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Tenee Pina @Nayboogie003
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Why we nt cool anymore?  Lei Lei
We are.
Why we not cool no more?
What yo ?
Do you talk to somebody else?
How Old are you
I'll be 18 in 4 months.
U Got Your License ?
Something like that , chill .lol
U Cocky Nigga ?
why you aint text me
Who this ?
Damn you looking right ! Can I buy you a sprite?
You need some new pick up lines b.
Hey Sexy ! Can I Buy You A Pepsi ?
Lol yeah.
Can i Do Ya Hair :)???
Angela ?
What do you wanna be when you grow up ?
I Played For Mastery , U Was Decent Lol
lol tell me who you are .
How many bodies you got ?
U smoke weed ?
No sirrr not me
I give up on texting you lol
Why ?
I love how u made a ask.fm but u dont be asnwering people questions .. #fraud
What yo . Im clearly answering them.
Whats your gpa
Chill .
Hoe many sports do u play ? Whats your fav ?
I play everything . And thats a tuff question i love basketball & lacrosse
Your dress game crayyy
Thank you.
You cocky or nah ?
Young nigga go and get my own thats why im arrogant .
You Got A Six Pack ?
Yessir .
On a scale of 1-whatever, how much do you love Uche?
Off the scale uch
you bi cause my nigga want the oop
Who ya nigga ?
Girls kissing girls because it's hot right
But unless they use a strap on then they not dikes .