrow

We're glad you're excited! We're excited! The other prepared public speakers are probably excited! And they're probably at school right now!

Do y'all get pumped about nationals??

Does a camel get pumped about Hump Day?!

Are FFA Link and FFA Alumni eligible for FFA Scholarships?

For information on the National FFA Scholarship program, visit There are scholarships for graduating seniors and college students who were in FFA as well as a few for those who were in not.

Where was this years national convention at?

It's in Louisville, Oct. 30-Nov. 2. It was in Indianapolis in 2012.

How is Clay Sapp so amazing and inspiring?

We heard he's related to Clark Kent, so maybe that's why?

Who runs the national FFA twitter & ask?

i'm ffa_geoff on twitter

When do we figure out who made the cut for National FFA Agriscience Fair this year?

The finalists have been posted here:

Extemperanious or prepared public speaking?

That's like choosing between Cool Ranch Doritos and Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Biggest goal for the convention?

That every FFA member and supporter leaves energized about the importance of agriculture skills and leadership abilities to make a difference in their future and community.

Not really a question... But the YouTube FFA Channel should be utilized more! I love that there are videos up, but I feel like so many more great things and projects could be developed and lots more things could be documented.

We've been adding some stuff lately, but we'll keep it in mind. We'll have a new Officer to Officer video up with Lindsey soon. We're always taking ideas, too!

Why is Perry FFA the best ?

We can't let the secret out.

Which state has the most attendees at national convention

Great question. It's typically the host state just because of proximity. But Louisville this year might be different because it's on the Indiana/Kentucky border.

I was not in FFA in high school, can I join as a college student?

Some colleges have Collegiate FFA chapters. Otherwise, the best way to get involved is through FFA Alumni and their new FFA Link program.

Why did the location of National Convention get changed?

We moved to Indianapolis in 2006, and this year will be the first time back in Louisville since 2005. We'll be in Louisville for three years, and then back to Indy for three years.

The response to my Hoard's questions did not help as I was the one who wrote that post that your provided. I contacted national FFA months and they did not reply to my email either.

Sorry for the communication issues. The Dairy Cattle handbook lists Hoard's youth materials materials (available here: as potential resources that competitors can use to prepare. I believe that's the extent of their use. Hope that helps!

How can I join if I'm in college and my school does not offer FFA?

Your best bet is joining National FFA Alumni. They offer resources to support FFA and ag ed at local, state and national levels.

What is your favorite CDE?

We're partial to Ag Comm, but they're all pretty cool.

Who is running all the social media sites for the National FFA?

I'm @ffa_geoff on Twitter. Have any suggestions?


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